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FLAG.PPE, v2.2, a replacement for PCBoard's internal "more?" prompt, gives PCBoard v15.0 the easiest-to-use system for flagging and viewing files of any BBS around.

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FLAG.PPE, v2.2, a replacement for PCBoard's
internal "more?" prompt, gives PCBoard v15.0
the easiest-to-use system for flagging and
viewing files of any BBS around. It gives
callers the ability to point and shoot when
flagging or viewing files. Includes source
code and may be customized to suit your BBS's
needs. Version 2.2 adds screen saving and
restoring across a file view.

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FLAG.PPE, v2.2, a replacement for PCBoard’s internal “more?” prompt, gives PCBoard v15.0 the easiest-to-use system for flagging and viewing files of any BBS around.
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Contents of the FLAG.DOC file

FLAG.PPE, written by David W. Terry, Copyright (C) 1993 Clark Development Co.

FLAG.PPE is a replacement for PCBoard's "more?" prompt which is used when
PCBoard is displaying a list of files for download. It enhances the caller's
ability to flag or view files by allowing the caller to point and shoot at the
files instead of having to type in the commands and filenames.

This PPE was written out of a challenge that arose at ONE BBSCON. A PCBoard
user has commented that TBBS had the ability to flag files using the space
bar and I had commented that I could write a PPL to do that. Here it is.

Also, on another note, people have commented on Wildcat's usage of numbers down
the left side of the screen which made it easy to flag files. I have, in the
past, said that this was not doable in a PCBoard environment because the file
descriptions are 79 columns wide, leaving no room for the numbers without
making sysops reformat their file descriptions (what a pain that would be).
So now, with this simple "more?" prompt replacement, you can have a BETTER
flagging system than wildcat has.

Automatic installation is simple:

1) Unzip the INSTALL.BAT and FLAG*.* files into a temporary directory.
2) Then use the INSTALL.BAT file. Example usage:


The above command would install both FLAG.PPE and FLAG2.PPE into the
PCBTEXT file while storing the PPS/PPE files in the C:\PCB\PPL

Manually installing the files would require that you do the following:

1) Copy the FLAG.PPE file to your C:\PCB\PPL directory (or any other
location of your choosing)
2) Run MKPCBTXT to edit your PCBTEXT file
3) Press the F3 function key and select record #549.
4) You'll see a line that says:
(@TIMELEFT@ min left), (H)elp, (V)iew, (F)lag, More

Replace it with a line such as this:

5) If you want to install FLAG2.PPE then, while in MKPCBTXT, press F3
again to edit record #223 and replace it with a line such as this:


Likewise, do the same thing to record #585. Record 223 is the novice
mode version of the File List Command prompt while record 585 is the
expert version of that same prompt.

6) You're done!

Source code is included in case you want to modify it or even learn from it.
This was actually my *first* full-fledged PPE, so I hope you won't be too
critical of the source code.



Caveat: This method of flagging files only works so long as the filename to
be marked is still on the SYSOP's screen (the PCBoard side). Callers who are
in 50-line mode will only be able to mark the files on the bottom 23 lines of
the screen. Of course, the (F)lag command is still functional, or the caller
could reduce his page length using the (P)age Length command in PCBoard so
that it does not display more than the bottom 23 lines before a more? prompt


NOTE: Beginning with version 2.0, a FLAG.HIS file is included which is a
history of the changes made to the program. Including a source-level
description of the changes that were made.


SPECIAL REQUEST: To every programmer and would-be programmer that sees the
source code to this PPE, please feel free to utilize it ON YOUR OWN BBS any
way you see fit. Feel free to modify the source code to your hearts content.
That is why the source is included, so that you can customize it to suit your
needs, so that you can learn from it and perhaps become creative in other
areas of programming PPLs as well.

However, please DO NOT DISTRIBUTE YOUR MODIFIED CODE in a manner that would be
confusing to other users of the program. If you make changes that you want to
get into the "main product" feel free to send your changes to me (David Terry)
and I will review them and decide whether or not to include the modifications
in the main code.

Alternatively, you might want to distribute the ORIGINAL/UNMODIFIED source
together with your modifications and then name the archive something other than
the FLAG####.ZIP convention that will be used by the main product. In other
words, if you create a "SPCLFLAG.ZIP" and include both the original/unmodified
source as well as your own modified source, then there is no confusion as to
who wrote what pieces of the software and who should maintain them or where
the end user should go to find updates to the source being used.


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