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QWK Reader/Replier for MS-Windows 3.1. Nothing incredible but it works and it is free. Version 1.03 fixes a few packet problems and offers less cryptic error msgs when things aren't write. Req: VBRUN300.DLL UL'd by aut
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QWK Reader/Replier for MS-Windows 3.1. Nothing incredible but it works and it is free. Version 1.03 fixes a few packet problems and offers less cryptic error msgs when things aren’t write. Req: VBRUN300.DLL UL’d by aut
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Contents of the README.WRI file

1%PZZZZZ[JunkMail - release 1.03 3/29/94


Shareware is a great concept. You get to try a 'commercial' application for free. If you like it, you pay for it. The sad part is how much some wares cost. Way too much sometimes, IMHO.

Anycase, a while ago, I hopped on to the BBS's and say, "hey, what's this 'qwk' format stuff?". After looking around I see 10 or so QWK readers and download a couple. None of them seems 'perfect' for me. They lack one thing or another and I just don't have THAT much of a need for a QWK reader to pay $40-50 bucks to use it. So, I figured I could write a QWK reader that would satisfy me and allow me to read some mail.

JunkMail is 'free shareware'.

If you *REALLY* like it, send a couple of bucks (whatever you think it's worth...). I don't make my living off of this, so don't feel too guilty for not paying for it. However, the amount of effort I put into the next release will directly reflect the number of people that register it. I figure, if everyone that likes it drops 1 to 5 bucks in an envelope, that will cover the costs of creating it. (As well as creating a more full featured very inexpensive mail reader...)

Please, don't feel obligated to register. JunkMail will work the same if you register or you don't register. However, if you want to see release 2 (or 1.1 or whatever...), send a couple of bucks (or even a postcard -- my wife really loves it when I get postcards... Foriegn money is kinda cool, too -- especially the ones with watermarks in them...).

If enough people take interest in the concept of 'real cheap/free' shareware, I'll add the following features:

- 'Mail-History' - archiving of old mail (i.e. database style...)
- Re-editing reply files and archiving them
- Indexed files (faster...) - I've got the DB to do it, but haven't put it in
- Custom tag lines
- sorted messages (subject or from or to, etc...)

- 'TRUE' junk-mail (global sends to bunches of BBSs)
- UserList - You're favorite users in a list
- Mail-Reader 'updating' from off-line
- Any requests that come along that look promising...

and maybe...
- automated up/downloading of REP/QWK files (using procomm ASPECT, or something like that...)

BTW, I'd love to hear your comments on JunkMail. Comments to me are just as good as money...(errr, a couple of bucks, anyway...).


- Put it in a subdirectory and unzip it.

- Then run the .EXE file.

- That's it -- it will do everything else.


- Delete the subdirectory you unzipped it into.

- Junkmail creates one file in the WIN directory called JUNKMAIL.INI. You can delete that, too.


1.03 3/29/94

- Fixed: Messages from some (ok, many) boards don't follow 'QWK' spec (or, my interpretation of it...). Anycase, I think I've fixed most of the problems.
- Fixed: Out of Memory when there are a boat load (500+) of messages in one subject. Still won't show the messages but at least it won't terminate...
- Fixed: Less cryptic error messages should help solve most stumbling blocks that people have come across.

- Fixed: Last area (conference) not showing up
- Fixed: Duplicate message #'s in different areas now can be seen
- Added: Change font for system

- Fixed: Bug with message #'s greater than 32k
- Fixed: Made it work in 640x480
- Fixed: Made 'notepad' pop-up to see the new files list. Previously, you didn't get to see any new files...

The 'manual'


JunkMail will:
- DELETE new QWK packets when it loads. (1.03 renames them to BBSNAME.!!!)

- DELETE REP packets matching the QWK packets it loads
(when you download a new QWK packet, BE SURE to upload the old REP packet before starting JunkMail. JunkMail will munch your old REP packet!)

- NOT ALLOW YOU TO RE-EDIT or even DELETE replies. If you say it and save it -- it's too late. You can delete all the replies to that BBS or upload the replies and kill the errant message once it gets to the BBS.


The 'Config' menu allows you to tell JunkMail where your upload and download directories are located. JunkMail will 'scan' your download directory for QWK files each time it loads. If a QWK file is there, it will create a directory for that 'BBS' and unzip the QWK file into it. It will also RENAME the QWK file in the dload directory to BBS.!!!.

Currently, JunkMail deletes all old messages from the BBS (e.g. the stuff leftover from the previous download...). It also deletes the old REPLY packet for the BBS (i.e. YOU BETTER UPLOAD THAT SUCKER BEFORE YOU START JUNKMAIL -- ELSE IT IS GONE!!!)

JunkMail uses PKZIP (or whatever) to unzip the QWK files. Make sure PKZIP and UNZIP are in your path or that you fully specify WHERE they are from the Config menu.


When you want to create a message for a BBS, select 'NEW MESSAGE' (from the 'BBS message browsing' window). Or, 'REPLY' if you want to reply to a message (highlight the message to reply to, first...). The JunkMail editor will pop up.

Type in your text and 'close' the window when you are done. JunkMail will prompt you to Save, Cancel, or not save... You don't have to 'move' any files, or what not. You can also create replys during multiple sessions of JunkMail.

At this time, you CANNOT re-edit a message. If you add a message to a reply packet and later realize that you sounded like an idiot in the message -- you will HAVE to delete the entire REP packet in order to NOT send that one silly message. I will have to fix this because one time too many I've been drinking beer and realize that I shouldn't have said what I said. Well, I end up sending the packet and DELETEING the message on the BBS (once it gets there...). If you're like me -- you'll probably have to do the same.


When you create a reply/message for a BBS, JunkMail creates a message file. By selecting 'prepare REP files' (under ACTIONS), JunkMail will place the replys in the UPLOAD directory. You can then upload the .REP file to the appropriate BBS.


P: No messages show up
- Check all of your configuration settings -- one of them is surely out of wack...
- Test to be sure PKUNZIP executes the way you have it specified in the config settings.

P: When I pack replies, the file never shows up
- Check your REPLY path for the UPLOADS directory -- it's probably wrong.
- Check that PKZIP is specified correctly.



JunkMail is provided as is with no warranty of any kind. If something goes wrong, I assume no responsiblities for direct or indirect damage caused by JunkMail.

While I don't foresee anything catastrophic occuring (this is a mail reader -- not an operating system ), god only knows what others hardware configurations will be like...

If this makes you uncomfortable, don't use JunkMail.


Feel free to upload the .zip to as many places as you wish. However, you may NOT modify the .ZIP contents without written permission from me. Distribution houses may include this on a 'disk' if they wish -- as long as only a nominal fee is charged for it.


Carl Brown
4903 Regina Drive
Annandale, VA 22003
attn: Junkmail - Windows

Internet: [email protected]
CServe: INTERNET:[email protected]
(note: CServe charges you to send/recieve net mail! You can send mail to me at: 72147,3354 but I don't check my account there very often...)

BE SURE TO TELL ME THE VERSION # you are using!!! Even if you are just sending me a comment, I may be able to tell you where you can find a later version...

Also, if you are having a problem with a QWK packet, be sure to:

- SEND ME THE QWK PACKET! Darn near immposible for me to know how different programmers interpretted what the QWK standard says...

- SEND ME THE BBS NAME and NUMBER. If I can't get the QWK packet to bomb, I'll try to hop on the BBS and get some more packets. If I do that, I'll need you to get the SYSOP to let me borrow an account to figure out what the heck is going on...


If you want to be added to the JunkMail Internet mailing list, just let me know.

I'll be sending out update reports/bug fixes/etc whenever something interesting is happening -- and you'll get copied on it.

NOTE: CServers: This isn't a good idea. CServe will pound you with fees if you get Internet mail with any frequency...


Junkmail is about as simple as a mail reader gets. I made it to save myself $40 for a big-name mail reader. I realize the capabilities in junkmail are rather lacking. Yet, it works for what I want it to do.

Since I have the source-code, I can always make it do new and wonderful things (if I want it to...). You don't have that ability. If you WAN'T that ability, send a FORMATTED 3.5" disk (HIGH-DENSITY) to me and a $15 (U.S.A.) nuisance fee and I'll mail you the source code (all in VB 3.0 format...).

One warning, though: I am using a custom control called 'SS3D2.vbx' (from Sheridan). This control allows a lot of cute little things to be done with list-boxes. VB 3.0 added most of these capabilities (TABS, multi-select, etc...). You could convert these list and combo boxes to VB 3.0. The custom control costs about $40 and it does a lot of really neat things. It's not really worth it (anymore), but when release 1.0 of VB was out -- it was indispensible.

t and 'close' the winyuqJmPieaK
QMw's-o4k8gFcA_I[UWfSjOuK$u}wso$k(g2c_[WS O K !w"s%o%k(g2c_[WS O Kxsu!@B"$>k<7e35



""<"""$$%%%% z!|!!!!!
""< ArialIf this makes you uncomfortable, don't use JunkMail.


Feel free to upload the .zip to as many

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