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An Allfiles Generator for RA or Qbbs BBS.
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An Allfiles Generator for RA or Qbbs BBS.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

ALIST - Version 2.00 by Alan D. Applegate
January 14, 1990

Copyright (C) 1988, 1989, 1990 Alan D. Applegate
All Rights Reserved

A master file list generation program for use with Opus, Fido,
QuickBBS, TBBS and other packages that use a similar format to
hold file information.


Beta release. Still fuzzy.


First general release. Added support for QuickBBS (Opus style
DIR.BBS no longer required). Cleaned up a couple of other


Quick bug fix. Characters like an old-style ^Z at the end of the
header text file would be transferred into the finished output.
Yuk. NOTE: Alist will STRIP any characters in the header text
file that are control characters (except a carriage return, etc.)
or that are above ASCII 126 (this means that funny IBM graphics
characters are stripped).


Fixed bug that limited Alist to 13 file areas (programmer
stupidity error).


Beta test version only.


Added support for comments from FILES.BBS to be included in the
output file. Refer to docs for details.


Added file counting functionality. Alist now has limits of 200
file areas, and 90 characters for the name of a file area.


Added ability to expand wildcard entries in FILES.BBS. Opus-CBCS
can handle wildcards, and I never knew it until I came across it
by accident. This is something particularly handy that Alist

Alist READ.ME File - Page 2

needed to support.

Added support for wrapping over-length description lines.

Code refinement has produced an improvement in processing speed
of about 10% overall.


Fixed bug introduced in 1.11 that wouldn't allow files with a
name that begins with certain valid DOS characters, including


Added ability to optionally use Opus 1.0x style SYSTEM##.BBS
files to obtain file area paths - simply don't place any paths in
the Alist configuration file.

Added "zit marking" of files newer than thirty (30) days. An
asterisk (*) is placed between the file size and date for such


Added all kinds of stuff. TBBS support (what a pain in the
butt), all kinds of command line options, generation of new
files, control over default new file days, total file byte count,
and probably a dozen other little widgets. Since I've been
working on this version for a whole year (on and off, of course)
I've long since lost track of what's changed. In any case, try
it, you'll like it.

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