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BBS operators can use their Colorado Tape Backup as an extra hard drive with this program.
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BBS operators can use their Colorado Tape Backup as an extra hard drive with this program.
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Contents of the BACKDOOR.DOC file

For Colorado tape drives
Written by Tim (TAGG) Gibson

This door is used to give users the ablity to restore files from your Colorado
tape drive to harddisk so that they can download from there. This adds about
another 40-250meg to your bbs! BackDoor started as one of those "I can do a
far better job than he did" (I don't want to mention the particular author),
but about 6 weeks later and a lot of banging my head against the wall I had
succeeded at doing a better job. BackDoor comes with FULL safty features
intact and has many bells and whistles added to make it nicer for you to use.
Unlike in the first release of 1.1 Backdoor as shareware is NOLONGER
crippleware , after much thought , I have decided that if you are using my
door you will be impressed and want to have your name on it as registered!

- PCBoard 14.X
- Uses the 3 PCBoard support files, (you may need a conversion util if you use
a differant bbs type)
- Under 40k of memory usage (Thanks for the assembly IBM!)
- Log file for who restored what file and when
- seperate log for report of door functions
- *.* , filename.* and *.ext trapping
- filename = trapping (competion doesn't give this to you!)
- DesqView, TopView, OmniVeiw and DoubleDos aware
- restore and back up paths can be ANYTHING you want
- Sysop drop to dos
- Page bell (doesn't work with Spitfire, someone get
on Mike's case to fix the conversion util
for SF)
- Chat mode
- Up to 9 volumes may be used
- Sysop changable opening screen
- Colour (autosensing)

Command line useage:

Backdoor backdoor.cfg C:\pcb

Line 1-

Line 2-
configuration file name

Line 3-
Directory that contains pcb files

Backdoor.cfg file explained:

Line 1-
Interrupt , This should be used first
Bios , If INTERRUPT doesn't work
PCBtrap, Bios with screen control for pcbtrap

Line 2-
Board name

Line 3-
Back up directory

Line 4-
Restore directory

Line 5-
Number of active volumes

Line 6-
MUST remain 0000000 for door to work!

Other support files:

This is your sysop configurable opening screen
doesn't have to be present

These are your listing of files by volume, create them as:
Files1.lst for Volume 1
Files2.lst for Volume 2
Files9.lst for Volume 3

From the author:

Well I don't really want to give a "free" plug here but I guess I will, I have
found that for making FILESx.lst, SFMaint is perfect, just rename the

SFMaint can be obtained from the author's board Rainbow BBS (519) 455-4880

BackDoor under went testing on both 120meg and 250meg drives so I'm positive
that it will work on yours.

Features for the future:

- Volumes up to 99
- Support for Future Domain's TCOPY
- Support for Venture's TIPTOK
- Multi-node mode (to inform 2nd user that his restoration
may take extra time)

How to get ahold of me:

The Byron Connection BBS (519) 453-4686
Circuit-Net node 519000 ,username TAGG

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