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Globally changes drive letters in Wildcat file database.
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Globally changes drive letters in Wildcat file database.
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F - C A T version 1.0
by Todd Roberts

Well here's F-CAT. I have never written Docs before so bare with me

F-CAT can do alot when registered. Thats not to mean its totally crippled
just that it won't alow putting the drive letters in just yet.

It will change E: whatever to F: whatever. You can make some samples in your
database in wildcat to test this. As always PLEASE backup your ALLFILES.DAT.
I cannot be responsible for anything that happens to it or anything else that
goes wrong, the only file this program opens is the allfiles and nothing

F-CAT must be in your data directory where the ALLFILES.DAT is located or
you could copy ALLFILES.DAT to another directory to try this program out
with and that way now endanger you real ALLFILES.DAT.

The program has a simple menu with only one choice. This version was made in a
hurry to get it on the boards for people to see. I am working on an enhanced
version now and should be done shortly.

The version I am working on now will allow you to search all your file areas
or just the one you flag and then it will globally add files. I consider this
a vast improvement over WCFILE for adding files you just snatched off someones
board. I found that without it I had tons of programs on my system that no one
knew were there becase they had never been added to the File database.

Any comments or wish lists are welcomed. I can be reached on Mustang Softwares
BBS which I frequent and my board The Crow's Nest at 205-354-3222.

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