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Automatically backs up WWIV sysop logs.
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Automatically backs up WWIV sysop logs.
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Contents of the LOG-BAK.DOC file

This is the BEST log file BACKUP program for WWIV!

All you do is copy the .BAT files into your bbs directory (C:\WWIV) and assuming
the directory names are the defaults this will work for you. Just run the
INSTALL.BAT and it will create a RECORDS dir off of the bbs dir. it will put a
ZIP-LOG.CMT in there (NECESSARY) and then you can delete the INSTALL.BAT. Then
you load the INIT.EXE and enter section 6 (EXTERNAL PROGS) and for the external
event put the LOG-BAK.BAT in there... for the time put the # of minutes after
midnight (i.e. noon would be 720 and 11:59pm would be 1439).

thet's all there is to it... the event will back up your log files into LOGS.
ZIP and the CONFIG.DAT and user files into VITAL.ZIP so you must have PKZIP in
you path... that's it... Upgraded on 04/04/92

Hi I upgrade This program To the new Command. It used to Be called c:\bbs.
I made It c:\wwiv.
If you need help can Undertakers bbs (410)721-0877

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