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An offline mail reader for QWK format QuickMail/MarkMail, many new features.
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An offline mail reader for QWK format QuickMail/MarkMail, many new features.
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CONFIG2.EXE 33127 31950 deflated
CONVERT.EXE 15261 14211 deflated
DELUXE2.1 321 239 deflated
DELUXE2.CFG 4532 695 deflated
DELUXE2.DEF 6368 1584 deflated
DELUXE2.DOC 150198 37341 deflated
DELUXE2.EXE 90452 86440 deflated
DELUXE2.ICO 766 156 deflated
DELUXE2.MNU 2866 1058 deflated
DELUXE2.SCR 2054 162 deflated
DLXTEXT 17600 2852 deflated
DLXTEXT.EXE 14155 13639 deflated
FILES.LST 2297 897 deflated
HELP.DAT 87903 23193 deflated
MENU 1742 254 deflated
ORDER.FRM 2221 719 deflated
README 3193 1309 deflated
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TED.DOC 2379 1185 deflated
TUTOR.QWK 72784 69540 deflated

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Contents of the README file

Thank you for trying Qmail DeLuxe!

Welcome to the next generation in offline mail reading systems.
You are now ready to use Qmail DeLuxe with the "TUTOR.QWK" mail
packet included in this archive.

If you are a registered user of Qmail DeLuxe 1.11 (or an earlier
release) you are entitled to use this reader as an upgrade from
your current system. Please see DELUXE2.DOC under "Upgrading
from a previous reader" for information on how to begin using
Qmail DeLuxe.

If you have never seen Qmail DeLuxe then you can try the system
out for yourself now. We have sold over 6,500 copies of our
original Qmail DeLuxe offline mail system - but until now you
could never actually "test drive" it for yourself. Without a
DELUXE2.KEY (which you receive when you register Qmail DeLuxe)
this reader will only work in the "Main Board" conference and
be limited to the first forty messages.

This limitation in the "demo" mode is more than enough to check
out the features found in Qmail DeLuxe. If you would like to
get the most out of the demonstration then we recommend that you
print a copy of the manual on your printer. Use the command:


to print the manual on your printer.

Type "DELUXE2" and press [ENTER] to start the program. Remember
that help with any part of Qmail DeLuxe is always one keystroke
away. If you need help or want to find out more about DeLuxe
press [ALT-H] anywhere while you are inside the program.

If you currently use EZ-Reader (tm) you can convert your
reader's configuration to DeLuxe in seconds if you use the
CONVERT.EXE program.


Qmail DeLuxe normally retails for $25.00 (US Funds). However,
until October 31, 1990 you can purchase Qmail DeLuxe for only
$20.00! If you wish to purchase the system using a check then
please type the ORDER.FRM file on your printer, fill it out, and
send it along with a check to the address on the order form.

You can use your Visa, MasterCard or Discover card to purchase
Qmail DeLuxe and begin using it immediately. Absolutely no
waiting for disks to arrive in the mail! See DELUXE2.DOC under
"Registering Qmail DeLuxe" for information on how you can begin
using DeLuxe today.


If you registered EZ-Reader (tm), MegaMail (tm), Session
Manager (tm) or Opus Xpress (tm) then you can "trade up" to
Qmail DeLuxe for only $10.00 (until October 31, 1990)! See
DELUXE2.DOC under "Registering Qmail DeLuxe" for more

We've had alot of fun creating Qmail DeLuxe. We hope you have
just as much fun using it.

--- Sparky
September 8th, 1990

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