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Version 2.35 of the Megahost BBS System.

Full Description of File

Full featured multiuser BBS designed for ease
of use. Includes btrieve indexed databases,
support for networks, RIP, NAPLPS, BIG, & CONDOR
graphics, FOSSIL, DigiBoard, NS16550A FIFO,
28.8 kbps, dynamic or custom built menus, ringback
for voice lines, callback, built-in and external
file transfer protocols, net and echo doors.
Easy ASCII text file configuration.
By Don Mankin, $49-$79, BBS 209-836-2402.

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Version 2.35 of the Megahost BBS System.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BATCHOFF.BAT 452 218 deflated
BATCHON.BAT 450 217 deflated
BULLETIN.G00 1349 509 deflated
BULLETIN.G01 2493 1257 deflated
BULLETIN.G02 3992 1711 deflated
BULLETIN.G03 24588 8796 deflated
BULLETIN.G04 895 430 deflated
BULLETIN.G05 787 460 deflated
BULLETIN.G06 7952 3119 deflated
BULLETIN.G08 2136 908 deflated
BULLETIN.T00 1120 381 deflated
BULLETIN.T01 2421 1231 deflated
BULLETIN.T02 3790 1677 deflated
BULLETIN.T03 23500 8702 deflated
BULLETIN.T04 972 388 deflated
BULLETIN.T05 748 437 deflated
BULLETIN.T06 7889 3101 deflated
BULLETIN.T07 2984 1049 deflated
BULLETIN.T08 2107 881 deflated
CHNGMNU1.G00 1221 336 deflated
CHNGMNU1.P00 503 343 deflated
CHNGMNU1.T00 828 268 deflated
CHNGMNU2.G00 1330 363 deflated
CHNGMNU2.P00 584 368 deflated
CHNGMNU2.T00 897 289 deflated
CONNRATE.TXT 2288 895 deflated
DELMSGS.CNF 481 143 deflated
DELMSGS.DOC 1317 529 deflated
DELMSGS.EXE 154992 62950 deflated
DESCRIBE.DOC 9615 3164 deflated
DOORMNU1.G00 514 156 deflated
DOORMNU1.T00 413 97 deflated
DOORMNU2.G00 666 192 deflated
DOORMNU2.T00 513 130 deflated
ECHODOOR.BAT 449 216 deflated
EVENT.BAT 446 216 deflated
EXPMSGS.EXE 152096 61252 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 458 343 deflated
GOODBYE.G01 62 62 stored
GOODBYE.T01 48 48 stored
HELP.G00 1670 656 deflated
HELP.G01 644 356 deflated
HELP.G02 226 157 deflated
HELP.G03 542 290 deflated
HELP.G04 1740 777 deflated
HELP.G05 322 188 deflated
HELP.G06 91 74 deflated
HELP.G07 110 89 deflated
HELP.G08 1185 457 deflated
HELP.G09 199 139 deflated
HELP.G10 3055 999 deflated
HELP.G11 229 154 deflated
HELP.G12 340 204 deflated
HELP.G13 139 103 deflated
HELP.G14 246 158 deflated
HELP.G15 150 114 deflated
HELP.G16 283 161 deflated
HELP.G17 217 141 deflated
HELP.G18 253 170 deflated
HELP.G19 344 199 deflated
HELP.T00 1383 589 deflated
HELP.T01 634 342 deflated
HELP.T02 216 147 deflated
HELP.T03 532 279 deflated
HELP.T04 1730 767 deflated
HELP.T05 312 174 deflated
HELP.T06 81 67 deflated
HELP.T07 100 81 deflated
HELP.T08 1130 449 deflated
HELP.T09 189 127 deflated
HELP.T10 2883 967 deflated
HELP.T11 219 142 deflated
HELP.T12 330 196 deflated
HELP.T13 129 94 deflated
HELP.T14 236 147 deflated
HELP.T15 140 104 deflated
HELP.T16 273 150 deflated
HELP.T17 207 131 deflated
HELP.T18 243 160 deflated
HELP.T19 334 189 deflated
IMPMSGS.EXE 152112 61448 deflated
LICENSE.DOC 7322 2188 deflated
MAILFIL.DAT 4340 232 deflated
MAILFIL.IX 5356 78 deflated
MAILMNU1.G00 1527 391 deflated
MAILMNU1.T00 936 301 deflated
MAILMNU2.G00 1583 379 deflated
MAILMNU2.T00 936 282 deflated
MAINMNU1.G00 2159 588 deflated
MAINMNU1.T00 1248 466 deflated
MAINMNU2.G00 2197 589 deflated
MAINMNU2.P00 1032 603 deflated
MAINMNU2.T00 1248 456 deflated
MAINMNU3.G00 2257 583 deflated
MAINMNU3.T00 1248 461 deflated
MEGAFIDO.ZIP 50510 48932 deflated
MEGAHOST.CNF 5901 2397 deflated
MEGAHOST.DOC 212865 48332 deflated
MEGAHOST.EXE 500035 185734 deflated
MHST235.ASP 370 282 deflated
MHST235.SDA 2924 1524 deflated
MHXFR.EXE 121936 52085 deflated
NEWUSER.G01 853 438 deflated
NEWUSER.T01 839 421 deflated
OMB.DOC 790 391 deflated
PACKING.LST 2547 822 deflated
QUESTION.IN 63 30 deflated
QUESTION.OUT 111 65 deflated
READ.ME 8029 3148 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 1295 496 deflated
SYSOP.DOC 4581 1798 deflated
TRAPDOOA.BAT 384 237 deflated
TRAPDOOB.BAT 384 238 deflated
TRAPDOOR.BAT 853 375 deflated
UPGRADE.TXT 1181 668 deflated
USERMNU1.G00 1251 346 deflated
USERMNU1.T00 780 255 deflated
USERMNU2.G00 1321 330 deflated
USERMNU2.T00 780 249 deflated
USRSFIL.DAT 624 163 deflated
USRSFIL.IX 18300 176 deflated
VENDOR.DOC 7940 2754 deflated
WARRANTY.DOC 2554 971 deflated
WATCHDG1.COM 384 299 deflated
WATCHDG2.COM 384 299 deflated
WELCOME.G01 3397 723 deflated
WELCOME.T01 1111 244 deflated

Download File MHST235.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file

Full featured multiuser BBS designed for ease
of use. Includes btrieve indexed databases,
support for networks, RIP, NAPLPS, BIG, & CONDOR
graphics, FOSSIL, DigiBoard, NS16550A FIFO,
28.8 kbps, dynamic or custom built menus, ringback
for voice lines, callback, built-in and external
file transfer protocols, net and echo doors.
Easy ASCII text file configuration.
By Don Mankin, $49-$79, BBS 209-836-2402.

If supplied with the .EXE self extracting version:
Enter "MHST235 to unarchive the MHST235.EXE files to disk.


The EXE archive is not for distribution. A ZIPed archive is available for
distribution from the MEGAHOST Support BBS at 209-836-2402.

The self extracting file CANNOT unarchive to the disk it came on as there is
no room and you will get a 'Write Error'!

The MEGAHOST.DOC file can be printed on most Laser printers by setting the
lines per page to 66.


Sample RIP, NAPLPS, and BIG Graphics screens are available for download
from the MEGAHOST Support BBS at 209-836-2402. Also, a module enabling
various flavors of Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, and Kermit file transfers is
available for download at no additional cost.



You MUST first set up a SYSOP= entry in the .CNF BEFORE INVOKING
MEGAHOST. The system will not function properly without this
entry. The syntax is:


where DON MANKIN is replaced with your own name.


If you wish to run a closed system, you must have
CLOSEDSYSTEM=N in the .CNF file when you log in as SysOp for
the first time. After MEGAHOST establishes your SysOp account
in the caller database, you may then make the CLOSEDSYSTEM=Y
entry in the .CNF file.


If you have trouble with MEGAHOST, try removing any memory resident software
you may have loaded. MEGAHOST is known to have trouble with DOS editors.

Enabling Xon/Xoff flow control within MEGAHOST sometimes confuses your
callers not familiar with it's usage. If enabled, and some line noise sends
a CTL-S (19 decimal), the callers terminal will freeze until a CTL-Q
(17 decimal) is received from the caller. If the caller is unaware of this
technique, he/she will eventually hang up and complain of BBS troubles.
See XONXOFF= in the MEGAHOST.DOC file for further details.

MEGAHOST REQUIRES character and line pacing on ASCII uploads and auto-logons.
This is accomplished using Procomm by typing ALT S, 6, and changing the
Pace Character = 62
Character Pacing = 50
Line Pacing = 5

Other terminal software must be configured likewise.


Utilities written to convert MAXIHOST database files to MEGAHOST database
files are available from the Support BBS. You should convert the Message
database if you had it enabled in MAXIHOST, but I would not convert the
user database. The best way to assure that all of the user fields are
populated is to allow MEGAHOST to create the user database itself.

A file transfer module, MHXFR.EXE, is available for download from the
Support BBS. It provides Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, and Kermit file
transfer protocols. Put this file in the same directory(ies) as your
MEGAHOST.EXE file(s). This module is not bundled with the MEGAHOST
software but is available at no cost.

*** Regarding file transfer, high speed modems should have hardware flow
control enabled especially when the baud rate is locked. Callers failing
to do this may have VERY SLOW file transfers due to block resends. ***

A program, MEGA_API.EXE is available for EXPERIENCED MEGAHOST users to
enable them to be able to add/change .CNF entries, display text files,
disconnect the caller, etc. from BATCHON, BATCHOFF, TRAPDOOR, and EVENT
batch files. Use of this interface is on your own initiative. Minimum
support will be provided. Improper use of this facility could compromise
the security of the system. These features are being tested to see if
they provide any real value, and may be removed from future releases if
they prove too complex for the average user and/or support of them become
too time consuming.


REGISTERED USERS: Make sure you call the MEGAHOST support BBS occasionally
to keep abreast of new versions and updates. The number is currently
209-836-2402. I'm Sorry, but I do not have the resources to answer phone
calls, nor return mail. Please use this BBS as our communications vehicle.

Because MEGAHOST is a 'shop before you buy' Shareware product, most
registrants already have a copy of MEGAHOST. For this reason, diskettes
are not mailed out immediately, but are mailed out with the next release.
Releases vary but usually occur every month or two. You may request a
current release diskette be mailed instead by leaving a message on the
Support BBS. You may also request a REGISTRATION number to suffice you
until you receive your diskette. The registration information would be
entered into your MEGAHOST.CNF as follows:


where 32541 is the registration number provided by me that matches your
registration name of 'MEGAHOST Support BBS'.



If used for personal use, a Hobby registration is necessary. Use by
any organization for any purpose would be classified as a Commercial
registration. Hobby registrations are $49 USD, while Commercial
registrations are $79, still a good bargain. Only VISA, MasterCard
Diners Club, Carte Blanche, and JCB cards can be accepted via the
Support BBS - the prefered method. You may also register using your
AMEX and Discover Card by calling PSL at 800-242-4775 and refering
to item #10391. Diskettes are not normally mailed out until a new
release is made available. You may request a registration number be
left to you via this system, and/or that the current release be mailed
instead of waiting for the next one.

You may register by mail by sending your check (US Dollars Only) to:

Don Mankin
231 Market Place #353
San Ramon, CA 94583

Californians please add 7.75% sales tax.
Please include $4 shipping and handling.


P S L Specific

You may also order from the Public (software) Library with your VISA,
MC, AmEx, or Discover card by calling 800-2424-PsL, 713-524-6394, or
by FAX to 713-524-6398 or by CompuServe to 71355,470. The PSL numbers
are for ordering only. For information about dealer pricing, volume
discounts, site licensing, shipping of products, returns, latest
version number or other technical information, please call the
MEGAHOST Support BBS at 209-836-2402.



For those upgrading from MAXIHOST, please read the MAXIHOST to MEGAHOST
upgrade information contained in the .DOC file. You will find your MAXIHOST
registration number is incompatable with MEGAHOST so make sure you call the
Support BBS for your new number. Execute menu item 2 from the
(+)-Registration module.


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