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Mail Order Catalog BBS Door. Works with many different BBS's.
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Mail Order Catalog BBS Door. Works with many different BBS’s.
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33.TXT 722 446 deflated
DEPT.SCR 1299 274 deflated
DESCRIB.LST 2989 507 deflated
HOWTO.LST 1002 551 deflated
LIVESTR.CNF 324 223 deflated
LIVESTR.DOC 7870 2850 deflated
LIVESTR.HLP 3312 1343 deflated
LIVESTR.SCR 3753 775 deflated
LIVESTR3.EXE 66944 30194 deflated
PRICES.LST 2300 395 deflated
WHATSNEW.DOC 672 337 deflated

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Contents of the 33.TXT file

Okay here is the program that will show all cards that the sysop honors.
In your cnf file on the line that the C was placed for credit card orders,
you now place one or more of the following such as: AMVSD no spaces and
no C on that line any longer.

If you insert N, then no credit orders will be accepted and the menu will
not display that command line.

A = American Exp
M = mastercard
V = Visa
S = Discover
D = Diners

N = No credit cards accepted

Please be sure to change all your cnf files for each node! If you have any
problems, please feel free to call me directly..

Richard at The Livewire BBS in Mt.Laurel, NJ 609-866-2551 USR V.32/HST 38,4
or voice at 609-722-9063 after 5pm EST

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