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The Joker! version 1.1. Make "A Joke of the Day" for any BBS.
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The Joker! version 1.1. Make “A Joke of the Day” for any BBS.
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Contents of the JOKER.DOC file

Gryphon Electronics! Present:

The Joker! v1.1
(c)1989 Gryphon Electronics!
Released November 5th, 1989!

This program is on the SHAREWARE concept. You may distribute it under the
circumstances that it includes all non-modified files and that there is no fee
for copying it, disks, etc. without the author's persmisson. You may use this
program up to 2 WEEKS, after those weeks you have to get a registered copy.
Please register, it makes it easier and everyone (you, me, the users) happier.
It is only a small fee of $5.00. Thank you.

WARNING: Gryphon Electronics! is not liable for any damages the program makes.
JOKER! works fine on my system so it should work fine on yours.

Files in JOKER.ZIP:

JOKER.EXE - Main Program
JOKER.DAT - Jokes! for Joker!
JOKER.DOC - The instructions you are reading
JOKER.SUG - The suggestion and comment sheet!
JOKER.REG - The registration form!

This program makes the "Joke! of the day" on your BBS. It must be in the
same drive and directory as JOKER.DAT! It will not work without it. JOKER!
takes a joke! out of JOKER.DAT and outputs it to a file called JOKE.DAY. You
may rename JOKE.DAY to make a bulletin, a logon message, put in with your daily
events, or anything of the like.


C:\> JOKER - Will make JOKE.DAY

You may also edit JOKER.DAT to your own standards. Just put the number of
lines you have in JOKER.DAT on the top line. Besure not to add two lines to a
joke!, it will think both lines are different jokes! and DO NOT COUNT THE TOP

If you would like to make suggestions and or comments on programs and
JOKER! please fill out JOKER.SUG and send it to the address below, or call The
Home of Gryphon Electronics, also below, and send a note to the SysOp.

If you would like to see regsiter JOKER! please fill out JOKER.REG and
send it with the registration fee of $5.00 to Gryphon Electronics!. In about a
week call Gryphon Electronics!'s BBS and ask to see if your copy is up yet.
When it is up you will be able to download you registered copy.
Thank you for your support.

Gryphon Electronics!
7 Dorchester Drive
Endicott, N.Y. 13760
BBS #: 607-754-7743! 3oo/12oo/24oo Baud!

Well, that's it for now! Have fun!

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