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Text file with instructions on how to install a spell checker to work with EZReader and QEdit.
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Text file with instructions on how to install a spell checker to work with EZReader and QEdit.
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This file will discuss how to integrate a spell checker with
EZ-Reader so you can be sure all of your messages are neat,
clean, and well behaved when you send them on their way.
All of the information in the file is current as of March 8,

You will need the following files for this project:

EZ127.ZIP The current version of EZ-Reader
QEDIT21.ZIP The current version of QEdit
SS16.ZIP The current version of ShareSpell

I am assuming that you already have EZ-Reader up and
running, and that you know how to use it to enter and reply
to messages. If not, start this project by reading the
EZ-Reader documentation. I am also going to assume that you
have installed QEdit as your ASCII text editor in the
EZ-Reader configuration profile. If not, consider doing so
for two reasons. First, QEdit is an excellent ASCII text
editor and is extremely easy to learn. Second, the
instructions I am about to give for integrating a spell
checker with EZ-Reader are written specifically for QEdit.
You're on your own with anything else.


The first step is to modify your EZ-Reader configuration

1. Load EZ-Reader and press to pop up the configure
2. Select Editor and press
3. On the Editor Line, place "!" in front of your path to
QEdit. For example, my Editor Line looks like this:


If Q.EXE is in your EZ-Reader directory, type: !Q.EXE

The following WILL NOT WORK:


The "!" in front of the QEdit path tells EZ-Reader to swap
to disk when running QEdit. This frees up enough memory to
run both QEdit and a spell checker. When you finish your
message and exit QEdit, EZ-Reader will reload in the same
place you left it.

I have answered the rest of the Editor Window questions as

Reply Filename: MESSAGE.TXT
Message Filename: MESSAGE.TXT
Does the editor accept two filenames on the command line? N

(Although QEdit will accept two filenames, by answering no,
the original message you are replying to will be loaded into
the edit window. Just use block mark to delete lines you
don't want to quote in your reply.)

Press to exit the Editor Window, and then press to
save the profile.


You need to write a macro to invoke the spell checker from
within QEdit. In addition, because QEdit works on files in
RAM, we need to tell QEdit to replace the file in RAM with
the file on disk we just ran through the spell checker. We
can do that by following these steps:

1. Load the file QCONFIG.DAT into a text editor (how about
QEdit?) This file comes with the QEDIT archive. Go back
and get it from the archive if you don't have it in your
2. Page down until you get to the "function key set" area.
3. I have put the spell check macro on the key
(because that key is undefined in QCONFIG.DAT), but you
can redefine it to another key if you wish.
4. Type the following EXACTLY after the key space,
lining up the beginning of the macro with the definitions
above it:

MacroBegin SaveFile Dos 'SS ' CurrentFilename Return Return "M"
EditFile CurrentFilename Return NewFile "N" Return

The macro must all be on one line (I have to split it here
to fit the format of the text file) so remember to join the
lines together before you try to use it.
5. Save the file QCONFIG.DAT
6. Run QCONFIG.EXE to reconfigure QEdit
7. Select KEYS from the Configure Menu
8. You will be asked to enter the keyboard definition file,
press for QCONFIG.DAT
9. Press to save your settings


1. Unzip SS16.ZIP and put SS.EXE and SS.DIC in the the same
directory as QEdit. (Be sure and add this directory to
your DOS PATH statement.)


If you followed the above directions, everything should
work. The next time you enter or reply to a message using
EZ-Reader, press while you are in QEdit. The current
file in memory will be saved to disk, you will enter the
spell checker, and when the spell checker is done, the
perfectly spelled file on disk will be loaded into memory and
you'll be back in QEdit. Save the file, quit QEdit, and
you'll be back in EZ-Reader with a perfectly spelled


Shareware authors spend a lot of time developing useful
tools for the rest of us. You should pay for programs you
use on a regular basis. If you want to register any of the
three programs mentioned above, or are having difficulties
locating the software, write to the following addresses:

EZ-Reader: Thumper Technologies
P.O. Box 471012
Tulsa, OK 74147-1012
BBS: 918-627-0059

QEdit: SemWare
4343 Shallowford Road, Suite C-3
Marietta, GA 30062-5003
Voice: 404-641-9002
BBS: 404-641-8968

ShareSpell: Acropolis Software
4620 Hazel Ave.
Fair Oaks, CA 95628


Button and Dietz, Inc., is a human resources company in
Texas specializing in training activities for health and
human services professionals. We conduct seminars on family
violence, sexual abuse, working effectively with angry and
hostile people, communications skills, and other issues. We
also do professional report writing and editing. If you are
interested, you can reach us at (512) 444-9822.

Allen Dietz
Button and Dietz, Inc.
P.O. Box 19243
Austin, TX 78760-9243


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