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UltraBBS v2.09 disk 1 of 3 [PcBoard derivative].
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UltraBBS v2.09 disk 1 of 3 [PcBoard derivative].
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CONVERT.EXE 23139 22398 deflated
DATCONV.EXE 9981 6553 deflated
FIDOCVT.EXE 10216 9861 deflated
FIXBB.EXE 5624 5388 deflated
LCONV.EXE 5560 5325 deflated
PCBVUPDT.EXE 5800 5548 deflated
READ.ME 1816 922 deflated
UBBS.EXE 358616 141148 deflated
UBBSWHO.EXE 13065 12531 deflated
UCONV.EXE 7415 4986 deflated
UPGRADE.TXT 56 56 stored
UTIEXPRT.EXE 6696 6444 deflated
UTIHIGH.EXE 5800 5557 deflated
UTIIMPRT.EXE 8024 7740 deflated
UTILIST.EXE 6408 6150 deflated
UTILSTRD.EXE 7320 7056 deflated
UTIVER.EXE 5364 5126 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

With the UltraBBS v2.09 package, you should have received three files:

UBBS209A.ZIP Contains executables and main files
UBBS209B.ZIP Contains executables, documentation, help, & sample files
UBBS209C.ZIP Contains non-overlaid version of executable (optional)

You should unZIP UBBS209A.ZIP into a \UBBS\ directory. UBBS209B.ZIP must be
unZIPped with PKUNZIP's "-d" option to create the necessary directories to
place its files in (FILES\ and HELP\). If you wish to use the non-overlaid
version, then unZIP UBBS209C.ZIP and rename its UBBSNO.EXE file to UBBS.EXE
The overlaid version requires much less memory (see the documentation for
the exact requirements) but operates a bit slower, especially if you have a
slow hard disk.

As packaged, UltraBBS comes with all paths set to directories on drive D:.
If you use another drive, remember, you must change ALL drive letters--in
the BBS parameters, the conference setup, the DAT files' setup sections,
etc. Also remember to create all necessary directories when first getting

To run UltraBBS, you will need several files in addition to what is
included in the UBBS209?.ZIP files. You will need a FOSSIL driver (common
ones are X00, OPUSCOMM, and BNU), and you'll need DSZ and BIMODEM (if you
use the protocol batch files that came with the package). These programs
are available on most BBSes.

The UltraBBS documentation can be printed with the DOS command:


The file CONTACT.TXT lists beta test sites which will carry the latest
version of UltraBBS, and in most cases, the UltraBBS echomail conference
in which the author may be contacted. Many new features are already
planned for the next version and your suggestions would be appreciated!

Enjoy! -- Bob Farmer

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