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Request File door for BBS's.
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Request File door for BBS’s.
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Contents of the REQUEST.DOC file

Omega Ohm and Byte Me BBS proudly presents:

Request Door Ver 3.0
Byte Me 205-979-BYTE

Thanks for choosing this door fellow WWIV sysop. I have worked long
and hard on this door to make it one of the most 'professional' looking doors
currently around for WWIV. The door came about when I realized that despite
all the things that WWIV has built in, it does not have a requests list built
in. This door fills the gap and its EASY to run... The Byte Me Request
System is written entirely in Microsoft Quick C ver 1.00 for speed and
reliability. Ver 3.0 is the first public release of the door because I wanted
to be sure there are no bugs that could bring any boards down. As far as I
know there are no bugs in it that can affect a wwiv 4.xx system.


What is the Byte Me Request System? This door is an external version
of the "request list" that most bulletin boards like Genesis Deluxe have built
into the file transfer section. With this door, your users can run this online
program and place the names of games and programs that they are looking for
so that other people can read the list and find out what they ought to upload
if they have something on the list.


* Full color ANSI file listings for easy reading and nice displays.
* Special Sysop (lvl 255) file removal command for easy list maintenance.
* Wildcard file removal... Typing the first few letters of a name will remove
all names that start similarly. (i.e. typing "R" will remove all requests
starting with capital R).
* Fully compatible with WWIV's "[PAUSE]" if enabled and WWIV's dos interrupts.
* Guaranteed to rid your board of that pesky user always asking:
"What should I upload...?" .


1. Put the file REQ30.EXE anywhere you want.
I recommend that you put it in C:\WWIV\CHAINS if you have a chains dir
but if you don't just stick it in the main WWIV directory.

2. I recommend (but I can't force you!) that you call the door
"The (your bbs name) User Request System".
3. Run your BBS (duhhh!)... Then type //CHAINEDIT and install the
door as "C:\wwiv\chains\REQ30 %1". Your actual pathname may vary
according to where you put it in step 1.
4. REQUIRE ANSI -- YES to use the door.
6. Quit chainedit and run the request door. The first thing you need to
do is pick selection #2 and ADD a game or something to the requests
list so that the door will create the data file "request.txt" which
is simply a standard dos text file listing of the requested files.
REQUEST.TXT will be created wherever you have your WWIV GFiles path.


If you encounter any problems reread the instructions and make
sure you have followed them exactly. If you still have problems, then call
my BBS and leave me a message about the problem and I'll try and see if I
can figure it out.

Byte Me 205-979-BYTE (2983)
2400 baud 24Hrs/day


If you would like a complete listing of the Microsoft Quick C
Source Code for the Byte Me User Request System on a disk, send $10 to:

Byte Me BBS
c/o Mark Kieskowski
1900 Highfield Dr.
Birmingham, AL 35216

If you don't want a copy of the source code BYTE ME (ha ha) and
at LEAST just give my BBS a call and say that you are running it or tell me
what you think of it so that I can find out how far it spreads around the


I would like to thank Blake Miller (Agent 8086) for his help with
the specialized input function that restricts the maximum input.

Birmingham's oldest group of "good software" boards if ya know what
I mean...heh heh. Give these a call, you wont be disappointed:

Byte Me.........205/979-BYTE
Outer Limits....205/969-3262

Thanks... Omega

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