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The Network Editor is a Sysop utility for WWIV BBS's.
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The Network Editor is a Sysop utility for WWIV BBS’s.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

WWIV Network Editor - Version 1.40 READ.ME file - 09/06/92

The archive should contain the following:
NETEDIT.EXE - Generic Network Editor
NETEDIT.287 - Special Compilation for 80286/80287 setups.
Co-processor or co-processor emulator required.
NETEDIT.DOC - The documentation (revised)
NETEDIT.MSG - The help file (put into G-files Directory)
XINSTALL.COM - Installation/Registration Utility
DE2.COM - Network Editor Message Decryptor
READ.ME - This file!

Place NETEDIT.EXE or NETEDIT.287 anywhere in your DOS path. Place the
NETEDIT.MSG in your BBS G-files directory. Then run the XINSTALL.COM
program. Hint: To preserve your registration information from the prior
installation, rename the old Netedit program file to something other than
NETEDIT.EXE, and specify the old program name as a parameter to the XINSTALL
program. For example:



will replace the old version with the new version with all the registration
information in place. Otherwise, for the registered version of NETEDIT,
the program will not permit sysop mode for the registration information
that it requires would have been lost. Also note, to install the .287 version,
one will have to rename it to NETEDIT.EXE.

NETEDIT 1.40 is the first version which supports the multiple network
structure found in WWIV 4.21A (or later). It will also support and/or if
told to, generate an alias table for all of your node's connections so that
NET32 (the WWIV networking software) can transmit multiple network data in
the same telephone call. Minor other changes have been made. Lastly, NETEDIT
will support the following network types:

0 - Net files list connections only. No weights.
1 - Net files list connections as a cost matrix.
2 - Net files list connections as a routing factor (integer)
3 - Net files list connections as a preferred factor (32 bits)

Types 0 (or any undefined value) and 1 should already be familiar to the
reader because of the evolution of the network software. Type 2 takes an
integer factor and averages it, finding paths with the lowest average factor
per hop. Type 3 averages over baud rate, not hops, thus taking advantage
of higher speed connections as preferred as compared to type 2. Note that
NETEDIT provides no facility to set this value. The INIT.EXE program
distributed with WWIV 4.21A should have provided a means to do so, but for
some reason, it doesn't.

Version 1.34 [02/15/92]:
There are three notable changes to NETEDIT. The first is that the callout
editor now supports the protocol modifier first implemented in WWIV Networking
Software, release 29 (the "^" modifier). Second, some systems will be able to
enter sysop mode more easily since some tests/data verification were relaxed.
Lastly, the file read section should operate at minimum 20% faster than before.
These routines were rewritten. However, files greater than 64Kb might not read
correctly. This shouldn't be a hardship since a 64Kb BBSLIST.* file would have
to contain 800+ nodes to reach that size.

Version 1.33 [01/01/92]:
NETEDIT was expanded to handle the new WWIV registration number handling
that will accompany WWIV Network Software Release 28. In addition, the
registered version's condition editor has had several additional fields added.
The "move node" command now allows for the optional deletion of the old number.
Lastly, some of the security code used to determine if "sysop mode" should be
allowed was cleaned up. Please note that the registration number addition
makes the BBSLIST information exchanged over the network (type 8-0 and 8-2
messages) incompatible with prior versions of NETEDIT. Therefore, all systems
must upgrade.

Version 1.32 [12/15/91]:
There were a few internal changes only; nothing noticable to the users.

Version 1.31 [12/01/91]:
There are no major differences for version 1.31. However, some users of
WWIV 4.20 may notice that the software performs "better" since a potential
incompatibility was removed. Security on the registration records to prevent
tampering was reinforced. Lastly, the documentation was revised to describe
the callout editor subsection (available to registered users only).
Registered users will be glad to know that there will not be a separate
compilation of the program for them, but that their registration codes will
enable the features in a single program. An 80286/80287 compilation will
still be distributed along with the more generic 8086/FPU-emulation model.
The "preferred server routing" feature of WWIV Network software release
27 has also been included (actually, Wayne Bell, author of WWIV, got the idea
from me).

Version 1.30 [09/01/91]:
The feedback section of NETEDIT was expanded to return denials of requests
when appropriate and it also includes the actions taken on the changes.
A networked message base sub editor was added, which can really edit any
text node listing file. It was integrated into the the condition editor for
easier generation of group, area code, or other speciality lists.
A fix to process the CONTACT.NET file in the network analysis was added.
This also sorts the contents of that file by node number. It will delete
nodes for which no connection exists.

Version 1.29 [05/17/91]:
This version will now give feedback when changes are approved by another
node (area coordinator or higher). In addition, an option to enable network
compression (available with WWIV Network Software, release 24 or higher) has
been added to the CALLOUT.NET editor section (registered versions only).

Version 1.28 [04/01/91]:
The search command now allows more than just a BBS name match. This
command has been expanded to search similiarly to WWIV v4.07's //UEDIT search
command. In addition, for the registered version, the network may now
analyze around any temporarily disabled node. The analyze routine was fixed
with respect to CALLOUT.NET entries which were listed as receive only.
Lastly, some menus were redone.

Version 1.27 [01/01/91]:
Version 1.27 now allows the NETEDIT.MSG file to be placed in any
directory path. This path may be set in the XINSTALL program, and if not
set, it will still default to looking for the file in the BBS's G-files
directory. In addition, a sysop of one node may ask NETEDIT to identify
what version of WWIV, the network software, and NETEDIT is being run on any
other node. Note that this will work only if the other node has NETEDIT
1.25 or newer. When the result is received, it will be placed into a file
called PROGRAM.LOG in the BBS's G-files directory.

Version 1.26 [12/15/90]:
Version 1.26 has no major substantial changes that are noticable to
the operator of the program. However, the internal changes address some
undocumented features of NET22 and improvements in the registration
interface (completely internal). An oversight in the help file processing
has been corrected; the menu delimiter is no longer a character that will
appear in the menus!

Version 1.25 [11/22/90]:
Version 1.25 adjusts for a minor oversight in the compatibility of
the Network Editor and Net Software Release 22. In addition, the Compucom
9600/FAX modem support has been added. This version will correctly
interface with the network to allow the registration/support facility to
work properly. The 2 prior versions look for a data file with an incorrect

Version 1.24 [11/13/90]:
Versions prior to and including version 1.24 should not be used.

A contribution of $10.00 for (registration of) this software would be
appreciated. The author knows who you are and may send "The Snark" after
you if you do not register this program! (Did you read this file?) The
address for the registration fee may be found in the regular Network Editor
documentation (in other words, read it too!).

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