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Makes list of all files available for download for SPITFIRE BBS.
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Makes list of all files available for download for SPITFIRE BBS.
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Contents of the SFMKLIST.DOC file

>>>>>>>>>> SFMKLIST.EXE <<<<<<<<<<
(Make SPITFIRE Files List)
Mike Woltz
Buffalo Creek Software
913 - 39th Street
West Des Moines, Iowa 50265


SFMKLIST.EXE is a utility which enables a Sysop, operating a SPITFIRE
Bulletin Board System, to create a file listing of the files available on
their BBS for download. SFMKLIST will write each existing SFFILES.BBS
from each file area into a single text file for the user to view, print,
or download. The advantage of having such a file available is that
it provides the user with the ability, not only to use it as reference for
uploading or downloading, but also to save on-line time browsing through
the numerous file area listings individually. This could be especially
beneficial to long distance callers.


The SFMKLIST.EXE must be placed in the same directory the Sysop has
designated as the SPITFIRE work file path. SFFAREA.DAT must reside in
the directory for SFMKLIST to execute. SFMKLIST.EXE can be executed from
the DOS prompt or can be assigned as a scheduled event and executed from
the SF.BAT file. (For information on scheduled events refer to the SPITFIRE
manual - Sysop Menu Explanation).

When executed, SFMKLIST, will create a text file containing a list of files
that are available on the BBS and place it in either File Area #1 (default)
or the specified File Area (see Command Line Parameters /A below) and add
the name of the file that has been created to the current SFFILES.BBS
listing. SFMKLIST will automatically enter the file size, date and
description of "List of files for download on this BBS!" to the SFFILES.BBS.
Each time SFMKLIST is executed it will overwrite the existing file list
(if present) so the most current is always available and recorded in the


The below listed command line parameters provide several options which
the Sysop has available to them when executing the SFMKLIST.EXE.

/A - Designates the SPITFIRE file area that the file created by
SFMKLIST will be placed. The file area number should follow
directly after the /A without any spaces. For instance:


would save the file to File Area #12. If no File Area is assigned
the default setting will place the file in File Area #1.

/B - Allows the Sysop to create a specific header for the file list.
/B must be followed by a space and then the message entered to be
used as the header. For instance:

SFMKLIST /B Buffalo Creek BBS

would place the message "Buffalo Creek BBS" at the top of the file
listing. If no /B message is specified then the utility will
assign a default header of "SPITFIRE Bulletin Board". The utility
will also automatically date the file in the upper left hand corner
of the header.

/E - Provides the Sysop the ability to exempt various file area(s) from
the file list created. No space should exist between the /E and
the file area number. Howvever, if you wish to exempt more than
one file area a space should exist between each /E#. For instance:


would create a file listing of all files except those contained in
File Area #2 and File Area #5. If no /E switch is defined the
utility will default to include all SPITFIRE file areas.

/F - Allows the Sysop to specify the name of the file which is created
by SFMKLIST.EXE. The /F must be followed by a space and then the
name of the file to be created must be entered. This must be an
valid DOS filename. For instance:


would name the file created and containing the list of files
available for download on the BBS to BCFILE.LST. If no /F
parameter is specified, SFMKLIST will default to creating a file

The above mentioned command parameters may be used in any combination and
in any order. For instance, a command that would include all the command
line parameters specified above might look like this:

SFMKLIST /A12 /B Buffalo Creek BBS /E2 /E5 /F BCFILE.LST

This would create a file BCFILE.LST of all file areas on the BBS, except
those in File Area #2 and File Area #5, place a header of "Buffalo Creek
BBS" at the top of the file list along with the current date, and place
the file to the designated File Area #12. It would then add the file
name, etc., to the existing SFFILES.BBS in that particular file area.

Executing SFMKLIST without designating any parameters would create
a file named BBSFILE.LST containing a list of all files existing on the
BBS, place a header of "SPITFIRE Bulletin Board" at the top of the file
and then save the file to File Area #1. It would then add the listing
for BBSFILE.LST to the existing SFFILES.BBS in File Area #1.


1. Should you attempt to execute SFMKLIST from a directory which does
not include the SFFAREA.DAT file, a message will display that the
SFFAREA.DAT file was not found and execution of SFMKLIST is Halting!

2. Although unlikely, if a problem should occur creating the file list,
a message will display that an error has occurred writing the file
list and the execution of SFMKLIST is Halting!

3. If the Sysop should attempt to save the file to a non-existing
SPITFIRE File Area, SFMKLIST will display an error message
stating that an error occurred reading SFFAREA.DAT and that
the execution of SFMKLIST is Halting! For example, if the Sysop
has specified the file created be saved to File Area 25 by using
/A25 and only 15 SPITFIRE file areas exist, this message would then
be displayed.

4. Each time before SFMKLIST actually creates the file, it will check
to see how much free disk space is available. At least 100,000
bytes must be free or SFMKLIST will display an error message that
there is not enough free disk space and that the execution of
SFMKLIST is Halting!


SFMKLIST.ZIP distribution package includes the SFMKLIST.EXE and the
SFMKLIST.DOC files. This product is being distributed as Shareware and
if you find this program useful to you, a manditory $5.00 registration
fee is required.


Mike Woltz and Buffalo Creek Software shall not be held responsible
for any damage incurred by the user to hardware, software, or peripheral
devices or any other damage while running SFMKLIST. All responsibility lies
with the user of the software.

SFMKLIST written by:

Mike Woltz
Buffalo Creek Software
Buffalo Creek BBS

SFMKLIST.DOC compliments of:

Jacque Shipley
The Mother Board BBS
9600/2400/1200 Baud

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