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Generic global quoting routines compatible w/ all Forum derived systems.
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Generic global quoting routines compatible w/ all Forum derived systems.
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Contents of the QUOTE.DOC file

Generic Forum Compatible Quoting Routines
by Flaming Chaos


These quoting routines easily supply almost any Forum hack w/ global
quoting in e-mail, feedback and the message bases.

1) Registration/Support

These routines are provided to benefit all authors of BBS system softwares
based upon any Forum derived system. Whether it be based upon L.S.D.(tm),
ViSiON(tm), ViSiON-X(tm), HavoK(tm), Fusion(tm), or any other compatible
system. I ask no royalty fees in return. Although if you find these
routines useful, I would although appreciate a one time payment of the
full fee of the registration cost of your BBS system, or a $50 donation
amount if your software is free (uh huh). With this donation, many
more libraries may come into your possesion ;>.

I may be contacted via the following BBS system:

The Nuclear Holocaust
SysOp: Flaming Chaos
Running: XTC

When attempting to contact me, please do it in the form of "feedback"
to user #1. Also, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOGON, as it is a PRIVATE
e-mail system solely for my friends.

2) Implementation into your system

These small procedures assume a general working knowledge of Forum
based software(s) and Turbo Pascal in general.

1: Fullscreen Editor Implementation

Load up ANSIEDIT.PAS into your appropriate editor and make the
following changes:

Blockread procedure quotemsg() after procedure fullrefresh().
Now add calls to quotemsg() anywhere your commands are processed
(usually procedure crlf() and procedure commands()). The easiest
to find where your commands are processed is to do a text search
for "'S'" or "'A'". Once you have located these areas add something
similar to the following, in an appropriate manor:

'Q':begin deletethis; quotemsg; end; {this is in the section processing
the '/' commands}
'Q':quotemsg; {where the ^K commands are processed}

2: Line Editor Implementation

The line editor implementation is a bit easier. Just blockread
the quote() procedure after procedure insertline(). Then add the
following to procedure editcommand() after these lines:


'Q':quote; { <--- add this}

3: Near-Finishing touches

The curbul variable normally found in BULLETIN.PAS should be moved
to either SUBS1.PAS or GENTYPES.PAS as a global variable(integer).
In INIT.PAS it should be initialized as -1 where all the others variables
are initialized. Curbul should also be set upon exit of the msg base
in BULLETIN.PAS (under the label "exit:").

4: Global Quoting

To enable to global quoting features of this package you must do the

Add QUOTEIT as a global variable in SUBS1.PAS, it should be of the
MESSAGE type. When E-mail is replied to (procedure autoreply() in
EMAIL.PAS) you need to do the following:

where it says:
with incoming.mail[lastread] do sendmailto(sentby,anon);
change it to:
with incoming.mail[lastread] do begin

There's e-mail quoting!

Now for feedback:

Loadup OTHERS.PAS and change this:

procedure replyfeedback;
if checkcur then exit;
sendmailto (m.sentby,false)

to this:

procedure replyfeedback;
if checkcur then exit;
reloadtext (m.line,quoteit);
sendmailto (m.sentby,false)

5: Now give me some credit for the quoting routines ;>, or at least
give me a call and let me know you used them and your BBS software

All (tm)'s are (C)opyright their respective companies/etc.

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