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A new .QWK style Offline Reader with some extra features. Nice interface, and easy to use.
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A new .QWK style Offline Reader with some extra features. Nice interface, and easy to use.
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Contents of the OFFLINE.DOC file

OFFLINE * A QWK offline message manager

Copyright (c) 1991 Harvey Parisien FidoNet 1:249/114

Brief Description

A QWK message manager let's you read and reply to your BBS
mail offline. You can enjoy your mail at your own leisure,
and reply when you like. For non-local callers, this means a
drastic reduction in long distance charges. To any user, it
means you have much more control over your BBS message i/o,
both from a creative aspect, and convenience. Especially for
the user who has to deal with large amounts of mail

OFFLINE is an easy to use, to the point system. It is
compatible with any QWK generating utilities. If you connect
to Maximus v2.00 systems, OFFLINE has some unique NETMAIL

OFFLINE is compatible with any MS-DOS environment version
greater than 2.11, and will automatically detect a mouse if
you have one.

Setting up

Setting up is automatic. Simply Download a QWK mail packet
from your favourite BBS, and run OFFLINE. It will set itself
up the first time you run it. You can always change the
setup from the main menu at any time.

You will be asked for locations (directory paths) of your
archivers, exporting file, editor, optional terminal package,
etc. Just read the screens during setup.

QWK structure, assumes the user will have ANSI.SYS loaded.
You will need the following line in your config.sys file:


OFFLINE handles netmail by default in the Maximus v2.00 standard
format. To accommodate other address reply lines you can create
a control file called OFFLINE.NET containing your address prefix.
For example, Max has a reply format of...

To: 1:249/114

... if you need a format of...

Page 1
... just have a text file called OFFLINE.NET in your offline
directory containing one line with your prefix. Strange formats
may require you to use "'s in OFFLINE.NET like this...


... the "'s will be ignored, but they will assure inclusion of
spaces, etc.

Files required

The archive should include ...


You will also require an archiver. This is usually available
from your HOST BBS...

OFFLINE supports PKZIP, LHA, LHARC, and/or ARJ. Consult your
SysOp for details. Most commonly, OFFLINE is used with

Finally, you will need a text editor. There are many text
editors available. Once again, if you don't have one,
consult your SysOp for his/her suggestions.

Tag Lines

When you create a message with offline, you have the ability
to have user defined Tag lines at the bottom of each message.

IE: your message text here.

... OFFLINE 1.07 * Your tag line here...

If you want to create a library of tag lines to choose from,
just edit the text file called offline.tag which came with
your offline reader. If you want only one constant tag line,
just have that one line in the offline.tag file. If you
don't want a tag line, delete the file called offline.tag.

The QWK concept

The concept is really quite simple. You just download a QWK
packet usually called BBSNAME.QWK. OFFLINE unarchives this
packet and lets you read, reply, and/or write messages. It
creates a reply packet called BBSNAME.REP. You upload that
to your host BBS, and presto, it get's transferred into the
BBS message base automatically.

Page 2
Returning Mail

After you upload your *.REP file to your host (QWK source
BBS), delete it. OFFLINE will automatically append your
*.REP each time you select it's corresponding *.QWK packet
file, until you're ready to upload it. This is done
independently for each QWK packet you currently have. Once
you upload the *.REP file, you should delete it from your
upload path (otherwise it will continually get appended).
This function was left as a manual function, in order to
provide you with the most flexibility.


Offline is a copyrighted program. It is available to non
commercial users with no cost. To any commercial users, this
means anyone who uses the software for commercial gain for a
"for profit" organization, OFFLINE must be licensed. Please
drop us a note with your complete identification (preferably
letterhead) with a check for $20.00 US funds payable to
Harvey Parisien, and fill out the registration form below.
We will send you a commercial license via the postal system or
netmail. For "not for profit" organizations, please send a
note on your letterhead stating your cause, and this will
establish registration with no cost.

In either case, please fill in the registration form and mail
it in, even if you are a no charge user. Thanks.

Please feel free to distribute the original archive (or at
least the contents intact) to your friends or clients. To
include offline inside another shareware package, please send
an example of the application on disk or NETMAIL to the address
below. We will review and more than likely grant permission.


DISCLAIMER - This program is provided as is. You may use it
at your own risk. There is no warranty of any kind or any
form covering this program. The author may in no way be held
liable for any damage of any form in connection or arising
from the quality and/or use of this program and any
associated files included with it.

Harvey Parisien, FidoNet 1:249/114
Box 323 Station A, Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7M 6R2
613-389-3992 BBS

Page 3

TO: Harvey Parisien
Box 323 Station A,
Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7M 6R2

613-389-3992 Data line 1:249/114 FidoNet

Your OFFLINE license entitles you to use all FUTURE UPDATES FREE.

[] COMMERCIAL USE: My registration fee of $20.00 per installation by
[] check, [] money order, is enclosed.
[] Send license via postal service (snail mail)
[] Send license via private NETMAIL (FidoNet)
My FidoNet Address is: ____________________

[] PRIVATE USE: No registration fee is required... FREE

Date: ______________ (mm/dd/yy)

Organization: ____________________________________________ (if applicable)

Users Name: ____________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________________

Comments: ____________________________________________




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