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Allows the use of Bi-modem protocol with WWIV BBS's.
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Allows the use of Bi-modem protocol with WWIV BBS’s.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

BIMDWWIV v3.06 - A BiModem & Batch/WWIV Interface
By: Cheat Sheet
February 20, 1990

Version 3 Information

There are now two releases of this interface; an ENHANCED version for those
who have registered BIMDWWIV, and a regular (generic) version for the
cheap-o's. The enhanced version supports BATCH and SINGLE UPLOADS and
DOWNLOADS using, for example, all of the following protocols:

Z-Modem RLL
Z-Modem 90 (MobyTurbo)
X-Modem CheckSum
->Additioanlly, the registered version allows the sysop to add/delete/modify
protocols. A maxiumn of thirty-six (36) protocols may be used!

The regular (generic) version only supports BiModem transfers (single and

In both versions, all filenames and descriptions, as well as EXTENDED
DESCRIPTIONS are entered PRIOR to the transfer. This, of course, is true
batch as users do not have to wait around until the end of the transfer(s) to
add descriptions or move files. In fact, the user can set hangup after
transfer to 'yes', and go to the movies. The interface does the rest!

What BIMDWWIV is all about:

This mod, which was written by Cheat Sheet, Co-Sysop of Caesars Palace (213-
398-1224) is a FULL featured batch module that interfaces WWIV with several
protocols. The first release (version 1) featured extensive use of ANSI and
supported BiModem only. To reduce overhead, version 3 eliminates extensive
ANSI and supports batch transfers (upload and download) using BiModem. Our
enhanced version, for registered users of BIMDWWIV, supports batch transfers
for all the protocols listed above and/or up to a maximum of thirty-six (36).

This release (both enhanced and generic) provides:

*Users can batch transfer to/from all directories they have access too.
*Success/failure results are calculated so upload and download K is
automatically updated.
*Descriptions (including extended descriptions) are entered by the USER PRIOR
to transferring.
*Files are uploaded into the directory indicated by the user.
*Transfers are secure. Only filenames entered in the BBS by the user are
uploaded/downloaded and credited.
*Exemptions, ratios and available time are all checked prior to transferring.
*The interface can add gold for uploads/downloads, additional time for uploads
and DAR access to enter the interface, just to name a few sysop configured

This interface has been beta tested on four WWIV boards during the past six
months and pre-released to three others. Modems used on these machines
included the following:

1. 19,200 baud Trailblazer
2. USR Dual Standard
3. 2400 baud internal modem
4. 2400 baud external 'True Blue' Hayes

In summary.........

*Generic Version:
BiModem BATCH Uploads, Downloads, or Uploads and Downloads.
Checks and updates download directory database.
Adds/Subtracts the appropriate amount of credits.
Totally Secure (to the best of our knowledge (trust me we tested it
User friendly, Easy to use.
Needs No Batteries.
WWIV like commands.
Smaller than BIMDWWIV v1.xx (about 12k smaller).
Supports 4.10 Extended Descriptions
Searches All Directories for downloads, just like 4.10!!!

*Registered (Enhanced) Version:
ALL of the above PLUS:
SUPPORT, if something isn't working the way you want it, email us.
MORE BATCH PROTOCOLS, for example: J-Modem S-uperK
Z-Modem L-ynx
Can have up to thirty-six! K9X-Modem WX-Modem
Y-Modem X-Modem ChkSum
X-Modem CRC Puma
Sysop CONFIGURED Commandlines, if you need a parameter inserted
between speed and filename, just edit the batch file and viola!
CUSTOM setups, if you want a specific function to be added to the
module, we'll add it and test it for you.
THANKS, Lots of it.

Also, thanks to the MANY sysops across the country who have taken time and
sent us mail. It is nice to know that our continuing hard work is appreciated.

->If you are installing BIMDWWIV for the first time, or upgrading from a
earlier version, follow the sysop docs (BIMDWWIV.DOC), which have been updated.
Note: There are some changes that will need to be made if you are upgrading
from a previous version.

We are also including a MAKEFILE, which we urge you to use if you have problems
using the F9 compile in TC.

A quick note about registering......

Prior to this release, you could have registered for as little as a dollar.
Those days a gone. Minimum registration is now ten dollars ($10.00) for the
enhanced version.


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