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FOOD FIGHT BBS Door Game ver 4.0 - Addictive, Colorful, Fast-paced, fun. A popular game on every board.

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FOOD FIGHT BBS Door Game ver 4.0 - Addictive,
Colorful, Fast-paced, fun. A popular game on
every board. Very simply, the callers find
money, buy food, and throw it. You get
points if hit, and lose points if you miss.
There is a bank to save your money, get loans
and protect yourself from robbery.
There is protection to help you out.
Food items, protection and a dozen other
options are 100% configurable by the sysop.
and DORINFOx.DEF. NO EXPIRE, no keys.
Author: Michael Wilson
The Village (support) BBS: 408-229-0706

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FOOD FIGHT BBS Door Game ver 4.0 – Addictive, Colorful, Fast-paced, fun. A popular game on every board.
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Contents of the FFEDIT.DOC file

version 1.0

by Michael Wilson

The Village
USR Courier HST Dual Standard
24 hours / 7 days


I. Introduction
a. Overview
b. Background
c. Tools
d. Restrictions in the unregistered version
e. Benefits of registering
f. Support

II. Setup
a. Directories
b. Files

III. Use
b. Operation
c. The Main Menu
d. The Editors
e. Mouse operation

IV. Notes

V. Compufax Software

VI. Registration Information and Form

VII. Bug report form

VIII.Revision History



This editor will give a sysop complete control over the Food Fight BBS
door game. Player records, Bank records, data file and statistics can be
viewed, altered delted, etc. The Food Fight Editor is menu driven with
full mouse support.

This editor is the result of sysop request. It has taken dozens of hours
and many sleepless nights to make it easy and simple to use. If you do
not like it, tell me why. If you use it, register it.


After many, many requests in writing, in voice and on my board for such an
editor, I wrote one. I was reluctant to write one because it affords an
opportunity for a sysop to "cheat" in the game. I realized, however, that
if a sysop cheats, players will not play and the sysop is the one who
finally loses.


Language and Compiler: Borland C 3.1

Editor: Multi-Edit 386 6.10rPN-386

Libraries: TCXL Workshop v6.11

Version Control: Sage's PVCS

Beta Test: The Haunted Castle BBS (Wildcat)
The Village (Wildcat)

Tea: Earl Grey, Hot (Bigelow)

Restrictions in the unregistered version

All features are enabled in the unregistered version. However, little
screens pop-up and delay your progress to remind you that this is an
unregistered version.

Benefits of registering

1. All delays and reminders are removed.

2. A 1 year membership in The Village BBS.

3. All future updates FREE, downloaded from The Village BBS.


Snail-Mail: Compufax Consulting Services
7145 Aptos Beach Court
San Jose, CA 95139

BBS: The Village
USR Courier HST 14.4k
Leave comment for the SYSOP in the Main Conference [000]

Voice Mail: 408-496-9045 (24 hours/day)

CompuServe: 76207,1673

Please include all available information including copies of your

The latest version will always be available on the following boards:

The Village:
USR Courier HST 14.4k
Michael Wilson, sysop

The Haunted Castle BBS:
209-826-1900 (2 lines with roll-over)
USR Courier HST Dual Standard 14.4
David Clifford, sysop

CompuServe: IBM BBS Forum (GO IBMBBS), Doors Library


Setup for this program is very simple. There is only 1 executable in the
archive, and it is called FFEDIT.EXE. Place this file in the same
directory as your Food Fight Files and type FFEDIT. Your ready to go!


All of the files that you use for Food Fight and FFEDIT must be in the
same directory. You must run FFEDIT from this directory. Do not try to
run FFEDIT from another directory just because your path is setup. Make
your Food Fight directory the current directory before running FFEDIT.


FFEDIt is a single file, however, it alters the data file from your
Food Fight door game. The following files need to be present for FFEDIT
to function properly. Those marked ( optional ) are not required.

GMESSAGE.DAT (optional)

NOTE: If PLAYER.DAT is missing, FFEDIT assumes that you are in the wrong
directory or that the game has not been played yet. FFEDIT will exit with
an error in this case.



No program is perfect, no computer is perfect, and no power company is
perfect. I strongly recommend that you BACKUP your *.DAT Files before you
begin an editing session. Sorry, but I am not responsible if you nuke
your game because of this editor.


FFEDIT is fully menu driven and has complete mouse support. All field
editing functions support full cursor movement, backspace, delete, etc.
To get out of any menu or input form, press ESC. This will return you to
the previous level of menus/forms.

When the program begins, a title screen appears telling you the name of
the program and the version number. Press any key to continue into the

Main Menu

The Main Menu is the place where you can begin to do your work. The
following options are available on the Main Menu.

Player Editor - This selection allows you to edit the player record and
change anything you wish about a player.

Bank Editor - This selction allows you to alter a player's bank account

Stats Editor - This allows you to edit the statistics file

Global Message - You may create or change the global message file here

Reset Game - This is the same selection as the sysop menu selection.
This will nuke everything and start all over.

Add A Player - This will allow you to add a player and bank record which
can be filed in using the player and bank editors

Edit Configuration - This will allow you to edit your FoodFite.cfg. It
lets you create a config file, or edit an existing
*.cfg file

Edit Food File - This will edit your ITEMS.DAT

Edit Defense File - This edits your DEFENSE.DAT file

regIster - This will register the program once you have the code

eXit to DOS - Bye-Bye


The Player editor allows you to edit any aspect of a player's record.
The following items are contained in the player's record:

Name - The Player's "BBS Name"
Alias - The Alias chosen by the player for game purposes
Month/Dat/Year - The last time the player looked for money
Score -The Player's Score
Money - The player's money NOT IN THE BANK
Defense Number - The Number of currently owned protection
Defense Points - Points left in current protection
Lottery Day - The last day the player played the lottery
Lottery Tickets - Lottery tickets left TODAY
Spy - Does this player own a spy?
Food - The Player's food NOT IN THE BANK

You may edit each of these.

The following editing keys apply to the Player Editor

F10 - pressing this will EXIt and save your work
ESC - exit and confirm to save

PgDown - Next Player
PgUp - Previous Player
NOTE: If you try to go prior to the first record, or past the
last record, the program will beep at you. Feel free to
beep at the program any time you wish.

Alt-S - Search for a player. You may put in a partial name or
alias. For example, entering "TH" will give you all
players that have the letters TH in their real name or
alias name

Alt-U - This will bring up a list of all the players and let you
choose one to edit.

Alt-D - This will delete the currently displayed player.

Alt-Q - This is an immediate exit to DOs with no save


The bank editor allows you to edit the information relating to a player's
bank account. You can edit the following fields:

Name - The Player's real name
Cash - The money in the bank
Food - The food in the bank
Number - The account number used to access the account
Interest - A counter used to calculate interest
Loan Amount - Amount of the loan, if any
Month/Day/Year - When the loan is due
Loan Interest - Interest on the loan

The following editing keys apply to the Bank Editor

F10 - pressing this will EXIt and save your work
ESC - exit and confirm to save

PgDown - Next Player
PgUp - Previous Player
NOTE: If you try to go prior to the first record, or past the
last record, the program will beep at you

Alt-S - Search for a player. You may put in a partial name.
For example, entering "Y" will give you all
players that have the letter Y in their real name.

Alt-U - This will bring up a list of all the players and let you
choose one to edit.

Alt-D - This will delete the currently displayed player.

Alt-Q - This is an immediate exit to DOs with no save


The Stats editor lets you edit the statistical information maintained by
Food Fight. The following fields are available:

Uses - How many times the door has been accessed this game
Last Used - A text string containing the date/time of the last use
Last User - A text string with the last user's real name
Last Lotto Winner - A text string with the name of the last lotto winner
Last Lotto Prize - What the last winner won
Total Lotto Winners - The number of winners in the lottery this game
Lotto Jackpot - The current lotto jackpot
Start Date - A text string containing the date and time the game started
Win Date - A text string containing the date/time the game was won
Winner - The name of the player who won
month/day/year - used in log searches/entries

Counters: (these give the number of these types of door exits)
Dropped Carrier
Keyboard Timeout
Sysop Boot
BBS time Expired


The Global Message is a 10 line message left by a caller to be displayed
to the next caller. It is displayed only once. You may fully edit all 10
lines of this message, or create a Global Message from scratch.


This will delete all players and data file and start the game over. This
option is irreversable, so make sure you want to do it. You must reset
the game after someone wins.


This will create a blank player record with the name that you supply. You
may also create a blank Bank record with the same name. You must use the
Player editor and Bank editor to fill in the details associated with these
new blank records.


This will editor your Food Fight Config file. If you have multiple config
files, this will display a menu of all your *.cfg files. Consult the Food
Fight documentation for a full explaination of each field in the
configuration file.

If you are experiencing difficulty with Food Fight reading the config
file, try looking at it with this editor. This editor will save the
config file using the proper format and spacing.

Every field in the config file is required EXCEPT the second, third, forth
and fifth prize lines. These 4 lines are the only ones that the editor
will allow to be blank. If you try to exit and save, and the editor will
not let you, perhaps you have a field blank that should not be.


These editors will edit the ITEMS.DAT and DEFENSE.DAT files used by FOOD
FIGHT. These files are plain ASCII files, but I thought it might be
easier and more complete to have a simple editor for them here.


This is not really an editor, but a place where you must enter your
registration information when you get it. The registration information is
saved in a faile called FFEDIT.ID. It is a plain ASCII file with the
following format:

BBS Name
Sysop Name
Registration Number

If this file is found with accurate inforamtion, then this option will not
appear on the menu.


This will end your editing session and return you to your boring old DOs


If you have a mouse that is MicroSfot or Ligitech compatible, or uses a
Bus board, then my software should recognize it. You will know if your
mouse is recognized by the fact that there is an arrow on the main menu
screen. Moving the mouse moves that arrow.

Using the Mouse

Currently, I only support two buttons on the mouse: The left one and the
right one. The left mouse button has the same function as the enter key.
Therefore, pointing at a field or menu item and pressing the left button
once will select that item, and execute it. Do not press the mouse button
twice like in windows, or you risk the chance of selecting a random item
on the next menu.

The right mouse button functions like the ESCape key. Press it once will
exit one level of menus, or exit the program from the main menu. It will
exit a form without saving your changes, so be careful.

Even screens that do not have a mouse cursor, pressing the right or left
buttons will have the same effect. For example, from the title screen,
pressing either the left or right button will take you to the main menu.


Compufax Software is a division of Compufax Consulting Services. We
specialize in getting the right computer and software for your needs. All
of our work is custom and created just for you.

We started writing door software with a program called BUY&SELL Door.
After reviewing dozens of For Sale Doors, we could not find one to meet
our needs, so we wrote one. That is what we do. We find a need, and
write a door to fill that. You won't find us writing 30 card game doors
that all look the same. Each door is individually designed to meet a
need. Currently, we have 7 BBS door/Utility Programs programs:

Food Fight
Food Fight Editor
Buy & Sell
Dodge Ball
Thought of the Day

We will not cripple our doors. We'll just put in a few seconds reminder
that this copy is unregistered. We will never write a door that expires.
We have over 60 doors on our board, and sometimes it is month before a
door is fully tested. We won't force you to download a demo key every few
weeks either. Everything you need for full operation of our doors is
included in the distribution zip. No runtime modules, no keys, nothing
extra, nothing more to download.

All of our doors have a simple to use Local mode. You can see the program
before you put it online.

Your registrations are forever. When we give you a registration number,
you will never need to buy anything ever again. Each new version will use
the same number, and you're registered for life.

You can receive free technical support even if you are not a registered
user. Because of my schedule, I cannot be available for voice support,
but I'll answer every message on my BBS and Compuserve. If you need to
talk to me voice, I'll be happy to make an appointment and call you. Use
my 24 hour voice mail for voice messages.

We're tired of poorly programmed, boring BBS Doors. We are here to change
all that. We may not have 300 doors, but the few we have are the best!


I am doing everything possible to add all the features requested while
making the Food Fight Editor fast and easy to use. This editor is fully
tested on my BBS which is Wildcat 3.90M running under Desqview. It is
also fully tested on The Haunted Castle BBS which also runs Wildcat. We
make no effort to "pre-release" software. Everything is fully tested for
many weeks before final release.

Concerning the operation of Food Fight and the use of the editor. There
may be a few editable items that you do not recognize from the Food Fight
manual, or that you are not sure what they do. I am currently no
planning on writing a manual on why Food fight does what it does. I have
given you the ability to edit Food Fight, and it becomes your option
wether you do or not. Also, I cannot be blamed if your game does not
work after you edit things. MAKE A BACKUP. I will fix bugs in the
editor, and make enhancments as I get inspired, but I will not be
responsible for the use of the editor.

Never, ever, under any circumstances should you use the editor while
someone is playing Food Fight. The best way to use the editor is to edit
copies of the data files and copy the modified files over the ones on
your board. The Editor does not have complete bulletproof share
violation checking, and could hang your system if someone access the
player.dat file the same time you do with the editor.


When you register FFEDIT, your registration number will be posted on The
Village BBS (408-229-0706), in a private message to you. You should
allow 1 week from the time you send your check before the message is
posted. Other options include sending you the number and sending you
the latest version of the program with the number. NOTE: The latest
version may not be later than the one you have, and no version number
verification will be performed..


Your BBS Number:________________

Name: ___________________________________________________

(Your name here must match EXACTLY with the name entered
on line 3 of the config file. Upper and lower case make a
difference here. Print or type clearly.)

BBS Name: _______________________________________________

(Your BBS name here must match EXACTLY with the BBS name
entered on line 2 of the config file. Upper and lower case
make a difference here. Print or type clearly.)

The name you have used or wish to use to log into The Village BBS:


If you do not have a login to my board, and wish me to set
one up for you, supply the following information:

Phone number (with area code): __________________________

Birthday: _______________________________________________

Password: _______________________________________________

If you wish me to send you the registration number of the latest
version of FFEDIT, fill out the following:




Mail To: Compufax Consulting Services
7145 Aptos Beach Court
San Jose, CA 95139

Select which option you would like to register FFEDIT:

Basic Registration.
Includes lifetime registration number posted
to The Village BBS in a private message to you....$20.00 _____

Mail Number.
Includes lifetime registration number mailed
to you at the above address.......................$22.50 _____

Compu$erve Message
Includes a lifetime registration number posted
to you on Compu$erve..............................$22.50 _____

Your Compu$erve Address: ________________________

Upload Number
Includes lifetime registration number uploaded
to your BBS (Continental U.S. Only)...............$25.00 _____

My Login Name:_______________________________


Other Access Code:___________________________

Mail Diskette.
Includes lifetime registration number mailed
to on a diskette, along with the latest version
of this software..................................$27.00 _____

Type of diskette: *5.25" High Density _____
5.25" Low Density _____
*3.5" High Density _____
3.5" Low Density _____

*If you choose a High Denisty diskette, you will get
sample of other compufax Software on the same disk

Total Enclosed: __________

Payment method:

[ ] Check made payable to Compufax Consulting Services.

[ ] VISA [ ] Master Card [ ] Carte Blanche

[ ] JCB [ ] Diner's Club

For Credit Card Purchases:

Number:________________________________Ex Date:_________________

Name on card:___________________________________________________

Statement ______________________________________________________


Home Phone:_____________________ Work Phone:____________________


Special Shipping Instructions:






You can register this software On-Line on the Village BBS. From the main
menu, Choose [Q]uestionnaires, and choose questionnaire number 6. Have
your charge card ready.

We accept VISA, Master Card, Diner's Club, Carte Blanche and
JCB cards.

Due to the nature of your purchase, your registration number will be
available within 24 hours of you completing the questionnaire.

This is how you do it:
1. Log onto my board in the normal fashion
-If you have never called before, answer the new caller questions

2. Press Q from the main menu

3. Press 6 and Enter from the Questionaire menu

4. Answer the questions

5. That's it!

Or, I can send you your message on Compu$erve if you trust Compu$erve
enough to put your credit card number in a message to me.

Name on Card
Address statement is mailed to
Card Number
Expiration date
Home Phone
Work Phone
The registration option you want


Please report any and all bugs to my. Include as much information
as you can. If I think I have fixed it, I will send you the new
version for free, for testing.

You may use the form below to report any bugs, or use your own form.
Please send the form to me, or upload it to my BBS.

Explain the bug:____________________________________________________













(use another sheet of paper if needed)

Your BBS number:____________________________________________________

Version of FFEDIT:__________________________________________________

DOS Date and time of FFEDIT.EXE:____________________________________

BBS Software and version:___________________________________________

Describe your machine:______________________________________________


Describe your multi-tasking, if any:________________________________


Is this multi-node? (how many)______________________________________


August 24, 1993
Initial Release

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