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Calendar generator: displays previous/current/next month, with today's day marked, in text, ANSI, or PCBoard @-code formats. Appropriate for a BBS bulletin, for example.

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Daily Calendar Generator for BBS Sysops.
Auto creates ANSI, PCB @X Code and Text
Calendar screens showing today's month and
day, framed with preceding/following month.
Use for daily calendar Bulletins/News.

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Calendar generator: displays previous/current/next month, with today’s day marked, in text, ANSI, or PCBoard @-code formats. Appropriate for a BBS bulletin, for example.
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Contents of the CALGEN.DOC file


A Daily Calendar Generator

Copyright 1992 Fred Bertagnolli

CALGEN generates ANSI, PCBoard @X code, or text calendars. Today's
date and month are displayed and surrounded by the previous and
following month's calendar. The day number is also shown.

CALGEN was originally designed as a means for BBS Sysops to include
a daily calendar in bulletins or news screens.

You may wish to install CALGEN as part of AUTOEXEC.BAT file to see
today's calendar when you boot up. CALGEN uses the current DOS date
for calculations.


To run the program from a batch file or from the DOS command line...

CALGEN MODE > filename

MODE arguments are: ANSI PCB or TEXT (one is required)
Note: MODE arguments A, P or T are also valid.

> filename redirects output from the screen to a filename.
Any valid path and filename should work.



CALGEN requires ANSI.SYS for viewing in ANSI mode. An ESC code
sequence first clears the screen.


PCB Mode

In PCB mode, you will see codes like @X07 unless your ANSI.SYS
DRIVER can display both PCBoard @X codes and ANSI ESC codes.
An @CLS command clears the screen. PCB mode was made specifically
for PCBoard BBS Sysops who wish to include a daily calendar in a
bulletin or news screen. This is typically done in a batch file
at some preprogrammed event time. Consider using CALGEN as a
service to your BBS subscribers.



In TEXT mode, only the calendar character set is displayed.


> FILENAME Redirection

All output is directed to the screen, unless you REDIRECT screen
output to a specific filename by using the "> filename" command.
CALGEN uses the standard DOS command for redirection.



"CALGEN.CFG" is a text file which can contain two USER lines, for
display in the calendar. Each line should be less than 79 chars.
CALGEN.CFG must be in the same directory as CALGEN.EXE, but CALGEN.EXE
can be run from different drives.


If you like CALGEN and use it, please send $10.00 to:

Fred Bertagnolli
745 Maple St.
Ogden, UT 84403

CALGEN changes or suggestions? Please write.


The following is the usual legal stuff. Please read it then ask
yourself if you could write this program!

* Commerical users and tax supported institutions must remit $10.00.

- CALGEN Software License Agreement -

CALGEN is not a Public Domain program and as such IS NOT "Freeware."
CALGEN is Copyright (C) 1992 by Fred Bertagnolli, the sole author
and owner of the CALGEN program and accompanying documentation.

You may run CALGEN for evaluation purposes for 15 days. Commercial
and tax supported institutions must pay for the software. Payment
is required from BBS Sysops if the CALGEN screens are shown on-line.

Continued use of CALGEN after the 15-day period requires payment
for each copy of the program used. Payment gives you a license to
use the program, my thanks, and possibly more. Please support the
"Shareware" concept.

CALGEN may not be modified in any respect, for any reason, including
but not limited to, de-compiling, disassembling, reverse engineering,
or changing text in the CALGEN.EXE program or documentation.

Use of this software is just like a book, in that the software
may be used only by one person at a time, provided there is no
possibility of two people using the software at the same time.

The software license is non-transferable.

- Distribution Policy -

BBS Sysops may distribute only the shareware version of CALGEN,
provided no distribution fees of any kind are charged, and
that the CALGEN.ZIP package and files have not been altered.

- Disclaimer -

No warranties or guarantees of any kind are implied or given
for use of the CALGEN program or the accuracy of this document.

* * * Use this program at your own risk. * * *

Fred Bertagnolli disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied.
In no event will Fred Bertagnolli be liable for any loss of profit
or other commercial damage, including but not limited to special,
incidental, consequential or other damages.


This software requires an IBM compatible PC, DOS 3.0 or higher.
ANSI.SYS or Michael J. Mefford's ANSI-I.ZIP ( supports PCB @X
codes and ANSI.SYS ESC codes ) are suggested.

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