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Panorama file viewer door for Searchlight BBSs.
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Panorama file viewer door for Searchlight BBSs.
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Contents of the PANORAMA.DOC file

underWEAR SOFTware
(Not only good software but we make SLBBS better!)


--0-0-- Panorama - An unlimited view over a wide area. --0-0--

Harbor Master
USR-HST locked @ 19200

:::: HOW ::::

This program was kicked around for quite sometime. We both wanted a
better program than what was available today and one that was SLBBS
specific. If my memory is semi correct I would say about the same
time UpChk was just getting formed (mid 1990). Through John's
boredom Panorama came to the surface again and was finally completed.

:::: WHEN, WHY & FUTURE ::::

A rough copy was produced and then went though the usual things, what
features, how it would be done and so on.

At or around April 19th it was decided to approach Frank LaRosa with
the idea of implementing Panorama as a Sysop optional VIEW command
REPLACEMENT. Frank replied quickly and said he was very interested.
We then exchanged preliminary information a few times and completed
the program called Panorama.

Frank over committed himself and under estimated the time required to
supply us with the balance of items we discussed. So instead of
implementing Panorama the way we intended we released this version as
a door for now.

The 'Good News is SLBBS v2.2x' should have a special place for
Panorama! So all is not lost for either party. We for the concept
and time invested in coding, Frank for the near future enhancement to
Searchlight and you the Sysop's for a feature needed.

Registered versions of Panorama will be way ahead of the rest (in
more ways than one) when the time comes. The version specifically
made for the VIEW command REPLACEMENT is finished and just waiting to
be tested with Frank LaRosa and then released to you.

Note: Some of the above information might have been premature to
release. I gave Frank the opportunity to let me know what
information I should release. After a reasonable length of
time there was no reply so here is some basic information of
what you can expect.

:::: FEATURES ::::

* Formats ZIP, PAK, ZOO, ARC, LZH, ARJ, SDN have been tested and
supported, setup program when relesed will offer expansion for
* Self Extracting files using ZIP, PAK and ARC supported, LZH to
follow in near future.
* User is charged for the download.
* D/L aborted the user is not charged.
* Passworded files are denied access in DOOR version.
* Checks users files access both versions.
* Checks users Attributes both versions.
* Checks users ratio before D/L'ing attempted.
* Checks users time left before D/L attempt.
* Checks idle time limit, set by your CONFIG.SL2.
* User's current selected protocol is used when D/L'ing.
* No protocol selected, no problem! User selects protocol from Files
area as per your system setup.
* User's time limit is checked before D/L attempt.
* Wildcards (i.e PAN*.ZIP, PAN*.*, PANORAMA.*, *.ARC , *.*) supported
user is prompted via usual method.
* When filename is entered a 'Searching (Directory Name)' is displayed.
* Space Bar breaks the directory searching for file.
* When file is found the filename
* File description of file is also displayed.
* ALL files contained within the compressed format are 'immediately'
displayed! NO prompting file by file on is required here.
* When filename not found user is informed and prompted for another
filename or to exit Panorama.
* When filename is not online the user is informed.
* Read function has options of Continous, Stop, Non-Stop with Space
Bar breaking.
* Reading a ANSI file is supported (remote).
* I/O Routine NOT supplied by SLBBS (same I/O as the well known UpChk).
* Hot Keys FULLY support ASCII and ANSI users alike!
* Setup and online within 90 seconds. If not a typing class should
be concidered.
* Field tested & debugged since April 1991. Quailty before Quantity!
* Panorama v2.0 will be executed from the Files area.
* There are others but you have the idea, its good stuff and $15.00
is once again a deal. underWEAR SOFTware good useful programs at
a fair price.

:::: SETUP ::::

Place the PANORAMA.EXE and PANORAMA.CFG file in the directory where
your CONFIG.EXE is located. If you are running a multinode system
then place these files in each Node's directory.

DOOR.DEF command line is:

0;0;1;access; underWEAR SOFTware --0-0-- PANORAMA --0-0--;.;PANORAMA.EXE
|__ Note: I/O support supplied by Panorama!

Decompression Engines

These must be in your DOS PATH. The extensions supported are ARC,
ARJ, LZH, PAK, SDN, ZIP and ZOO. The extension SDN uses the engine
PAK. If you do not want to support all of the engines this causes no
problems. If the engine doesn't exists but a file in that format
does the message: "Format not supported on this system."

Engine versions tested and used:
* LHA212

* What a dumb thumb sucking author! When Haruyasu Yoshizaki changes
versions he changes the EXE name as well. This not only plays with
third party programmers but users and sysops alike. As I said before
"What a dumb thumb sucking author!" Since the engines are hard
coded at this time (will change when SLBBS v2.2x is released with a
setup program) we have used 'LHARC.EXE'. If yours is different and
you use this format for other things you will have to have '2' copies
of this engine. One '1' for your other uses (LHA.EXE) and '1' renamed
for Panorama using 'LHARC.EXE'.

For those who don't know how to setup a DOS Path. In your
AUTOEXEC.BAT have the following (your Drive & directory may be
different). If you have a Path already just add this directory.


In this directory (K:\COMPRESS) have the Engines you will support.


Has the Download feature enabled and 'will' be able to use it in the
Files area. There was a poll taken on Harbor Master on how the Test
Drive/Evaluation program should be presented. It was the consensus
of 'our' peers, to stop abuse & encourage registration, that the
Download function should be disabled instead of, passworded files
access allowed to be viewed, D/L credits Disabled and user Attributes
disabled, expiration date, or time delays added.

The registration fee will remain the same until Frank either
announces the release of SLBBS v2.2x or it is released without an
announcement. When this takes place we will announce the new
registration fee (on Harbor Master only) if any. Upgraded versions
have been at no charge and see no reason to change that.

Once SLBBS v2.2x is available a setup program should follow simular
to the one UpChk offers. There are good reasons why it is not being
released at this time. The opening screen will be redone (minimum
information screen 2-3 lines) to accommodate the new location of

If you have other engines you would like to have added just send us
the compression engine and a file in that format. We will do the
rest and upgrade the Panorama.CFG file and make it available to all
from the File directory 'UDRWEAR' called 'PANORAMA.CFG'.


Grab your socks folks, it is in the wind and will blow your hair
back. It will put perspiration on your forehead, leave you breathing
very heavy, weak in the knee's and put a smile on your face. Just
wait... you have just seen the first phase!


You have 14 days to decide if you like the program or not. Most
Sysop's will know within the 1st hour as they test it themselves. If
you don't like it, then by all rights you must take it off line.

The registration fee will remain the same until Frank either
announces the release of SLBBS v2.2x or it is released without an
announcement. When this takes place we will announce the new
registration fee (on Harbor Master only) if any. Upgraded versions
have been at no charge and see no reason to change that.

:::: LEGAL STUFF ::::

Panorama and all of its associated support files are NOT PUBLIC
(c) 1990 - 1991 by underWEAR SOFTware with All Rights Reserved by
underWEAR SOFTware.

No user may modify Panorama in any way, including but not limited to
decompiling, disassembling or otherwise reverse engineering the

Panorama may be copied unto off-line storage only and only for
the purpose of archival backup. Unauthorized duplication or
distribution of this material is a violation of Federal law.

Disclaimer and Warranty

underWEAR SOFTware (or anyone associated with) makes no warranty of
any kind, express or implied, including without limitation, any
warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular
purpose. underWEAR SOFTware will not be liable for any damages,
whether direct, indirect, special or consequential arising from a
failure of this program to operate in the manner desired by the user.
underWEAR SOFTware will not be liable for any damage to data or
property which may be caused directly or indirectly by use of the

In no event will we be LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY DAMAGES, including any
lost profits, lost savings or any other incidental or consequential
damages arising out of your use or inability to use this program or
for any claim by any other party.

--0-0-- --0-0-- --0-0-- --0-0-- --0-0-- --0-0-- --0-0-- --0-0--

Any efforts on your part in passing the word about Panorama is
always appreciated and 'remembered'.

--0-0-- Al Maynard & John Schuit --0-0--

A few other programs from underWEAR SOFTware: UpChk, FORCE, Latest,
Worthy, SYSRR, BDAY, PREPOST, 6-PAC for both 1.77 and 2.15.

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