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TradeWarz Mall for the onliner with same name.

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Trade Wars 2002 Electronic Mall Version 3.01
A TW2002 add-on, providing access to these services: CQ & V Loan
service.. Cecil the P.I... Intergalactic Transwarp Towing ...Fid
Dentor's Custom Ship Shop...Turn bank... Federation Payroll office.
Let's players receive money from the Federation as a 'salary'. (for
commisioned traders)

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TradeWarz Mall for the onliner with same name.
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Contents of the TWMALL.DOC file

Trade Wars 2002 Electronic Mall
Version 3.01 (1/24/92)

and ADD-ON by Neil Dupree
(c) Copyright 1992 By Neil Dupree
A.K.A. Pall Bearer

Note: This Program is SHARE WARE, it is not free. You are allowed to use
this program for a period of up to one month. After one month, if you
wish to continue using The Trade Wars Mall, you are required to send five
(5) dollars (U.S.) to:

Neil Dupree
527 Alexander Street
Schenectady, NY 12308-1223

The TradeWars 2002 Electronic Mall started when I was playing TW2002 one
day and said to myself, Gee I wish I could borrow money from the bank.
And many other ideas popped into my head as well.

Currently the Mall has the following services:

CQ & V Loan service... Which will give loans to players.
If a player defaults on a loan, they will loose their ship and
a large percentage of their experience.

Cecil the P.I. will tell (for a fee) where another trader is
hiding. Unless of course the other trader is 'Cloaked' or
in a citidel.

Intergalactic Transwarp Towing, these guy will
tow you anywhere, instantly.

Fid Dentor's Custom Ship Shop. Curently he will sell evil
players black market photon torpedos. And add more
holds/shields/fighters to a ship eyond normal spec (with a
catch). A modded ship will loose mods when porting, but this
is still handy.

The turn bank. Allows players to deposit/withdraw turns for
future use. Max turns in acount is configable along with a
ratio for turns on hand to turns to deposit (i.e. 5 turns= one
turn you can deposit)

Federation Payroll office. Let's players receive money from the
federation as a 'salary'. (for commisioned traders)

Large sum Credit transfer. Allows players to temporarily deposit
more than 100,000 credits in their galactic bank account (so that
mall prices may be higher than 100,000 credits.

Other services will be added in future releases.. Lemme know if
you have any ideas...

All transactions with the Mall are done through the Galactic Bank,
players have money removed from their account to pay for all services.

Well that's the Mall in a nutshell. The Mall is not so much a program
that was written, more accuratly it 'evolved' and is allways growing. To
this date (12/28/92) Version 3.0 is the most current.

seperate door that interfaces with TradeWars 2002 through the TW2002 data

Please note: If for some reason you do not like a particular service in
the mall, each service can be deactivated i.e. "closed". For example,
people have said they don't like the idea of p-missles on any ship. So
the custom shop can be closed or the price for p-missles can be set to
over 10,000,000.

With that said lets move on to installation...

Version 3.0 is a MAJOR revision over all previous versions.
Installation is alot different so READ THIS SECTION CARFULLY!

Unzip TWMALL30.ZIP into its own directory. Run MALLCFG, select 'S'
system parameters and specify the path to your TW2002 directory.

Edit TWMALL.CTL with a standard text editor. Make sure you specify your
BBS type and communications setup (i.e. fossil driver if you use one).

TWMALL MUST be installed as a SEPERATE DOOR just like TradeWars is a
seperate door. The Mall IS NOT found in tradewars, it only reads/writes
to the tradewars files.

I can't tell you the specifics of installing TWMALL as a door on your
BBS, since there are many BBS packages out there, but since you got
TW2002 up and running, you should not have any problems.

Note: Both PREGAME.EXE and TWMALL.EXE require a command line parameter
specifying your BBS directory. Be sure to specify this 'required
option'. For example: TWMALL /P\C:\WWIV , will tell TWMALL to look for
the drop file (chain.txt in this example) in the directory C:\WWIV\.
REMEMBER this is important.

You must edit your batch file that runs tw2002 to run the program
PREGAME.EXE before tw2002 executes... for example this COULD be the way
to do it.. (for a wwiv BBS)

TW2002 %1

Communications setup:

If you use INTERNAL communications (set in TWMALL.CTL), you MAY
need to tell TWMALL one of the following:

A) You LOCK your comport because you have a high speed modem.
To do this, use the command line option /B to specify your lock
speed. I.e. TWMALL /B38400 /PC:\WWIV\ , will tell twmall to lock
the comport at 38400 baud.

B) Which type of 'Flow Control' to use, either 'software XON/XOFF' or
'Hardware CTS/RTS'.
To do this use the command line option /F followed by either 'H' for
harware flow control, or 'S' for software flow control.
I.e. TWMALL /FS /PC:\WWIV\ , will tell twmall to use software flow

If you try and try but can't get TWMALL to work with INTERNAL
communications, I suggest that you get a copy of the popular FOSSIL
driver BNU. Realize that with high speed modems, you will have to lock
the comport with either INTERNAL or FOSSIL communications.

After the initial installation, you may wish to run mallcfg. This will
allow you to modify the specific prices etc. of each service. I will not
recomend any particular settings (even the initial values) as each
tradewars game is different.

Other Problems...

If you are upgrading from a previous release of TWMALL, there may be some
incompatibilites with the Mall's data files you currently have. If you
have problems (run time errors etc) you may have to delete the following
ddata files from your TradeWars directory. NOTE: This should be done
everytime you 'BIGBANG' you universe. The following is a list of .DAT
files the Mall places in the TradeWars directory:

LOANS.DAT - Bank Loan Data file
TURNS.DAT - Turn Bank File
PAY.DAT - Federation Payroll Records

Unfortunatly, I had to revise the format of these files over the last few

******** Disclaimer ***********

I take no responsibility at all for any problems you have with this
program. It is being released AS IS, although I do hope you have no

I can be reached for help via the following:

U.S. Mail

Neil Dupree
527 Alexander Street
Schenectady, NY 12308-1223

Voice (518) 382-8687

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