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RACE150 is a editor for files/userbases to be used with RA 1.10 BBS.
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RACE150 is a editor for files/userbases to be used with RA 1.10 BBS.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CONTENTS.DOC 1432 750 deflated
DORWYHLP.ZIP 3812 3206 deflated
MAKEKEY.DOC 2121 1055 deflated
MAKEKEY.EXE 9264 4568 deflated
RACE.CFG 7440 368 deflated
RACE.DOC 97491 27748 deflated
RACE.EXE 81264 40280 deflated
RACE.HLP 22393 12336 deflated
RACE.OVR 145186 61828 deflated
RACECFG.EXE 110768 51004 deflated
RACEEDIT.DOC 5513 2271 deflated
RACEEDIT.EXE 50320 26241 deflated
RACERPT.TPL 2720 184 deflated
REGISTER.FRM 3428 1300 deflated
SAMPLE.Q-A 1527 697 deflated
UPDATE.140 8400 3299 deflated
UPDATE.150 12928 4915 deflated
WARNING.!!! 1368 701 deflated
WELCOME.001 233 156 deflated

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Contents of the CONTENTS.DOC file

The following files make up the RACE v1.50 distribution package. If you
are missing any of the files, contact me on my BBS and I will be happy
to provide whatever you need.

My BBS runs 24 hours a day and may be reached at (305) 271-2146. In
addition, netmail may be addressed to me at 1:135/4@fidonet.

RACE.EXE The executable portion of RACE.
RACE.DOC Documentation.
RACE.HLP Online help file for RACE.
RACE.CFG Default configuration file.
RACECFG.EXE Configuration program.
RACEEDIT.EXE External text editor for use with RACE.
RACEEDIT.DOC Documentation for RACEEDIT.
MAKEKEY.EXE Used to create RACE.KEY - registered user.
MAKEKEY.DOC Instructions for using MAKEKEY.EXE.
READ.ME IF included, last minute updates to documentation.
WARNING.!!! Important information, please read.
SAMPLE.Q-A Sample questionnaire to show usage for validation.
WELCOME.001 Sample welcome message for template 1.
DORWYHLP.ZIP Help file for using RACE remotely with DoorWay.
REGISTER.FRM A convenient form for registering RACE.
RACERPT.TPL A sample report template file.
UPDATE.nnn Information on Updating your RACE installation.
nnn is the version number.
120TO130.EXE Mentioned in RACE.DOC but NO LONGER INCLUDED.
You must reconfigure from scratch.

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