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PCBOARD file viewer 3.3.

Full Description of File

PCBFV 3.3: PCBoard F V Compressed File View.
On-line\local reading & extraction of files
within ZIP, ARJ, LZH, PAK, and ARC files.
Displays GIF dimensions. (F)ind text while
(R)eading. Seamless. Sysop configurable.
DESQview, fossil & non-standard com support.
FVMM utility for use with PCBFiler ALT-V.

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PCBOARD file viewer 3.3.
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FEATURES.NEW 37623 12129 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 358 272 deflated
FVHLP 6307 1992 deflated
FVMM.CNF 67 52 deflated
FVMM.DOC 16090 4644 deflated
FVMM.EXE 17621 17341 deflated
FVMMADV.TXT 440 92 deflated
FVMMGIF.BAT 258 175 deflated
FVMMTEST.BAT 290 188 deflated
FVMNU 853 325 deflated
FVSETUP.EXE 12526 12301 deflated
FVSETUP.HLP 14170 5118 deflated
FVZRO 79 78 deflated
ORDER.FRM 5122 1881 deflated
PCBFV.CNF 172 130 deflated
PCBFV.DOC 94744 23304 deflated
PCBFV.EXE 49319 48888 deflated
PCBVIEW.BAT 299 192 deflated
QUICK.DOC 2197 1028 deflated

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Contents of the FVMM.DOC file

| |
| |
| |
| FVMM Version 1.4 |
| |
| FVMM - File View Maintenance Manager |
| |
| For |
| |
| PCBFiler's ALT-V File View Process |
| |
| |
| FVMM (C) Copyright 1991-1993 Yandell Computer Services |
| PCBFV (C) Copyright 1990-1993 Yandell Computer Services |
| |
| 12121 Little Road - Bldg. 303 - Suite 212 |
| Hudson, FL 34667 |
| |
| DATA -- (813) 842-8099 |
| |
| January 29, 1993 |
| |
| |

----------------- ----

1.0 What Is FVMM 2
1.1 Disclaimer 2

2.0 Editing FVMM.CNF 3
2.1 Installing FVMM in PCBFiler 4
2.2 Editing FVMMGIF.BAT 4
2.3 Editing FVMMTEST.BAT 4
2.4 Editing FVMMADV.TXT 4

3.0 Using FVMM at the DOS Prompt 5
3.1 Notes Regarding PCBFV 5
3.2 Technical Notes 5
3.3 Registration 5

Page 2 FVMM Page 2

1.0 What is FVMM
Use of FVMM is completely optional and is in no way required for
PCBFV to be used in PCBFiler's ALT-V process.

Please note: FVMM is distributed with PCBFV. PCBFV's primary use
is the on-line file viewer for callers. PCBFV has the ability to
run as a Sysop utility in PCBFiler's ALT-V process, either alone or
in conjunction with the FVMM utility.

* Allows manual maintenance on ALL file types while using PCBFiler.

* Calls upon PCBFV to view the file in PCBFV's local maintenance
mode. File contents can checked using PCBFV's (R) command. PCBFV's
(D)elete command (ZIPs only) can also be used in this mode.

* A file transfer summary can be obtained from DOWNLOAD.TXT. This
summary provides useful maintenance information such as the name of
the person that uploaded the file and the date of the upload, along
with the number of downloads and the date of the last download. If
the Sysop detects a "bad" file during maintenance, this allows them
to determine who sent the file. While performing maintenance on
"non-upload" directories, this allows the Sysop to determine if a
file is worth keeping based on the download history.

* A picture (GIF, etc.) viewer can be installed in FVMMGIF.BAT.
Picture files can then be viewed and tested before moving them to a
permanent location with PCBFiler.

* FVMM can invoke FVMMTEST.BAT to perform any type of test process
the Sysop wishes to install (in FVMMTEST.BAT).

* FVMM can display a ZIP file comment.

* FVMM can add a ZIP file comment - FVMMADV.TXT.

* FVMM can delete existing ZIP file comments.

* FVMM can perform a regular "drop to DOS" shell, allowing the
Sysop to do other tasks while in PCBFiler and FVMM. This shell may
be password protected, if the Sysop has Co-Sysops using PCBFiler for
remote maintenance.

1.1 Disclaimer
There are no warranties, expressed or implied, for FVMM. Sysops who
install FVMM on their systems assume any and all liabilities for
anything which may result as a consequence of running FVMM. Under no
circumstances shall Yandell Computer Services or the author of FVMM
be liable for any loss of profit or any other damages, including but
not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages,
arising out of the use or inability to use FVMM.

Page 3 FVMM Page 3

2.0 Editing FVMM.CNF
FVMM calls upon a configuration file when it runs called FVMM.CNF.
This file must be in the same location with FVMM.EXE. YOU MUST USE

D:\PCBFV\ line #1 \
PCBFV.CNF line #2 \ Do NOT edit FVMM.CNF
Y line #3 / with FVSETUP.EXE.
0 line #5 \ Use a TEXT EDITOR to
NONE line #6 / edit this file.
PASSWORD line #7 /

LINE #1 - This is the location where PCBFV.EXE is. JUST the

LINE #2 - This is the PCBFV configuration file for PCBFV to use in
its /L local mode. NOTE: If your PCBFV.CNF file(s) contain @node@
macros in the "work location of extracted file" field in FVSETUP you
must create a special configuration file for use in the FVMM mode
which fully specifies the "work location" (with no @macros@). You
could call this file FILER.CNF and install it in LINE #2 of FVMM.CNF
(instead of PCBFV.CNF as shown above). ALL PCBFV configuration files
must reside with PCBFV.EXE.

LINE #3 - Enter a Y (yes) to make FVMM swap itself to EMS or disk
during the PCBFV, FVMMGIF, FVMMTEST, and drop to DOS shells. FVMM
will first try to swap to EMS, then to disk if EMS is unavailable.
Swapping is highly recommended as FVMM is removed from memory while
performing the above shell functions.

LINE #4 - This is the location AND name of your DOWNLOAD.TXT file
which is created by PCBoard. Some Sysops move or rename DOWNLOAD.TXT
on a daily basis for other maintenance purposes. In this case, place
the location and name of your "all-time" DOWNLOAD.TXT here. This is
used by FVMM to obtain a file transfer history.

LINE #5 - This is your PCBFV registration number. FVMM will display
an [unregistered copy] message along with a delay each time it exits
if PCBFV has not been registered.

LINE #6 - This is the location (only) of PCBSM.CLR, the color
definition file for PCBFiler, PCBSM, PCBSetup, etc. If line #6 of
FVMM.CNF is blank, FVMM will look for PCBSM.CLR in the current
directory. If line 6 of FVMM.CNF is NONE or PCBSM.CLR is not found,
default colors are used. If colors have not been customized for
PCBSM, PCBSetup, PCBFiler, etc. with PCBSM, or you are using the
"Default color set #1" from PCBSM, place NONE in line 6 of FVMM.CNF
as this will prevent the extra step of searching for PCBSM.CLR.

Line #7 - Enter a PASSWORD (up to 12 characters) to use for the FVMM
shell to DOS function. Leave this field blank if a password is not
desired. This would usually only be used if PCBFiler is made avail-
able to remote Co-Sysops to prevent them from using this function.

Page 4 FVMM Page 4

2.1 Installing FVMM in PCBFiler
At PCBFiler's first screen, select "Edit PCBFILER defaults page 2".
At the bottom of this screen, enter parameters as follow:

File VIEWERS - filename extensions and commands for executing viewer
File Extension : ??? DOS Command : d:\pcb\fvmm.exe
File Extension : DOS Command :
File Extension : DOS Command :

The ??? tells PCBFiler to shell to this "viewer" for all file
extensions. If you wish to force certain types of files into another
process, then place the extension for the other file type on a line
BEFORE the line that ??? appears on. Do not place anything in the
field for the DOS command except the pathname and filename as shown
above (for FVMM).

2.2 Editing FVMMGIF.BAT
Any file not having a ZIP, ARJ, LZH, ARC, PAK, SDN, EXE, or COM
extension can be sent to the FVMMGIF.BAT batch file. For example,
the FVMMGIF.BAT file should contain something like:

d:\gif\viewer.exe %1

where viewer.exe is your favorite picture (GIF, etc.) viewer or
tester. The %1 must be included, as it is the LOCATION AND FILENAME
of the GIF (picture) file sent to FVMMGIF.BAT from FVMM.

Keep in mind that this is a "shell process" and there is limited
memory, depending on the size of the PCBoard DIR file being edited
in PCBFiler. Using a small, limited feature picture viewer is best.

2.3 Editing FVMMTEST.BAT
Any file may be sent to this process for testing. The enclosed
FVMMTEST.BAT demonstrates how to test ZIP file integrity. Other
tests, such as those demonstrated in the PCBoard manual for
PCBTEST.BAT, can also be performed, as well as any other procedure
which may be commonly used in PCBTEST.BAT.

Keep in mind that this is a "shell process" and there is limited
memory, depending on the size of the PCBoard DIR file being edited.

Depending on the type of tests and testers being used, you may wish
to end the batch file with a pause instruction (as demonstrated in
the enclosed FVMMTEST.BAT) so the results of the test will not be
cleared from the screen before they can be viewed.

2.4 Editing FVMMADV.TXT
This is the BBS advertisement file that FVMM will insert as a ZIP
comment if desired. This file should be kept as short as possible.

Page 5 FVMM Page 5

3.0 Using FVMM at the DOS prompt
After configuring FVMM.CNF and PCBFV.CNF as described in this
documentation, simply enter FVMM D:\PATH\FILENAME.ZIP at the DOS
prompt. D:\PATH\FILENAME.ZIP can be any file located in a directory
on your system. The complete path, filename, and extension must be
entered. FVMM works the same in this mode as it does in PCBFiler,
without the memory overhead of PCBFiler.

3.1 Notes regarding PCBFV
PCBFV should be configured and functioning properly before
attempting to install it with FVMM.

When FVMM calls PCBFV, it does so in PCBFV's /L local mode. Refer
to the PCBFV manual for details regarding PCBFV's use in this mode.

3.2 Technical notes
FVMM might not be practical for use on extremely large systems where
individual PCBoard DIR files exceed several hundred K in size. In
these cases there may not be enough memory for the ALT-V process.

If temporarily shelling to DOS with FVMM, NEVER touch files with a
.$$$ extension residing in the default location. These files are
created and used by PCBFiler and FVMM during their operation.

Up to 4K ZIP comments can be handled by all of FVMM's ZIP comment
functions. A 4K ZIP comment would be 2 full screen displays of text,
which is rare.

Only the first 23 lines of a ZIP comment will be displayed by FVMM's
ZIP comment viewer. ZIP comments are rarely longer than 23 lines.

FVMM's screen I/O is DESQview aware and time slices are given back
to other DESQview applications while FVMM is waiting for input.

FVMM uses about 46K of memory during operation, and about 5K of
memory when shelling if swapping is allowed.

3.3 Registration
FVMM is a no-charge enhancement utility for Sysops who register
PCBFV. A PCBFV registration is required to remove the unregistered
notices which appear when FVMM is run. FVMM registrations are not
available separately. FVMM is included in PCBFV distribution files
solely to facilitate ease of distribution.

PCBFV is not free software. PCBFV should be registered no later than
30 days after installation. Registration is $15.00 and may be paid
by check, money order, VISA, Mastercard, or American Express. If
using a charge card, you may receive a registration INSTANTLY!

Refer to the enclosed file ORDER.FRM for complete registration

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