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Super Guppies version 1.6 Card game door for Bulletin Boards.
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Super Guppies version 1.6 Card game door for Bulletin Boards.
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Contents of the SUPERG.DOC file

Super Guppy
Version 1.6
Ken Krueger
Twin Peaks BBS
Longmont, Colorado

Description: For PCB 14.0+ only.
Lasted Updated: 05/14/89

Super Guppy is a card game based on the TV game show "Card Sharks".
To play the game a player places a bet from $1 up to his total bankroll
and then tries to correctly predict whether the next card will be higher
or lower. If a Joker turns up, the player loses 1/2 of their bankroll
and play is terminated for the day. If a player goes bankrupt, they can
start again the next day with a fresh $20. The game keeps an internal
scoreboard which the players may view each time they open the door. On
the 1st day of each month, the scoreboard is reset and all players start
over with $20. This helps rid the scoreboard of players who have quit
playing the game. A High Score Bulletin is also available in which
users high scores are recorded. More on that later.


I am going to provide detailed instructions for the benefit of those
sysop's who may be installing their first door. You must create a sub-
directory to hold the various game related programs. Lets assume that
the directory will be C:\PCB\SG. Copy all of the supplied files execpt
the doc files to the newly created C:\PCB\SG directory. Copy the SUPERG
bat file to the \PCB directory. You may need to alter this file to suit
your system. Notice that the SUPERG file does not have an extension of
BAT. Well, this is what PCBoard expects and will make a bat file on the
fly when you open the game door. Next, you need to create a DOORS.DAT
file if you don't already have one and add a line like (SUPERG,,30). If
this is your first door, I recommend that you use the PCBSETUP utility
to create the DOORS.DAT file. That will insure that the file ends up in
the correct format and in the correct location. Don't forget to update
your DOORS menu so the users will know what to select.

NOTE: There are also a couple of new requirements that you may not
have seen before. Super Guppy uses Clint LaBarthe's Door Patch v3.5 and
requires access to a file called DORPCH35.EXE, and a couple of Dos
environment variables must be set in your autoexec.bat file. Full
details are provided in the SYSOP.DOC which Clint has requested be sent
along with each door program.

Getting Started:

You need to customize the SUPERG.CFG to your system at this time. The
first 4 lines are the standard Dorpch format and are self explanatory.
The 5th line of the SUPERG.CFG allows you to specify the "Break the
Bank" value. Players who exceed this value at the end of the game will
have their high score posted in the bulletin and then start over with
$20 the following day. Some sort of limit is needed or else the scores
would get ridiclously high. It is an optional parameter and will
default to 100000 if left blank. I recommend values between 100000 and

The 6th line in the SUPERG.CFG file controlls whether the game will
allow ties or not. Placing a 1 on this line will allow a player to
achive a tie when the face value of the cards are the same. This line
is optional and will default to 0 (no ties) if blank. In the "no ties"
mode of operation, the cards are ranked according to suit the same as
they are in bridge. From low to high they are (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts,
Spades). As an example, a 9 of Spades is higher than a 9 of Diamonds.

NOTE! Although lines 5 and 6 are considered optional, if you want to
have a value for line 6, then line 5 must have a valid value.

The sysop should be the first player to play the game. At the end of
the first game, you will be asked if you want to create a High Score
Bulletin. If you choose to do so, be sure you know the path/name of
where you want the bulletin to be. (C:\PCB\GAME\BUL11) as an example.
Only the Sysop will have the ability to create/reset the high score


C:\PCB\PCBOARD.SYS Path/Name of your PCBOARD.SYS file
Twin Peaks BBS Your BBS Name
Ken Sysop's first name
Krueger Sysop's last name
100000 Break the Bank value
0 Allow "ties" flag (set to 1 to allow ties)

Echo off

NOTE! - For testing/debugging, an optional parameter /TEST on the
command line will allow you to play the game multiple times
the same day. Ex: SUPERG SUPERG.CFG /TEST

Multi Node Operation:

If the network path to PCBOARD.SYS is not the same on the various
nodes, then you will have to use different CFG files for each node.
Samples are provided. Also, the scoreboard bulletin could cause a
problem if the paths are different. In this case, just specify the name
of the scoreboard bulletin (without the path info) and let it write the
bulletin to the current directory. Then, include in the BAT file that
runs SG, a COPY command to move the scoreboard file to the correct
bulletin location.

(Files Included)
SUPERG.ALS Data file for alias names
SUPERG Bat file to run the door
SUPERG.EXE The Super Guppies Program
SUPERG.CFG Superg config file - For single node systems.
SUPERG1.CFG Superg config file - Node #1 CFG file
SUPERG2.CFG Superg config file - Node #2 CFG file
SUPERG.DAT Player data file
SUPERG.DOC This file you are reading.
SYSOP.DOC Info from Clint Labarthe

(Required files NOT included with this package)
DORPCH35.EXE Interface to PCBoard
BRUN30.EXE Microsoft runtime library

If you need a copy of the DORPCH35.EXE or BRUN30.EXE, I suggest that
you obtain a copy of DORPCH35.ZIP which contains both files.
DORPCH35.ZIP is available on many BBS's around the country including
Salt Air and my board.

I do not plan at this time to make any additional enhancements.
However, if you come up with an idea and call my board and leave a
message, I would probably do it. I will make every effort to fix any
reported problems. The latest version will always be available on my
board and most likely on the Salt Air BBS.

Version 1.0 - Initial version of the program.
Version 1.1 - Added ANSI graphics screens.
Version 1.2 - When a player drew the joker, the display did not
always show the joker on the screen.
- The average number of jokers was being calculated
Version 1.3 - Updated for PCB 14.0
Version 1.4 - Optional sysop parameter to enable ties.
- Changed the color combination for easier reading.
- Added a /TEST parameter for testing.
- Updated the documentation.
Version 1.5 - Compiled using Dorpch34
- Increased array size to handle 100 players.
Version 1.6 - Compiled using Dorpch35
- Added Hot-Key Support
- Reduced by 20% the odds of the Joker showing up.

There is no formal registration required for this program. However,
I will be glad to accept donations if you feel this program meets your
needs and you continue to use it. I suggest $10.

Ken Krueger
1553 Amherst Dr.
Longmont, Co., 80501

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