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Wildcat BBS utility to produce catalog of files on system.
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Wildcat BBS utility to produce catalog of files on system.
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CATFILES.EXE Karl Schneider
S & H Engineering, Inc.
For WILDCAT 3.0x+ ONLY 8505 Woodwick Ct.
Tampa, FL 33615
813 884 9661 voice
My BBS is temporarily down......

9/22/91 Minor bug fix, was listing files 'deleted' by sysop whose
record space hadn't yet been re-used by uploads.
9/20/91 Allocation bug fix; in certain cases could cause lockup.
Discard previous version.

CATFILES is a fast Wildcat 3.0x+ Files Listing program.

Use it like this: catfiles The/Amazing/Ultrasonic/BBS/System!

Don't put ANY SPACES in your BBS name; use the '/' (forward
slash). It must be 50 characters or less. The program will convert
the slashes into spaces in the output file ALLFILES.BBS which you
may copy or move to anywhere you like, 'ZIP' it for downloading,
re-name it, or whatever you like....

CATFILES.EXE can live anywhere in your PATH...but it must be EXECUTED from
your Wildcat Home Node Directory(s). (Any node is OK....full file
sharing is supported and nodes do not need to be 'down')

Please consider registering this program if you find it useful.
A lot of time and effort has gone into creating the WILDCAT utilities
I've written. I find them useful, and hope you do too! $10 or
$15 would be reasonable. If you register this program, you will get
full support via the numbers above and enhancements or customiz-
ation within reason. Thanks!

-end of file-

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