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Trade Wars Help v8.0 - keeps database on all explored sectors, auto-trading features, various other tools for Trade Wars 2002 online game.

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Trade Wars Helper release 8.0 is a terminal
program used ONLINE with the BBS door game
"Trade Wars 2002". It maintains a database
of sectors with the known port and warp to
information. Several commands are available
to utilize this data in addition to commands
that automate repetitive processes and map
the TW universe GRAPHICALLY. Don't leave
FedSpace without it!

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Trade Wars Help v8.0 – keeps database on all explored sectors, auto-trading features, various other tools for Trade Wars 2002 online game.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Trade Wars Helper release 8.0 is a terminal
program used ONLINE with the BBS door game
"Trade Wars 2002". It maintains a database
of sectors with the known port and warp to
information. Several commands are available
to utilize this data in addition to commands
that automate repetitive processes and map
the TW universe GRAPHICALLY. Don't leave
FedSpace without it!
Trade Wars Helper
Release 8.0

Copyright 1994
Just FUN Software
All Rights Reserved

Trade Wars Helper is a terminal program used ONLINE with the BBS door
game "Trade Wars 2002" v1.03 and v2.00 published by Mertech Software.
This program continuously maintains a database of the explored sectors
with their port, adjacent sectors, and other information. Several
commands are available to utilize this data while moving around the
Trade Wars universe including the ability to graphically map a sector
and its warps to any level! In addition there are many commands that
automate the repetitive processes such as negotiating trades on your
behalf and automatically cross trade between two sectors. Using this
program will significantly enhance both your effectiveness and your
enjoyment of Trade Wars. Don't leave FedSpace without it!


Make a directory, \twhelp, on your hard disk using the DOS mkdir
command. Unzip the ZIP file to the \twhelp directory.

Erase the TWHELP.CFG file if it is present. The program will create a
new configuration file for use with data related to your installation.

Create a batch file (TWH.BAT) in the directory of your communications
program like below. It changes to the \twhelp directory, executes the
twhelp program, changes back to your communication program's directory
and then exits the DOS shell.

cd \twhelp
cd \(comm-prog-dir)

Print the COMMANDS.TXT file. It contains a listing of all the commands
and important points. Use it as reference guide. These commands use
to be online, but memory considerations forced them to be moved offline.

If you would like assistance installing Trade Wars Helper and/or
entering the configuration options call (801) 272-6238 up to 8:00 pm
Mountain time.


Run your communications program, login to a BBS and start the Trade Wars
door. When Trade Wars begins building its title screen, shell to DOS
from your communications program and enter TWH to start the batch
program. Resolving an insufficient memory condition is discussed below.

The program will begin with some configuration questions and then ask
for the file name(s) to use. There is one database file for each BBS
game you play. Once the configuration portion is completed, you begin
with the main program. The configuration portion is not repeated on
subsequent runs although you are given a means to change the options.

Some comm programs, such as Telix and Procomm Plus for Windows, seem to
reset the ports baud rate when you quit them. You will recognize this
when, after starting TWH, it is unable to communicate with the BBS. If
this is the case, specify in the configuration options to enter the baud
rate for each BBS.

The commands and important points are discussed in the COMMANDS.TXT
file. That file is generally printed for use as a reference guide. You
can display a menu of commands while online by entering /?. All TWH
command begin with the / character. Commands are case sensitive. That
is, /b is different from /B.

You can use Trade Wars Helper with an existing game or a new game. For
an existing game use the /k command to initialize the database for
sectors you have previously explored. You generally only use this
command once per existing BBS game. The /K command can be used later to
ensure the database is up to date in the event of a hardware failure.
It will not reissue TW commands to acquire warp to and port information
for those sectors already in the database.

You can run the program directly without being connected to a BBS and
the Trade Wars door. This might be useful the first time to enter the
configuration options.

In addition, the file EXAMPLE.TWH contains a database that can be used
to experiment with the program without being online. You will need to
include the sector number after the / for most commands since the
current sector remains at last entered sector when not online. Also do
not use the /e, /k, /t and most of the advanced commands when not online
since they issue commands to Trade Wars itself.

For commands like /e, /k, /t and most of the advanced commands Trade
Wars Helper wait for specific text sequences from Trade Wars before
proceeding. It is inevitable that from time to time something will get
Trade Wars and Trade Wars Helper out of synchronization. This will
become apparent when TW Helper goes into an indefinite wait (i.e nothing
is happening and you can not enter a command). Simply press the ESC and
Enter keys until something, such as Trade Wars main command prompt, is
displayed to get the two programs back in synch.

You can start the program and specify the database number (1-30) on the
command line. For example a batch file line might be TWHELP 21 which
would start Trade Wars Helper using BBS data file 21. The title screen
is not displayed in this case.


Trade Wars Helper requires a minimum of 350K to operate and some
communication programs require around 300K which puts you up against the
DOS 640K barrier. In addition TW2002 version 2 allows for large
universes which may make the memory requirment for TWHelper around 550K
when everything is maxed out. The following discuses some of the thing
you can do to resolve an insufficient memory condition situation.

First make as much conventional memory available as possible. This
means moving drivers, etc. to high memory. DOS 6.0 MEMMAKER program
does a good job of this.

Check your comm program for an option to maximize the DOS shell memory.
Telemate has this useful capability.

Lower one or both of the configurations options that affect memory - the
scroll back buffer size and the communications buffer size. If the
communications buffer is too small it will generally show up when using
a command that accesses the CIM. A message will be displayed informing
you to increase the size of the communications buffer.

Another alternative is to not shell to DOS but, instead, after opening
the TW door, quit your comm program and then start TWHELP (assumes you
can quit your comm program without dropping carrier). Of course after
quitting TW you will need to restart your comm program.

Still another alternative is to use another comm program. Telemate has
an option that allows a maximum DOS shell and you can also quit it
without dropping carrier or having to enter a baud rate.


If you are upgrading from an older release you can just unzip (or copy)
all the files from the new release directly into the /twhelp directory.
You will not need to do anything else. It is not necessary to do the /k
command again since any changes to the data files will be automatically
handled by the program. You should review the Configuration Options as
new options may have been added.

Once you have run the new release you can not go back to an older
release. This is because the configuration and bbs data files will
frequently contain additional information that the older release will
not be aware of.

Note: There is no longer a Large Universe version. This zip file will
handle a 5000 sector universe. To avoid confusion erase TWHELPLU.EXE,


It's possible to use this release of Trade Wars Helper in all TW2002
version 1.03 and version 2.00 games. A Small Universe version of Trade
Wars Helper is available for games of up to 3000 sectors. The Small
Universe version does run about 20-25 percent faster and requires a bit
less memory. It is available on Monty's Place BBS (see README2 file) as
TWHSU80.ZIP. No special registration key is required as the
registration keys work for either version. You would only need the
Small Universe version if you are running on a slow machine and want the
increased performance.


Changes have been made to TW Helper necessary to work with TW2002
version 2.00 wide beta release 5 being distributed as of this release
date. Since version 2 is still a beta release there may be changes
which could make TW Helper partially or totally unusable with it. If
that happens, look for an updated version of TWHELP on BBSs refered to
in the README2 file.


New with release 7.0, and enhanced at release 8.0, is the Universe
Mapping Feature which is discussed in the DOCMAPER.TXT file. It is an
extra charge capability requiring a special registration key to
activate. As there are no provisions for trying this module before
activating it, read the DOCMAPER.TXT file carefully. There can be no
refunds once the key has been given out.


Trade Wars Helper communicates with Trade Wars via the modem. This
makes it difficult for them to communicate when both programs are being
run on the same machine. The following technique was devised by a user
to resolve this problem.

TWHELP was configured to use COM2. TW2002.EXE was run with a -WWIV
switch and the chain.txt file specified the port as COM3. A null modem
cable was hooked up between COM2 and COM3. Both TWH and TW were
multitasked under Windows and were thus able to communicate with each
other. Local display was specified on in TEDIT.


A product distributed via shareware is not "free software". If you try
a shareware program and continue using it, you are expected to register
it with the author for a modest fee within 30 days of your initial
usage. You may register this product by mailing cash, check or a money
order for $12.00 US (universe mapping feature and S&H extra) to:

Just FUN Software
4790 Naniloa Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84117-5547

Upon receipt of the registration fee, you will be mailed instructions to
include your name in the program as the registered user and activate the
registered features. The return letter is generally mailed the same day
the registration fee is received.

You must use the REGISTER.TXT file when registering to avoid delays due
to lack of appropriate information. If you wish to use the universe
mapping feature, also include the REGMAPER.TXT form. These files may be
printed using DOS commands. For example:

print \twhelp\register.txt
or copy \twhelp\register.txt lpt1

Well over 1500 hours have been invested in developing and enhancing this
product. That makes the registration fee less than one cent per hour of
development time. Please do not use, or allow others to use, the
registered features of this program without paying this modest fee.


Copyright laws apply to both shareware and commercial software, and the
copyright holder retains all rights, with the following exception. The
unmodified program files, complete with the files discussed below, may
be freely copied and distributed. It is in fact encouraged. If you
like this program, please tell your fellow players, even those evil
traders, about it and upload it to several BBSes. Of course,
registrations key may not be distributed.

It one thing to use an unregistered shareware product over the 30 day
trial period. Nothing will happen if you do. It's quite another thing
to provide others with a registration key or modify a program file in an
attempt to circumvent the registration key. Those activities are
illegal. As such, a reward, commensurate with the scope of the illegal
activity involved, will be given to any individual providing information
on any person or persons unlawfully providing registration keys for this
product and/or modified version of this product to any other individual
or BBS. In addition, this product has been specially coded to detect
such illegal activity and will retaliate accordingly.


Trade Wars Helper is supplied on an "as is" basis. The author disclaims
all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the
warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. The
author assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which
may result for the use of Trade Wars Helper.


This product is made up of the following files.

README.TXT - The file you are now reading.
README2.TXT - A continuation of the README file.
REGISTER.TXT - This file contains a printable registration form.
REGMAPER.TXT - Registration form for the Universe Mapping Feature.
DOCMAPER.TXT - The documentation for the Universe Mapping Feature.
COMMANDS.TXT - A printable reference guide of the commands.
USINGTWH.TXT - A discussion on the universal announcement.
ANNOUN80.TXT - An announcement of release 8.0
DESCRIPT.TXT - A full description of Trade Wars Helper.
FILE_ID.DIZ - A description of this product for PCBoard systems.

TWHELP.EXE - The standard (5000 sector) version program file.
TWHSETUP.EXE - The setup program file.
TWHMAPER.EXE - The universe mapping feature program file.

EXAMPLE.TWH - This file contains an example database that can be used to
experiment with the program.

This product may be distributed only when all the above files are
included in the distribution in unmodified form.


Release 1.0: September 7, 1992 - Initial release.

Release 1.1: September 11, 1992 - Made the COMM port and baud rate user
options. Changed some of the edit keys for the /b and /c commands.

Release 1.2: September 30, 1992 - Eliminated the need to specify the
baud rate. Added configuration option to optionally reissue the
universal announcement.

Release 2.0: October 12, 1992 - Added the /t, Negotiate Trade, command
along with the automatic cross trading capability. Also added the /s,
Search for notation characters, command.

Release 2.1: October 20, 1992 - Added the option to specify the baud
rate for those instances where automatic determination does not work.

Release 3.0: January 5, 1993 - Added the /X, /I, and /U commands to
expand the search for the next six sectors. Fixed the problem that
occurred when entering more than seven data file names at one time.
Fixed problem associated with using the /k command at high transfer
rates. Allowed for ESC to exit program at title screen.

Release 3.1: February 8, 1993 - Changed the /k command to use the Crai
computer's interrogation mode to collect the warp to sector information.
Changed the search for matching notation characters command to /m (was
/s). Added the configuration option to enter the IRQ line number.
Fixed bug that may have caused the auto trading feature to randomly

Release 3.2: February 12, 1993 - Fixed communications software to work
with modems and I/O cards using the 16550A UART.

Release 4.0: March 1, 1993 - Added /r command which interrogates the
Crai computer to record the product percentage for display with the /x
command information. Added the /s command which initiates an automatic
sell/steal cycle. Added the /> command which prints the command and
information screens on the standard print device. Added the /e command
which explores the closest unexplored sector. Added the /Z (formerly
/E) command which clears the explored status for each sector without
clearing it's port and warp to information. Added the /o command which
allows entry of the run time options (RTO). Added the bugle calls used
to alert the completion of lengthy processes.

Release 5.0: April 5, 1993 - Added the capture file feature and the
scroll back buffer feature. Added the /D command which shells to DOS.
Added the /F command which creates data files for the offline analysis
program TWVIEW and TWASSIST. Upgraded the communications software to
the newest version. Incorporated the results of the psychic probe
during trading to optimize the experience points realized for the auto
/t and /s commands. Added the /l command which is used (after the /r
command) to locate enemy forces. Fixed the problem with printing to a
laser printer. Added the /d command to display the destination path
from the current sector. Added the ability to cross trade between
nonadjacent sectors using ships equipped with a TransWarp Drive.
Expanded the Deployed Fighter Scan produced by Trade Wars to include the
port type, notation characters, product percentages and optionally, the
number of hops from the current sector. Added the /f command to deploy
a single fighter in the toll mode. Added the /C command which initiates
automatic colonization of a planet with ability to utilize a TransWarp
drive when available. Added the /B command which initiates the
automatic buying and conveying of product to a planet. Allowed for
cross trading between class 4 (SSB) and class 6 (BSS) ports. Added a
Run Time Option to specify whether a ship equipped with a Holographic
Scanner stops at the sector preceding the unexplored sector when using
the /e command. Added the /P command which displays the next six
sectors with a specified port capability. Added the /E command which
launches an E-probe to a randomly chosen unexplored sector. Allowed for
specifying the database number on the command line. Changed the /k
command to use the CIM for both sector and port information.

Release 5.5: May 17, 1993 - Added the /& command to display the next
five sectors for the /x, /u, /p, etc. commands. Changed the command to
create the offline analysis files for TWVIEW and/or TWASSIST to /V and
added the option to create only the individual .FRT, .SCT or .PRT files.
Made the TWVIEW .SCT file compatible with TWMAP. Added deployed
fighters, identified by the TW G and TWH /F (formerly /f) commands, to
the /d display. Added the /f command to display the paths to a
destination sector from the nearest five sectors containing fighters
preceded by the numbers of hops to the fighters from the current sector.
Added a check to the /F command to insure fighters are not deployed in
FedSpace. Added the /0E command to mark a sector as inaccessible for
the /E routines. Added the /1E command to launch an E-probe to a
randomly chosen isolated sector. Added the /2E command to launch an
E-probe so as to pass thru the most sectors not visited during the
current session. Added a configuration option so advanced commands are
only displayed or printed if desired for new users. Added the /m
command to display a menu of all the commands on a single screen. Added
the /< command to output the online documentation to the text file
TWHELP.DOC. Moved the option to sound the bugle calls to the
configuration options screen. Added the /M command to merge another
traders database. Made the automated process restore the default ANSI
color which is useful when the TW ANSI mode is off. Added the analysis
of the TW Computer X command display to keep track of avoided sectors
which now are not shown on the various displays or moved to via the /e
command. Allowed for cross trading between a class 8 (BBB) port and any
other class of port. Allowed for cross trading between a class 7 (SSS)
port and any other port buying equipment. Allowed for cross trading
between two nonadjacent sectors without using the Transwarp Drive.
Allowed for triple trading which involves all three products at each
port to maximize experience points. Added the /X command which displays
the five closest sectors for nonadjacent cross trading pairs, transwarp
trading pairs, triple trading pairs, and other specialized combinations.
Added the product quantities from the /r command to the /x, /p and other
command displays. Added a Run Time Option to turn off the haggling over
price when trading. Added the /P command which automates the process of
buying planetary shields with or without using a TransWarp Drive. Added
the /Q command which automates the quashing of mines using mine
disruptors. Added the /g command which goes to a specified sector while
optionally deploying fighters (RTO), trading (RTO) and density scanning
(RTO) along the way. Added an RTO to optionally deploy/trade/scan when
using the /e command and added the /2e command which initiates automatic
exploration of the TW universe. Added the automatic determination of
which sectors are Major Space Lanes which are noted as MSL on some
displays. Significantly modified the /w display. Added the /I command
to display deeply isolated sectors. Added a configuration option to
optionally save the fighter, product percentage, and product quantity
data in the disk file. Added prompts to the /k command to ask for the
class 0 and 9 sectors. Changed the way the destination sector is
specified for the /d command. Based on hearsay regarding the new
release of Trade Wars made the commands that use the CIM allow for
missing sectors and added a prompt to allow for upto 3000 sectors.

Release 5.6: May 19, 1993 - Fixed problem of locking up when entering
number of sectors in universe.

Release 6.0: June 5, 1993 - Added the /G command to graphically display
a sector and its warps to any level. Separated the configuration
options portion of TWHELP.EXE to a separate file TWHSETUP.EXE. Added a
configuration option to specify the size of the communications buffer.
Changed the /b and /c edit routine so the enter key can insert a line
and the del key can remove a line. Added the /R command to initiate the
robing credits cycle which included a new RTO to set the rob percentage.
Fixed a bug in the /I routine. Fixed a bug in displaying the scroll
back buffer that did damage to the database and configuration files.
Added communicating at 38,400 and 57,600 bps capability.

Release 7.0: September 23, 1993 - Fixed problem related to accepting the
first offer while trading instead of haggling. Fixed problem with the
/P command hanging up when the TW ANSI was turned off. Added the /L
command to lower population levels to maximize fighters produced.
Changed the /B command to optionally use the TransWarp Drive. Added the
/h command to haul colonists, products, or shields from one planet to
another optionally using the TransWarp Drive. Fixed problem with extra
CR in capture file and TWHELP.DOC causing extra LF for some editors.
Changed /g command to ignore density for FedSpace sectors so they are
always entered. Changed the /R command to rob down to 1000 credits and
to rob 10 percent more than the credits reported. Fixed problem with /r
command not clearing percentages first which caused the /l command to
not works properly. Made the commands like /d that display a path to
sectors work faster. Changed the /B command to buy product for a planet
and/or sell product from a planet. Added the /H command to heist
product for a planet with or without using the TransWarp Drive. Fixed
problem with /t trying to transwarp when no fighter is present in
sectors. Removed the online command documentation from the program to
save memory and created the command.txt file as a reference document
instead. Tested against the new TW version 2 beta release and made the
changes necessary for compatibility. This included allowing the /s
command to move between sectors, added subcommands for the /X command,
expanding the number of pages for the /b command, and various other
changes to account for differences between versions 1.03 and 2.00.
Created the extra charge Universe Mapping module and the corresponding
/6E and 7E command. Changed the Ether Probe routines to automatically
launch the probes. Added saving the database to disk when the /D
command is issued. Added the /3E command to launch E-probes to isolated
sectors sequentially and keeping track of the last sector probed. Added
an RTO to specify the number of fighters to automatically attack enemy
fighters encountered when using the /g and /e commands.

Release 7.1: November 1, 1993 - Fixed problem with /U command printing
to a Destjet printer. Added RTO to specify the NavHaz threshold when
density scanning for the /g commands (for TW2002 ver 2). Added
discussion of a local mode technique to this README file. Fixed problem
with system crashes when using a BBS file number on the command line
while starting TW Helper. Fixed problem of having modem reset after
using Universe Mapping feature on some systems. Allowed for IRQ numbers
upto 9. Made additional changes necessary for compatiblity with TW2002
ver 2 R .91.

Release 7.2: November 19, 1993 - A reissue of release 7.1 because a
hacked copy of release 7.1 REGISTER.TXT file was discovered.

Release 7.5: December 30, 1993 - The Universe Mapping feature was made
faster by using the CIM of the Crai computer to gather the warp path
information. Destroyed port were removed from the database based on the
information in the opening log. The /O command to display the paths to
the five closest oneway outgoing warps was added. Added an RTO to
specify the number, type and mode of fighters deployed when using the
/F, /g or /e commands. Made some additional changes necessary for
compatibility with TW2002 version 2 wide beta release 2. Made available
the Large Universe version for games of 3000-5000 sectors as part of the

Release 8.0: March 28, 1994 - Fixed problem that prevented trading when
the RTO was set to not haggle. Fixed problem with /G command of not
being able to click back down to current sector when using the +sector-
button. Fixed problem with /U command on The Major BBS version and made
some changes to account for the differences in the MBBS version of TW.
These included: pressing the SPACE BAR key (instead of the ESC key) to
halt repetitive processes at the next TW Command prompt; pressing the
SPACE BAR key for aborting the port and sectors reports requested by TWH
after E-probes or Holoscans; adding a new command, /z, to zip out of the
current sector or zip to a specified sector; a configuration option to
change the beginning of TWHelper commands from the / to a user specified
character; and an RTO to control the automatic issuing of TW commands.
Added code to automatically issue TW I command after using the
transporter so TWH knows the current ships' equipment and location.
Changed the /M command to merge in the warp to sectors from unexplored
sectors usually determined by the /U command. Fixed the /h command to
stop hauling colonists or product when there are not enough to fill the
holds. Changed the /C and /P commands to not check for a fighter so
commissioned players can transwarp to FedSpace. Added the /0B command
to change the busted status of a sector or set all sectors to a not
busted status. Made major enhancment to the /U command to do Ether
Probe Mapping. Added/expanded RTOs and expanded the /g and /e commands
to allowed for stealing and robbing along the way including robbing
after buying equipment. Allowed for using the Transporter to alternate
ship/sectors when using the /s or /R commands. Expanded the /R commmand
to allow for moving between sectors with or without the TransWarp Drive.
Added the R subcommand to the /X command to locate robbing pairs that
sell equipment and changed the q subcommand to S for stealing pairs.
Expanded RTO 1 to prompt for the maximum percentage also and
incorporated the min and max percentages into the /p command. Improved
the trading algorithm both when using and not using the physic probe.
Removed the /+ and /- commands. Fixed problem with the large experience
and alignment values in version 2.00 games. Made the standard program
module handle up to 5000 sectors and created a Small Universe version
which handle up to 3000 sectors but runs faster. There is no longer a
Large Universe version. Cleared any old class 9 sectors to empty when a
new class nine sector is encountered for games where the Stardock is
moved around. Fixed the system hang up problem that occured after
entering q to quit when using some comm programs (Terminate and possibly
Qmodem Pro). Added the /1L command to lower population levels to zero.
Removed the /Z command.

Please continue by reading the README2.TXT file.

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