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PowerQwk mail reader v2.15 - Read mail and reply offline. Works with any .QWK style mail packet.
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PowerQwk mail reader v2.15 – Read mail and reply offline. Works with any .QWK style mail packet.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

See PRINT.ME for registration info

Power-QWK Version 2.15 Installation and Upgrade

Do not try to INSTALL OR UPGRADE this product manually.

It should be installed or upgraded ONLY using the provided
installation program INSTALL.EXE.

INSTALL.EXE ensures that the proper subdirectories are created,
under your instruction, that files are placed correctly within them
and that Power-QWK is configured properly for use. The process also
creates Power-QWK data files not included in the ZIP file.


It is a very short section but reading it now can save you hours
of grief later.

When you've read it, just type INSTALL.

You will be asked to name a directory into which the product is to
be installed.

If you are a new user, this should be either an empty directory
which you have created for the purpose or a non-existent directory
which the INSTALL program will create.

If you are an existing Power-QWK user then just tell INSTALL the name
of your existing Power-QWK directory.

INSTALL places files only in this directory and subdirectories
'owned' by it.

It does not write to any system files such as autoexec.bat and


Gale Green (author).

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