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Tongue-in-cheek name, provides useful feature. Use when a BBS or a node will be down for a period of time. Gives callers a message about the system being down.
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Tongue-in-cheek name, provides useful feature. Use when a BBS or a node will be down for a period of time. Gives callers a message about the system being down.
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Contents of the DEADCAT.DOC file

NOTE: The program name deadCAT is supposed to be humerous. This is in no
way a statement about the quality of WILDCAT! My experiences with the
folks at MUSTANG SOFTWARE are nothing but 100% positive and the same holds
true for their product. This program was written before I was able to
speak with their tech support group. If you are looing for a BBS AND some
fantastic people to support it, then you should make a call to Bakersfield, CA.

deadCAT Overview
Useful if your BBS goes down unexpectedly and will remain down for more than
a day or two. Rather than just letting the phone ring, or taking it off hook
you can use deadCAT to tell 'em what happened. Kinda like an answering mach-
that plays a message but doesn't take a message.

/Cx COM port (default=COM2)
/Bxxxx Init at this baud rate (default=2400 N81)
/Ffile Send this text file after CONNECT

/Sfile Text file containing setup string
/Wxxxx Msecs delay between setup strings (Default=1000)
/R Resend this/these after each call

/Axx Answer phone on this many rings. (Default=1)
/Dxxxx Msecs delay between chars. (Default=10)
/! Local display of what is begin sent

After I had completed upgrading my BBS, I realized that the new version
was not answering the phone. This was a reasonably sized problem.
In my attempts to get it working, I wrote some small test routines to make
sure the modem was responding properly. When I finished (finally gave up)
I stitched the routines together to make deadCAT.

Basically, all this thing does is answer the phone and send a message
telling the caller whatever it is you want them to do. In my case, I
explained the problem and told them to call back in a day or two.

Here was my message:

...You have reached what is normally the DBK Support Network...

Sorry, the BBS is down for extended maintenance. It should be up soon.
Please try again in a day or two. I will set this message delivery program
to 3 rings. This way, you may abort the dial if you do not want to see
this message again. If the board is not up by Tuesday, then you may want
to check this message again for an update.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Set up a batch file that will load deadCAT with the appropriate switches.

e.g. DEADCAT /Fmesg.txt /Ssetup.str /W2000 /R /C1 /A3 /D5

This would do the following:

Load deadCAT, init COM1 and send the modem the setup string(s) contained
within SETUP.STR. Each string would be separated with a delay of 2000
Msecs. Each time someone calls, the phone is answered on the 3rd ring.
After a connection is established, MESG.TXT is transmitted with a delay
of 5 Msecs between each character. (Reading speed would be about /D20)

The setup file should contain only modem commands without the AT. The
/F file may contain any text characters. I would suggest going no
further than one screen because there is no pause control.

If the /F file you specify does not exist, you will be warned. In this
case, a generic message will be delivered to the caller:

"Technical difficulties. Please try again tomorrow. Thanks."


After deadCAT loads, you must enter call waiting mode with ALT-W !!!
deadCAT will stay in this mode until you interrupt with the ESC key.
When ESC is hit, it may take a second or two - so be patient.

To exit deadCAT, enter ALT-X.

To keep track of calls recvd, you can check out the deadCAT.LOG file
which is appended after each call.

I will support this program to the extent that I will fix bugs and add
enhancements that dont take loads of effort. If you would like to get
an update, feel free to dial into my BBS (not today!) and take a fresh
copy. The original release is dated 01-JUL-90.

If you are a golfer, my board my be of interest to you - even though
this program may not.

Have a good one...

E. Kasey Kasemodel (KASE)
SYSOP, DBK BBS in Ann Arbor, MI
(313) 662-9160

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