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ViSiON X BBS. Features multi-node, QWK packets, Fido support and more. This is a 'underground' style BBS like WWIV in its target audience.
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ViSiON X BBS. Features multi-node, QWK packets, Fido support and more. This is a ‘underground’ style BBS like WWIV in its target audience.
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Contents of the REVISION.TXT file

ViSiON-X 0.97
by Ryec







Changes as of 91c include the following:

. Config AVATAR/Linefeeds fixed
. Database menu restored
. The Void BBS removed from BBS list
. Sysop Log will not be deleted automatically, but will prompt
user if he wishes to delete it.
. Bottom Status line OFF by default
. Lowest 5 posters replaced by top 5 pcrs
. Login header placed in proper spot
. Quotin now word wraps so NO SINGLE CHARACTER IS LOST!
. leftover bug with batch file transfer fixed (thanx 4 nothing Warlord)
. Batch transfers now definable externally
. Private file to user fixed
. Can't type private files if it's not for you
. Sysops can add files to batch (even if local and file is offline)
. Existing files marked offline show up properly (no more 1k)
. No keyboard timeouts/crashes after transfers (er.. not exactly)
. WFC menu mail waiting/new calls fixed
. sysop messages not added to wfc
. password entered clears on error
. other little things

Changes as of 91f include:

. status line on/off as option
. mainstatus screen colors fixed
. net Name added as an option
. dos shell through batch file implemented
. external user editor added online (for local sysop use)
. main/file stat screens can be aborted (about time eh?)
. no DISK # prompt during single file uploads
. sysop log pauses from caller to caller

Changes as of 91g include:

. Texttrap option now works (for logging everything user does)
. ansi bug on main status screen fixed
. Top Ten Listings menu retouched
. turbo login for local sysop (Shift-F10)
. file and message conferences seperate
. 16800 modem support (?)
. lock at 57600 added (?)

Changes as of 91h include:

. file structures modified, offline files handled properly
. dorinfo generation fixed
. QWK and REP offline message support
. sysops note, you can add bulletins to your QWK packets by
creating a text (or ansi) file called BULLETIN in your
bbs directory, and a logoff comment by creating a file called
. MCI codes for external files restored
. you can now TRULY abort the display of the STATUS screens
. WFC actions added to logfile
. file list compiler spified up, changed name to something
more ViSiON-Xish..
. fixed RUNTIME error 2 bug that popped up in 91g
. conference hopping fixed
. # of file conferences and # of messages conferences seperate

Changes as of 91i include:

. fixed jump conference bug
. added VGA intro when running V-X
. removed "Use AVATAR" question until bloody thing works
. fixed chatting problem from matrix.. it now beeps when user pages
. fixed problem with QWK sending message to receiver under senders
name.. (innocent mistake.. coulda happened to anyone)
. when you select F6 from netmail menu to force poll.. you can
change yur mind now
. no duplicates files while adding multiple entries
. the delete file during multiple add works now

Changes as of 91j include:

. trans.log contains more usefull info like who uploaded/downloaded
. MESSAGE UPLOAD BUG FIXED!!! oooohhhh ahhhhh ooooooooh (bout time eh?)
. when moving file.. filename appears as reminder
. removed 2 minute delay from net
. fixed modem output lock so that shit doesn't show up on users
screen and is updated in status line. Someone fucked up this function
. when user logs in his time is adjusted if private hours is
approaching (as well as event time and net time)
. ansi fuckups after transfers (for those who have the 16550 chip) have
been fixed. If you experience problems.. go into the config editor and
turn USE 16550 FIX on. Be sure to have XU.EXE in your bbs directory.
If you're not using X00, then you're shit out of luck. Either switch
over, or live with fuckups after transfers.
. range deletion works properly now
. VGA intro is a little faster now.. got someone working on improving it

Changes as of 91k include:

. bulletin titles shows who msg is addressed to now
. resetting the autodelete doesn't take 1094871243 hours anymore,
it deletes the messages quite fast actually
. viewing inside archives now supports ZIP/ARJ/LZH and does not
require that they all be in your bbs directory. Anyplace in
your PATH is good enough.
. connections of 9600/ARQ are translated to 14400/ARQ and download
time is based on 19200 connections. This should solve the time
estimation problems. Connections of 14400/ARQ/HST are treated as
. private netmail can be read by receiver AND SENDER now.
. credits screen updated
. batch uploads can be given the filenames/descriptions/password
and who to sendto before upload begins.
. bulletin titles made neater
. single file upload filename looks right (white on blue..etc)
. greatly reduced the memory requirements for ViSiON-X, it shoudl
work fine now on everyone's computer (hopefully)
. a user can extract and view a file inside an archive when viewing
the archive contents
. ViSiON-x can accept a parameter that will cause it to force the
baud rate. I.e. if you're using a frontend mailer or something,
and it determines the incoming baudrate..rather then have vision-x
shuffle through with the Hit Return: message, it will set V-X to
the baudrate. This is done using the following syntax:

ViSiON-X.EXE /%1

where %1 is the baud rate. This makes it super easy to use. And
sends the user straight to the matrix. Don't forget the / character
it's the only way it knows that it's supposed to lock the baud rate.
. Alt-T (temporary sysop) allows user to add multiple files. Nonsysops
can no longer add multiple files while online (a bug that i'm
suprised nobody noticed but Lord Nukems
. new users added to list of last callers

Changes as of 91L include:

. message upload WORKS! at fucking last. You can send up as many as
you want. You won't believe what the problem was. So simple.. and
nobody has come across it in god knows how long..
. All dos shells for PKZIP,PKUNZIP,DSZ,etc.. have been optimized to
swap to EMS whenever possible, and provide logged error messages
so that we know what's going wrong.
. IOERROR.LST updated
. you no longer need to have pkzip,dsz,etc.. in your bbs directory.
They can be anywhere in your path.
. New mainstatus screen built in to replace Tracer's. Keep em
coming. (that one was LAME)

Changes as of 91M include:

. fixed FIFO bug when uploading message through reply's or uploading
prepared messages
. Error info more exact.. no more stupid Ioerror Unidentified Error
nonsense. Be sure you have the new IOERROR.LST
. Connect rate/baud rate distinction fixed. Whenever you want to
use your locked default rate use %2, and the user's connect
rate should be %3.
. Com ports can be locked at 57600, tho they may conflict with
modem routines depending on your brand. Only 16.8K modems
should lock it that high. It DOES NOT work with 14.4k HSTs. And
it does not truly lock the internal com routines at 57600 but
rather at 38400. It is used simply to tell DSZ for transfers
and netmail to use speed 57600. If this fucks up your transfers
and stuff.. then you'll have no choice but to lock everything
down at 38400. Tough nuggets. When your user is online and using
the board.. messages/ansi's are sent up at a speed no greater
then 38400. If i can find some new fossil routines, i'll fix it
but till then, you can be content with 57600 locked baud rate
. Fixed bug with batch uploads only accepting one predefined
upload. Woops.. simple mistake.
. I know the mainstatus screen is fucked and ugly. Just get your
own and call it mainstat.ans or status.ans (i believe both will
work). This is temporary until we get good replacements for
tracers screens.

Changes as of 91N include:

. fixed more problems with message uploads, including when sysop
locally uploads a message.
. removed bug that allows unreg'd users to have more than 5 users.
If you don't know what this little loophole is then it doesn't
. Private messages addressed to users other then receiver do not
show up in QWK packet.
. Line editor quoting now works.
. Quoting (and double quoting) strips all colors inside quoting
message to keep it one constant color. Looks neater.
. You can TYPE files during file newscan.
. DOS Shell's modified to work under OS/2
. Dave's Silly Door removed.. ๐Ÿ™‚
. New terminator II style menus.
. Netmail message tossing sped up.
. During netmail calls, DSZ won't pop up until the HUB is ready to
send the mail package. (i.e. no more DSZ timeouts on long packets)
. Added several new options to the nodelist editor.. you can list
all the nodes, and edit the last poll date of each node.
. New messages scan prompt for "messages addressed to you only?"
. Promp.DAT automatically created if non-existing
. Promptfx.exe added to customize global prompt
. During netmail, a file called NETMAIL.LOG is updated. It contains
some information on the activity of the net. It tells you who you
received netmail from, how many messages, and how many went into
each area. This should help us in dealing with net problems such
as unreceived mail, duplicate messages, and the good old 0 messages
received message.
. Private Netmail is more secure and better structured. It allows you
to use any title you want. No more of that title: PvtNetmail
. Fixed problem with email sending "this is a private netmail msg
only". Slight oversight. Private netmail should work perfectly
. Added Cyclonus' Filestat ansi as screen #3. Great job man. Keep
em coming.
. Multi-nested quoting is handled properly. No more misplaced
symbols during quoting.
. When quoting, screen does not display text then redraw screen, it
simply redraws screen. Quicker/easier/better.
. Added max number of last callers to config
. Users can edit their uploads later (E from File Menu command)
. Fixed Message Titles display.. no more roll over
. Added Download Message feature to message scan (Z from scan menu)
. File searches modified to allow for downloading, tagging, aborting.
. Multiple file uploads modified to exclude directories. A bug with
this while running under OS/2 was also fixed. I've had similar
reports of this bug (files not being added) on networks. Hopefully
this will have fixed that part too.
. If user handle is changed during online user editor, it will now
save the change.
. Sysop can no longer force the center line to scroll up during chat.
. Alt-V User online stats updated
. Split Screen chat modified to show time elapsed (a VX first) and
the current time.. both of which are updated everytime one of the
screens refresh.
. Added a Default Chat Mode. It works as follows: Set Up your default
chat selection in the CONFIG.EXE. To use default chat, press F1. To
select a chat method, press F3. In either case, F1 exits chat mode
and F2 initiates special sysop menu.
. New WFC screen.. extra information shown. Did it myself, watcha guys
think? (dis the surprise LN)
. Message top 5 says Highest Posts/PCR instead of Highest/Lowest posts
. Netmail bug with DSZ popping up after every busy call
. Netmail will automatically reset message pointers AFTER tossing

Changes as of 91O include:

. Postal Service changed from boring box to V-X grey/white header
. fixed spelling mistake in chat mode (LN makes me do these.. ๐Ÿ™
. fixed save screen with new WFC
. WFC no longer add local logon to Total Calls
. unneeded files used in QWK/REP packets deleted after use
. redid/optimized netmail routines
. started work on multinode, at this point users CAN use it, but
they will still get errors if two users post in the same message
base. (this and more to be fixed in later versions).
. added two commands in MATRIX.. UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD. They allow
users to upload and download vision-x application forms without
you having to give them access to your board. This is exclusively
for The NTG and Concealed Weapon, but can be used by others to
allow users to download somefile or something without logging on.
The only file they can download is [BBS PATH]\APPS\ViS-X.APP.
Uploads go into [BBS PATH]\APPS.

Changes as of 91P include:

. turned speaker off during logon's
. fixed netmail autodelete (i think.. wuz a prob on HUB side)
. added turbo multiple file add option to file section
. fixed blue-line overrun
. added HUB's last net call to WFC.
. fixed Avatar bug in Full Screen Editor
. added full cursor control in full screen editor. To use your
Cursor Keys, Page Up, Page Down, Home, End, Insert, and Delete
keys remotely, be sure to turn on doorway mode. They can also
be used locally with no problem. Oh ya.. also added Ctrl-Left
and Ctrl-Right which move to word left and word right
. Added option in config to allow all messages to appear in the
same quote color and same textcolor.
. During newscan, password protected areas prompt for the password.
. Improved look and feel of file moves.. especially batch moves.
. Logon allows user to fuck up his handle 3 times before canning
the chump.
. When moving files you are prompted for which conference to move
them into, followed by the area.
. New chat tune mode. Choose from default page, specific chat tune
or a randomly generated chat call. There are currently 113 tunes

Changes as of 91Q include:

. FAT Move added.. so when you move files from one directory to
another directory on the same drive, it takes less then a blink
of an eye, to move any sized file.
. When posting messages it won't always prompt you for a title. I
have found out why, and have fixed it when the user/sysop sends
E-Mail. If it occurs anywhere else, then let me know.
. Unique Message ID codes have been added to each message to avoid
duplicate messages from being sent through the net. This feature
means that the post level of each message is no longer used. Thus
to net properly, all boards must use this version or above, or
else the message ID's will all be 25 or 50 (or whatever level the
user is at) and their messages won't be accepted.
. Fixed a little problem with the HUB's ansis being displayed during
net time.

Changes as of 93A include:

. Fixed netmail problem with the runtime error 203 business.
. Added Message Status Screens
. Did some major restructing of the user structures
. Added the ability to add comments in the new user voting
. Fixed the problems with NUV such as same user being able to
vote more then once, Newuser never been deleted or validated
when right amount of votes are reached.
. Removed Glevel, Gpoints, Gfile Uploads and Gfile downloads nonsense
from online user editor and anyother place in the source.
. Conference hopping fixed for good
. Added Release/Cracking Group to file structure and made provisions
for it's use wherever applicable.
. Added file listing color configurability
. User MAcro's increased to 80 chars per macro.
. Fixed problems with configuring newscan (how it used to affect all
conferences). It works good now. Similarly fixed the access flags
(ie. which message areas users are Kicked Out of, Let In, or
allowed in according to level). This was really fucked up bad, and
as a result of it being fixed now, some of the flags may be
totally fucked up. So look over your users access flags.
. Fixed little thing for the HUB side.. if the DSZ transfers are not
successful.. the last poll date is not updated.
. If OS/2 mode is turned on in config, ViSiON-X will use standard
Copy/Delete commands to move files instead of using FAT moves
(which seem to fuck up under OS/2's HPFS)
. Added SB music to VGA Intro
. Added SB Paging (providing Use SoundBlaster in Config is on). If
it is off.. one of the other 144 pc honker tunes will play. The
Soundblaster file is called CHATCALL.MOD and you can use any mod
file for your paging.

Changes as of 94A include:

. Speeded up TT.EXE for calculating top 5 message/file stuff
. Added NUV autodelete/validate for sysops
. Added Matrix Pulldown Menu File Configurabilty to config
. Fixed Login Whistle bug
. Added little tune when system is free and SysopNext has been pushed
. Fixed netmail bug that allowed nodes to get any message base
regardless of which areas the HUB has set for that node.
. Batch download queue not cleared everytime you quit the file section.
So you should be able to go into the messages and come back to the
file section with your batch queue intact.
. Full File path removed from batch download display after transfer
. Sysops cannot edit private netmail anymore (sorry Heretic..haha)
. After calling external doors.. when door is complete.. it will return
the user back to the doors menu instead of the main menu like before.
. Increased total messages (including email, infoforms..etc.) to 30000.
This is 3 times the original amount and should guarantee that sysops
don't get a 'There is No room' when receiving netmail.
. Tidied up the config a bit. This means you will have to REENTER
everything yourself. Sorry guys.. no time for conversion program.
. Fixed little bug with chatcall going on and on when default chat
tune is set to 0 and the SBC and CHATCALL.MOD are in use.
. Re-arranged the CONFIG so that the items are a helluva LOT neater
and easier to find.
. Add TRASHCAN external file to prevent specific files from being
. Uploader Info appears at bottom of the screen for use with GSZ.
Use the environment variable SET GSZWINDOW=23 to make room for
the comments. If there's anything else you guys would like to
see down there let me know.
. Made all DSZ commands external. They can all be edited using
PROTEDIT.EXE The Miscellaneous protocols you see in there are
used for things such as message uploads, qwk/rep transfers,
netmail protocols, etc.. If you need HA SLOW in there.. here's
your chance to use it. Note that for the netmail protocols
only the first entry is used.
. Fixed it so that messages uploaded with the QWK/REP system
are credited as posted messages to boost user's PCR.
. Made sure that all uploads.. even as messages are filtered through
. Note that netmail protocols (definited externaly using PROTEDIT)
use the baud rate specified in your node editor. Thus make sure
it's accurate in there.
. The following strings in the config can now have the color codes
(|XX) in them: Sysop working string, Sysop In Dos String, Chat
Start STring, and Chat Exit STring.
. Improved the internal demon tasker for handling uploads. If the
option Check Uploads in the CONFIG is turned on, all uploads will
go through a massive testing including: Testing for CRC integrity,
VIRUSes, changing the zip comment, and deleting files from the
archive such as BBS ads. A list of BBS ads can be entered in a file
called KillList in your main bbs directory. Files that fail the
testing are deleted and no credit is given to the uploader.
. Updated the BBSLIST system to include, NUP, Group Affiliation,
comments. Plus, sysop can now edit any board entry he wants to.
. Note.. ViSiON-X gets the modem to answer the phone usually. However,
it's often more desirable to have the board detect the RING and answer
the modem itself.. so that if the board ever crashes.. your modem
won't be left on auto answer to rake up your callers bills when they
connect and just sit there in limbo. Thus if you want your bbs to
answer the phone, set the BBS Answers PHONE to YES. You must also
set your INIT string to include V1S0=0 (verbal result codes and no
auto answer). Conversely it's V1S0=1 for modem autoanswer. If you
have BBS answering the phone.. you can use a program called RINGBOOT
which will reboot your system after X rings (in the unlikely event
that your board crashes).
. Added full Slum-Dweller ansi set for status screens. Awesome job dude!
Truly the best ones we've got!
. Took a GOOD look at the AVATAR commands and found they were less then
satisfactory. Replaced a few of the incorrectly used ones (hope i did
not fuck up any in the process..) and I will add more of them where
appropriate for full AVATAR support. Note to sysops/users. There's
basicaly three types of AVATAR.. AVT/0, AVT/0+ and AVT/1. The best
of them is AVT/1. Unfortunately, Qmodem/Telix only support AVT/0 which
sucks the big one! So if you know any guys writing telecommunications
software tell them to implement AVT/1 so that we can get some kick
ass speed/commands going here. There's stuff in AVT/1 which would
speed up screen displays by 1000% ! That's right 10 time speed
increase.. sometimes even 100 times faster! No exaggeration. So
until us modemers have some COMM program that works with AVT/1, I
can't stick in the AVT/1 codes.
Anyways.. tell your users to go ahead and use AVATAR if they got it.
They'll be looking at a 15-30% speed increase in cursor movements
and whatnot. Nothing dramatic but at least the 2400 users will have
an easier time of it.
. Removed the USE NORMAL MENUS option from the config seeing as it's
not even fucken used anymore. I hate wastes of space, don't you?
. Fixed problem with file area insertion trying to copy a 0 byte
file and popping up with some fucked up error.
. Fixed problem with users applying from an unwanted area code in
AREACODE.BBS not being deleted.

Changes as of 94B include:

. Fixed problem with BBS answering modem (locking up or not working)
. Fixed problem with Sysops being able to edit private email (for
real this time)!
. Touched up NEWS list to look a little neater.
. Added the ability to EDIT NEWS items. This is done by pressing the
letter E from the NEWS EDIT menu (available to sysop).
. made it so that remote sysops can also pause the sysop log (as
opposed to having to be local).
. Fixed problem with the cursor moving all over the screen (or text
appearing in the wrong places) when the status bar is on. You should
have no cosmetic problems with this anymore.
. Redid the Alt-B status line that appears at the bottom. The new one
only takes up one line and works like a charm. NO screen fuckups
with the status line at all. Continuously pressing Alt-B will have
it toggle through all the information. I can add anything here, so
if you want to see some extra info in here.. let me know.
. Redid full screen user configuration screen. It doesn't redraw as
many times as it used to.. (faster for users), and the macros and
the newscan config have been improved. Most noticeable is the
newscan config which allows you to turn subs on or off during
message newscans. Check it out.. i'm sure you'll find it a big
. Added quick online autovalidate key. Use Alt-= to give a newuser
instantaneous access to your board. From the moment he enters his
Alias shortly after enter APPLY from the matrix, you can use this
hotkey to validate him.
. Fixed problem with users getting blacklisted for uploading REP
packet! hehehe... kinda funny.. at the time. Just a simple error
of hard coding ViSiON-X.* into the trashcan.. i changed it to
. Fixed AVATAR clear screen bug.
. When a remote sysop adds a file online.. he can no longer add files
from outside the default directory.
. All files that fail the Demon Tasker File Checker, or are found to
be in the TRASHCAN file, are placed in a directory called BAD (you
can specify where this directory will be in your CONFIG.EXE) as
opposed to being deleted.
. Remote sysops can no longer create new file areas.
. You can't set the root directories as an upload path.
. Made clear the fact that |CR could be used to add a carriage return
to your prompts (and macros).

Changes as of 94C include:

. Fixed bug that sent TAB character as o character. This is a problem
with Qmodem in Avatar mode.. kinda lame.. but what can you do. So
I manually translated Tab codes into 8 spaces.
. Fully implemented AVATAR. The old file extension of .40 has been
removed and replaced with .AVT You can create your own AVATAR files
for display to AVATAR users. They will generally go much faster.
Furthermore, if a user has AVATAR mode on, all ANSI graphics are
converted into their respective AVATAR codes. Most notably is the
repeat character sequence ^Y(CHar)(Count). In just three characters,
you can send out up to 255 occurences of the character COUNT. This
AVATAR only feature has been used to speed up the display of
external files. Basically.. all external files (written in ANSI)
will be converted to AVATAR on the fly (if the user has AVATAR on).
Each character is queued.. so if more then one occurence of the character
occurs, the above sequence is sent out instead. Altho, this is bad
when only 2 characters repeat.. this becomes extremely cool when you
get those many column lines and whatnot. Initiali benchmarks showed it
to be 10-40% faster depending on the ansi in question.
. Reorganized the BBS listing so that the Board Name comes first.
. Added Set Last CAll Date option (Z) into File Menu
. Added ^M for use in User Macros.. you can have something like
Ryec [FLT/ViSION-X]^M/S^M to sign your sig and save your message.
Note it's the ^ carrot followed by the letter M.
. Redid sysop user editor and a majority of each options. It doesn't
redraw the screen as much (much faster remotely), and has more
detailed info and whatnot.
. Now for the message bases. I'm not sure where to start but here goes.
The message structures have been TOTALLY redone. You're going to have
to delete all your messages, all your feedback, email, infoforms,
the works. In it's place is a new system that is:

1. Dynamic. THis means that a one line message won't take up 8k of
disk space (but rather.. the minimum 512 bytes). It also means
that users can upload ANY sized message what so ever. So if a
user wants to upload a 2 meg ANSI.. it WILL BE displayed in it's

2. Isolation. Each message area will have it's own index file and
text file. The same goes for the feedback, infoforms, email,
news, etc.. This will avoid sysops from having to trash their
entire messages because of one fucked up area or something.

3. Due to memory constraits, users will not be able to edit or post
(and by post, I mean type out .. not upload) messages greater
then 300 lines. I could perhaps push it to 400 but why bother..
it only takes up more memory.. and I can't imagine any user
typing up 400 lines of text..

4. Packers. Since it's a dynamic structure (and a fast one at that),
sysops will have to set up an event to run a PACKER. This packer
will in effect rebuild all the message indexs/files leaving out
the deleted ones. It's not ABSOLUTELY necessary that you run this
packer everyday.. but the longer you hold off, the longer it will
take to run. I STRONGLY suggest that sysops setup a nightly event
that starts shortly after their netmail is completed. This way,
your system is up and running at max efficiency after the
onslaught of all those felonyNet msgs (not).

5. Messages can now be paused or aborted. To abort, it's any of the
following: X, ^X, ^K, ^C, ESC or SPACE. To Pause, it's ^S or ^A
and press any other key to resume.

6. The messages are converted to AVATAR codes (if it's turned on
by the user). This will help speed up the messages somewhat.
See the above notes on AVATAR for full details.

7. Netmail structures have been modified as well. There are now
three files within the net package (as opposed to 1). You will
find that they are much smaller then earlier counterparts, and
that they too carry across the limitless message sizes. Also,
the BBS will check for incoming dupes on the NODE side as well
as the HUB side.. so slip ups on the HUBS part won't result
in you receiving dupes.

. Fixed problem with connection rates being unstable, and modem not
answering the phone (when set to BBS answers phone mode).
. Fixed problem with conference jumping. If you wish to switch
to conference 2, you can type: J,2 or J (wait) 2
. Hopefully fixed the problem with users not being able to download
because their ratio was out of wack. This was a bug in the MCI code
usage, where the %UD command would actually overwrite the user's
REQUIRED U/D ratio with the user's ACTUAL U/D ratio.. causing him
to be out of wack all the time.
. You can use a file called EMLNEWS.BBS in your textfile directory.
This file will be displayed in the EMAIL menu between the EMAIL
header and the number of incoming/outgoing mail.
. Added a cool little feature to the message areas. You can specify
specific netmail origin lines for each different net area (as well
as use the default origin lines in the CONFIG). To use the default
ones, just press ENTER on a blank line (when creating the areas).
. Added FelonyNet blacklist. Create a file called NETBLACK.LST in your
main BBS directory. All names in there will have their messages
skipped over when the HUB receives them.
. Fixed problems with Window open/close not returning cursor to the
proper position.
. Modified the Alt-H and Alt-V help/user screens to display more neatly
with full color and the bottom part being still usable.
. Feedback changed so that it's treated more like E-mail. There is
no more feedback menu. And if there is more then one sysop, the user
will have the choice of who to send feedback to.
. Modified horizontal split screen chat looks.
. Added FidoNet compatibility. For information on setting up a Fido
based net, read the dox. Thanx go to Big Mario who provided the
foundation source for the fidomailer. Note to all Fido buffs (what
few there are). This implementation of Fido is just barely getting
out of it's early stages. It was finished in 4 hours of work, so
chances are that it's not fully working. More tests will be applied
to ensure that it works 100%. You can count on Fido being fully
working (if it isn't already) by 0.96.

Changes as of 95A include:

. Fixed bug with phone not going off hook and weird characters
appearing when modem inits, etc..
. External TT.EXE program used to calculate the top ten stats has been
removed and replaced internally with a much faster routine that takes
less than 2/10ths of a second on a 386-25 with 73 users. It also updates
each time it is displayed so that it's always accurate.
. Fixed bug with netmail. Damn thing.
. Fixed some display bugs attributable to AVATAR. The only way I could
do it was substitute the proper ANSI codes for relative cursor
movements (AVATAR has no such relative commands,.. lame). Damn ANSI
and AVATAR just aren't similar enough. Maybe I'll write RYECTAR/0
or something.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Changes as of 95B include:

. Fixed bugs with doors not opening, and batch file prompt coming up
again and again.
. Redid the Config again. Much better system. Unfortunately, You'll
have to re-enter everyting once again.
. Fixed problems with netmail that were a result of no messages being
in the net base when new ones were being received. It wasn't a major
bug in any way, just made the log file inaccurate and a few minor
inconsistencies. But why stop at anything less then perfection??
. Added parameter to PACKUSER that will force it to pack user base
without stopping to wait for a prompt.
. Fixed bug with board crashing when someone tries to quote in the
single line screen editor.
. Finally found out what the reason was behind that one line of garbage
we would sometimes get in quoted messages directly under the "Quoting"
text. That's been remedied (and for those curious ones, it was caused
by users using the single line editor to quote their messages.. and
the bug was attributable to the previous author.. gotta love these
cheap shots of mine..)
. Fixed up the /W used to show the users online in multinode systems.
The display is cleaner, more accurate and no longer displays garbage
. It seems the bottom status line still fucks up occassionaly. So I've
removed the "Lvl: xxx" entry form the first page and moved it to the
. During batch transfers, if all files aren't received, the batch queue
will contain those files that have still not been successfully
. Re-enabled the Jx, Mx, Tx commands (where x is a number from 1 to 5)
which allow the user to select which conference he will be going into.
. Fixed problem with T command (for Transfer Section) asking user to
create areas as a result of it being in conference 2 of the messages,
originally, and there not being a conference 2 in the file section.
This is also attributable to the line in the config that says
"Ask Conference in File SEction?". Setting this to NO would result
in that bug. But either way, it's been fixed now.
. Removed visual bug problem when an anonymous message is posted, and
the sysop is reading the message (this occured only in if the boxed
message header was in use).
. Redid the algorithms behind the online chats. Talk about outdated
thinking!!! geezuz.. anyways, it's been retouched looks wise, made
12 times faster for both sysop and user and now redraws the screen
as little as possible. Plus, the bottom line that flings to the top
line will keep it's color in multicolor chat.
. Added F6 function key that works from any menu. Use this to load
up your CONFIG.EXE file for quick alterations. It is not listed
in the Alt-H help screen due to lack in space.
. Added Confirm file move prompt to single file moves. Just in case
you accidently move the wrong file or change your mind at the last
minute.. no names.. eh LxRD NxKE?
. Fixed up user Konfig. There were some display problems. All ok now.
. Added option in the config which will freeze user time during
chats (if so selected). But if you want to charge them for the time
they spend talking to the mighty sysop, go ahead.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
. Ok, as a result of the problems with origin line length in Fido,
the FIDOMAIL will only import/export the 1st origin line, and the
message reading will only display the first origin line.
. Modified the Last callers (W from Main) to show the node number the
user called on (when running in Multinode of course).
. Fixed the Edit Bulletin bug which would cause a runtime error 203
when the user aborts the edit bulletin command.
. Added option in config called USE AC in USERNOTE. If set to YES,
this option will search the board's userlist for the sender's
phonenumber and add his area code to the end of the usernote,
and display it (only) in the message section.
. Fixed bug with users getting blacklisted for uploading messages.
This was caused when they aborted the message upload. They'd have
a good chance of getting blacklisted, and your text files would
suddendly increase 9 or 10 megs ๐Ÿ˜‰ The cause for this was
discovered by Wolverine. Thanx go to him for guiding me to the
cause of the problem.
. Added 3 options under Miscellaneous dealing with the status screens.
As per the request of that LxRD NxKE fella, the main, message and
file status screens can be optionially turned on/off.
. Added Conference Access flags for File Conferences. Now you can
determine which Msg/File conferences users will be allowed in,
without having to give them access to both Msg/File areas when you
give them access to a conference. Confused? It'll come clear to you
. Redid the credits (^) screen.
. Added default file listing colors to the config

Changes as of 95C include:

. Added full Color Scrollback (Up arrow key from anywhere). That's the
good news. The bad news is that it's only 12k (3 pages) in size. But
here's some more good news. It works like a charm! It even works in
the message section. Heck, it works ANYWHERE I'm glad to say. I'll
get it bigger somehow.
. Messages are now included in texttrap (why not eh?).
. Fixed it so users can't type files in a no download area.
. Well ho! In the same beta release.. increased the size of the scroll
back buffer to 32k (8 pages). Plus fixed bugs in scrollback display
when AVATAR was turned on. And also, set it so that the scrollback
is disabled in message editing, so that the cursor keys still work.
. Made it so that you can enter 5- (when asked to quote lines) and
it will accept lines 5 and onward.
. Fixed bugs with CONFIG crashing when .DAT files aren't there. Plus
note, I made an error in assuming DSZ was case insensitive. Make
certain that ALL DSZ command lines are in their proper case (more
often then not in lower case).
. Fixed (hopefully for the last time) the problems associated with
message uploading and the trashcan. Heretic.. maybe your dream
trashcan idea was really a nightmare in disguise. But I guess we'll
have to live with it and iron out the bugs through experience,
anger, grief, frustration and a few properly used curses.
. Scrollback stabilized and activated ONLy when sysop is on locally.
This should keep the remote end fairly quick.
. Added /Save command for multinode. This allows you to send a message to
another node. It shows up the next time he presses a key in a menu.
. Added /Help command for multinode. It shows you a list of all commands
that work with multinode.
. Added 3 new message headers. They make look familiar to a few of you.
The more the merrier I say.
. Changed the look of the current message area box.
. Greatly speeded up the search for new users to vote on.
. Redid the login and system password boxes to the new Ryec Grip (Tm)
boxes.. ehehe.. it looks original you gotta admit.
. Double checked on all newscans, plus added a new feature to the file
newscanning. You can select Y to newscan all online areas, or A to
newscan both online and offline areas.
. Tried my best to ensure that all files are kept closed and opened
only when needed. This will be of great help to those systems which
crash at odd times and multinode boards in general. Alas, until this
goes through some major testing, it's possible that i've missed
a few key RESET or CLOSE statements in the source. If ever you see
a blank screen with nothing happening, or some kind of information
not being saved.. note down the circumstances in which it happened.
Then push a few keys and see if you can sneak out of it.
. Fixed bugs related to file moving into different conferences (both
for the single move and batch moves)
. Fixed bug in which the Your Stats command from the file section did
nothing if the Use File Stats screen in the CONFIG was set to NO.
. Fixed bug with user entering netmail session if net password left
blank in CONFIG. Thanx go to Pepsiman for pointing out.. and boo for
the beta sites that NEVER spotted this one.
. Completed a good portion of the multinode chat. It's probably gonna
be a little buggy but it'll get ironed out eventually. It includes
features such as on the fly colors, up to 4 real-time split screen
chats, instantaneous window sizing for new chatters, buffered input,
text scrolling, a paging system, and the works. Currently, the
paging system fucks up at times and it's possible that one window's
buffer will underflow (resulting in all of it being displayed). I'll
work on that in the upcomming betas. Till then, this should satisfy
most multinode fanatics. Btw, It's BLAZING FAST! I tested it on a
hard drive with a small cache. If you point the NODEDAT directory
to a ramdisk.. you'll turbo.. guaranteed.
. Did some work on the file request option in the file section (F).
It's not done.. but it's there for expansion purposes.
. Added file sharing to the multinode chat, for more reliable
interaction. It's not perfect yet tho.. so I've gotta keep at it.
. Added chat delay factor to the config. Use this to time the PC
chat tunes. I found a value of 5 to be approximately the right
value for a 386-25 and a value of 11 for a 486-33. Experiment by
trying different values and testing the chats.

Changes as of 95D include:

. Fixed bug with message replying crashing at odd times. This was
reported by Lord Nuke before he jumped off a bridge.. and was
attributable to the title being cut off at a certain point. This
has been ratified, and it works fine now.
. When reading a message locally, you can 'download' the message
into a text file.
. Fixed problem with 11 digit international numbers not being accepted.
. With the ungoing quest to make multinode safer, I've altered the
message routines so that the files are kept closed until needed.
What this means is that you'll get a lot of driver activity in the
message area, going from one message to the next. It has to open the
file, seek to it, read from it then close it (as opposed to seek then
read only). The positive side to this is that there's a good chance
you won't ever lose messages or get crossed linked stuff. Plus the
fact that if you're running multinode, two users can be in the same
message base at the same time and not run into any problems.
. Added option to email menu (M) which will modify (edit) outgoing
. Fixed bug with NUV rejects still showing up in user list even tho
their records are wiped.
. Fixed it so that the full screen user editor quit when you delete
the user.
. Added command line parameter. Run ViSiON-X.EXE /POLL to immedietely
poll FelonyNet. Once poll is over, it will exit back to DOS. This
can be useful for multi-net systems running under Fido.
. Fixed the ansi/avatar detect to work quicker and more effectively.
. When listing users, the Area Codes appear in a different color for
locals then for LD users.

Changes as of 95E include:

. Fixed problems associated with computer locking when More Prompts
were turned on. Another page fault problem or something, fixed by
compiling a unit into memory rather then as an overlay. Go figure.
. Ok did some more work on the scrollback. This attempt to speed it
up was successful! On an ansi that took 4.05 seconds without the
scrollback, I was able to decrease the amount of time it took
from 13.18 seconds to 5.98 seconds. So currently, the scrollback
display speed is 67% of normal, as opposed to 30%. I'll continue
to work to speed it up, but I doubt I can do anymore (the 'slow'
routine is in 90% assembly right now). So now that it's fast, I
will no longer disable the scrollback if a user is on remotely.
If you want the scrollback off permanently, you set it off in
the config. Otherwise, it's used all the time.
. Fixed but with qemm errors while running the config (I hope).
. Fixed bugs during message newscan.. 1) Having to push enter twice
and 2) it not working properly.
. I don't know what it is with the config.. but it still crashes.
I've noticed that it crashes whenever the DATA dir does not exist,
and the protocol files aren't in there. Dunno why.. but it happens
now and again. So if you are running the config.. make sure the above
is met.. (especially in multinode).
. Fixed bug with Message Reading prompt not appearing in message base.
. Added some stuff in the config for FIDO.. the fidonet name, shortname
and origin line. Plus set it so that the Fido origin line doesn't
overwrap to the next line.
. Fixed the bug with the runtime error 203 when sysop goes to downloads
a message and then aborts the process.
. Fixed the bug with new users not showing up in NUV and other problems
relating to writing to the user file of NUV users.
. The newuser procedure will ask for a password 3 times only before it

Changes as of 95F include:

. Finished the configurable chat. This baby allows you to have up to 50
independently configured chats at once. Read the DOX for info on using
the CHATCFG.EXE program. Ultimate thanks go to High Voltage who brought
an original idea of his own into reality.
. Removed that stupid shit (!!) that kept showing up beside uploader
name and in other places in the file section.
. Fixed that stupid Switching to conference 1 bug that wipes out your
first message base if user doesn't have access to 2nd conference.

Changes as of 96A include:

. Fixed up arrow in message base.
. Commas not allowed in file descriptions
. Fixed display bug with EDIT file command (Sending To:)
. Totally redid all fossil/comm routines. As it stands now:

- You NO LONGER need a fossil driver (such as X00 or BNU) but it
will work with one installed (for Frontdoor etc..)

- The 16550 bug has totally DISAPPEARED with the new fossil

- You can configure the size of the modem Input and Output buffer
in the config.

- ViSiON-X will now support COM ports 1-4.

- All modem input/output is buffered so there should be no char.
loss or garbage ansi anymore for 2400's

Changes as of 96B include:

. Fixed some problems that arose with the new fossil routines, such as
lack of CTS flow control, character loss, unwaranted pauses, slow
downs, etc..
. Fixed shelling and other such activities that would affect the left
over routines and interrupt vectors, causing the board to hang or
a QEMM error (one more to our list) coming up. It should function

properly once again.
. Fixed (while I was in the neighborhood) the problem with the EVENT
spawning a door call after it is completed. Now ViSiON-X will exit
with the proper errorlevel (0).
. Also, while I was in the neighborhood (it's funny where all these
bugs take me), I fixed the problem the sysop gets when the dos
shell password is entered remotely. You'll find the display a lot
more appropriate now.
. Fixed the bug with the FIDOMAIL only importing 9 messages.
. Fixed a good number of problems related to the new modem routines,
such as the pause at logon, the zip lab screwing up, the doorway
shell, etc... There's probably a few other places where problems
will arise, but now that i know how to take care of them, they
will be easily fixed.
. Fixed forward email bug with it not quoting.

Changes as of 96C:

. I've undertaken the task of cutting down on the size of the
EXE and OVR file. I believe this may be the cause of the problems
we're having with QEMM and random problems and lockups.
. The first thing removed is all the internal ANSI's. They will
now be provided externally with the install program.
. Added ^R and ^P to string editing that will bring up old descriptions
. Hopefully fixed most of the problems with lockups! maybe..

Changes as of 96D:

. Fixed status color loss in file status screen
. Fixed problem with free file areas still expecting user to
have file points
. Fixed that status screen header
. Made sure that silly interrupt that the new fossil routines grabs is
ALWAYS restored. If it isn't you'll find V-X (and sometimes OTHER
applications) locking up when it goes to reload (or if phone rings!).
. Fixed bug with View All Sysops command from sysop menu crashing
. Fixed Cosmetic bug with news display

Changes as of 96E:

. DAMN! missed a spot. Logging on locally, pressing Shift-F10 and
then logging off leaves the damn interrupt unrestored (leaving ya
open to lockups (10-50% chance). Damn, damn.. it's gone.

. Ok, I can guarantee the interrupt vector gets released now.. even
if a runtime error occurs. Sysops should keep their eyes open for
any and all run time errors. Record the number and the location.
You may see, runtime error 202, 203, 204. The first one was not
reported earlier and may have been responsible for those odd
crashes. At least now, you'll get a runtime error and the board
will be reloaded (anything's better than just hanging eh?).

Changes as of 96F:

. Shortened the ^R ^P description thing so it doesn't overflow the line.
. Redid batch upload input sequence
. Redid the vision-x headers
. Fixed bug with last callers header being too big
. Added new option in CONFIG that lets sysop determine what level a
user must have to view/extract from an archive.
. Added the ability to extract files from an archive and download them.
. The Hackman (the dude) finds the Sysop Available bug! World is
stunned by discovery..
. Another point for the Hackman who discovered the cause of the
infamous last-read pointer reset in area 1!
. Added 5 line descriptions and FILE-ID.DIZ (10-line) reading (goofs)
. The CONFIG option Auto Validate uploads now works.
. Fixed problem with screen disappearing when you enter an area
with no messages.
. fixed problem with cracking group distorting the description
. each file area can now determine the level a user must have to
be able to upload and download. This means you can have an area
where only couriers can download by all users can see the files.
. Set it so that the file header for extended display is the same
as the normal listing header
. Fixed problem with not being able to blank (delete) file
. Archive extraction requires that you have sufficient file points
to download it. NO more free-loafing ..hehe.
. You can now create a file called TOOSLOW.BBS in your textfile
directory. This screen will be shown to users who's baud rates
are far too slow (before they're asked for the password).
. Fixed problem with [Netmail Host] popping up around midnight,
even though the sysop has no netmail hours set.
. Fixed problem with Kill Area command nuking all the file listings
in the areas following the one being deleted.
. Fixed problems with file sorting 'fake-locking' and made it look
a little better as well.
. Added a configurable message header. For further information
look it up in the dox.
. Added full editing to the string descriptions (i.e. given Old,
prompted for New). This includes Cursor Left, Right, Home, End,
^R, ^P (mentioned earlier), Ctrl-Left (word left), and Ctrl-Right
(word right).

Note: Make sure you have the line SET DSZLOG=[DRIVE:]\PATH in the batch
file that loads up your bbs. Where DRIVE:\PATH is the same one as found
in your CONFIG program, line 135. This will (hopefully) ensure that all
batch uploads are handled alright.

Here is a sample batch file of RUN.BAT needed to run the board:

@echo off
cd \bbs
vision-x %1 %2 %3 %4 %5
if errorlevel 255 goto Reboot
if errorlevel 120 goto START
if errorlevel 119 goto ALT9
.. ..
if errorlevel 111 goto Alt2
if errorlevel 110 goto ALT1
if errorlevel 90 goto FATAL
if errorlevel 9 goto CtrlBREAK
if errorlevel 4 goto EXIT
if errorlevel 3 goto Door
if errorlevel 2 goto EXIT
goto START


echo Later dude.

Notice several things.. errorlevels between 120 and 254 should never
occur, but that will trap them in case they do for some oddball reason.
Error levels 119-110 occur when you press Alt-9 to Alt-1 on your keyboard.
They can be used for little macros, to run your terminal program, external
user editor, etc.. Fatal errors should generally force a computer reset
to ensure proper functioning. Ctrl-Break can be handled as you please.
EXIT is when your BBS terminates (or SYSOP next), and DOOR should call

In most systems, the best setup is to use two batch files. RUN.BAT and
BBS.BAT. The latter of which is a small batch file that would initialize
your fossil driver and set the DSZLOG environment. Then it would call
RUN.BAT. Here's an example of BBS.BAT:

@echo off
cd \vision-x
x00 e
xu set:1:38400:8N1 lock:1:38400
Set DSZLOG=c:\vision-x\dsz.log /* same as in V-X Config */
echo Loading BBS, please wait..


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