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File Download Counter ver 3.2 Annotates PC Board DIR files with the number of times a file has been downloaded.
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File Download Counter ver 3.2 Annotates PC Board DIR files with the number of times a file has been downloaded.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

README.TXT File Download Counter (tm) Version 3.20

Copyright (C) 1990-91 by Brandon M. Bachman, All Rights Reserved.

This file contains important information that should be reviewed before
installing or upgrading your copy of File Download Counter.


Read 'HISTORY.DOC' for a list of new features in File Download Counter
Version 3.00 since your last update.

If you are upgrading from v3.00 or before I would sugest doing a
completely new installation.

I added a great new parameter to the .CFG file called PCBLIST, this
option lets you list the name of the DIR.LST created by PCBoard so
when you make a change in PCBoard's configuration of path names the
change is automatically caried over to FDC. This makes FDC virtually
maintance free.

A new command line argument /CFG= has been added. This will allow
users to have multiple configuration files, read the documentation,
and history file for more details.

A new parameter PURGE=x has been added to the .CFG file. This allows
auto-cleanup of the database stored on disk. FDC will automatically
delete any files which have been stored in the .CFG file for longer
than XX number of days. Specify 0 if you do not want a database to be

ALWAYS run your prior version of FDC one last time just before upgrading
to ensure the 'Last Run Date' pointers are not lost when upgrading the
FDC.CFG file.


After you have configured the FDC.CFG file to your needs you need
to run File Download Counter with the /START command line option
to initialize FDC. An example starting for the first time would be
'FDC.EXE /START'. After proper initialization the command is only
'FDC' for updating.

Please read the documentation, File Download Counter can be simple
yet complicated for sophiscated custom configurations.

If you have problesm don't hesitate to call 801-292-3308 for technical

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