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Will check the FMS directory structure for RBBS 17.4+.
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Will check the FMS directory structure for RBBS 17.4+.
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Contents of the FMSCHK.DOC file


for the

IBM Personal Computer

Version 1.0


John Krytus
246 Gardner Avenue
Northwood, Ohio 43619
Voice (419) 691-9700
Data (419) 691-1125

November 1990

1.0 Program Description
I wrote this utility because I needed a way to verify my fms
master.dir with the actual physical files on disk. There is
an entry in the download directory, but the file has been
removed, misplaced, etc. So, I wrote this utility to check
my fms directory against the actual physical files on disk.

2.0 Required files
There are really three most important files in order to run this
utility. They are as follows:

1. Fmschk.exe Main EXE program.

2. Fmschk.doc Documentation for Rbbs sysops.

3. Fmschk.cfg Config file to tell Fmschk where your master.dir
and fmsdirs.dat and fmsdirs.dat is.

4. Fmsdirs.dat ASCII file that tell fmschk where what and
where your subdirs are.

NOTICE: Be sure you maintain the exact
format for this file. Especially
the trailing back slash.

3.0 Setup

Setting up this utility is easy. You will need to enter the required
file name and locations in the fmschk.cfg file. I would put the
fmschk.exe, fmschk.cfg, and the fmsdirs.dat file in the same sub-
directory as the master.dir.

This program in no way modifies your existing master.dir file.

4.0 Running the Utility program
All that is really necessary is to invoke the exe file at the
main DOS prompt. Something like this:


The program will begin by making a window on your screen and
reading the specified fms directory file as specified in the
fmschk.cfg file. After reading the first record of the fms
directory (master.dir), fmschk will then begin looking thru
the specified subdirs in the fmsdirs.dat file. Fmschk will
when finding the file print, file found. Should it not find
the specified file, fmschk will then print on your screen, file
not found. Fmschk will also write a log file of the filenames
it cannot find to the missing.fms filename as specified in
the fmschk.cfg.

5.0 Limitations
I do not use the extended comments in my master.dir file.
Therefore, if you do, Fmschk will just skip over these comments.
Fmschk will still check the file though.

6.0 Problems
Shouldn't be any. But if you do experience any, get in touch with
me and I'll try to help you out.

7.0 Sharing the cost
If you like my utility, please let me know. In fact, if you really
want to send of message of approval, send me a donation for my time
to encourage me to write more.

8.0 Guarentees
There are none. Although, if you use the fmschk file as indicated
herein, it should be useful to you. I DO NOT make any promises
whether spoken, written, or implied. Use at your own risk.

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