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A collection of WWIV utilities.
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A collection of WWIV utilities.
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Contents of the HISTORY.DOC file

WWIV Utilities history


v1.0 : First working version.
v1.01: Haha...fixed a typo in the messaging.


v1.0 : First working version.
v2.0 : Some interior code reworking and added SL lockouts.
v2.01: Minor change to report headers by request.


v1.0 : First working version.
v2.0 : Attempted to fix the bug that users would not get a message at all
if DOS interupts were not captured by WWIV. Failed miserably. Sorry.
v2.1 : Found the problem with above and traced it to the IBMCOM.TPU v3.0. The
problem was remedied and messaging worked fine.
v3.0 : Code modularized and sped up, much thanks to Damaged form most of the

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