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RBBS utility to create list of the 'hottest' files in the past so many days.

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HOTlist v. 1.51: makes list of hottest recent files for RBBS systems.
Produces a list of the hottest files on your RBBS-PC (R) BBS for the
past so many days: ideal as a system bulletin and a downloadable list.
It is simple to use, fun to watch, very rudimentary, and FREE! FREE!

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RBBS utility to create list of the ‘hottest’ files in the past so many days.
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Contents of the HOT.DOC file

HOTlist v. 1.51
Copyrite (C) 1993 by John V. Higgins, All Rights Reserved.


HOTlist produces a list of the hottest files on your RBBS-PC (R) BBS for
the past so many days. It is simple to use, fun to watch, very rudimentary,


HOTList requires a configuration file called HOT.CFG to be in the same
subdirectory. This configuration file will contain a minimum of
six lines as follows:

bulet21 <--- Bulletin or base text file to create
10 <--- for the last xx days
1 <--- don't bother with anything d/l'd this many times
\dir\master.dir <--- name of FMS directory
MdTA RBBS <--- bulletin header line (can be blank)
CALLER1 <--- Caller file
CALLER2 <--- other caller files (optional)

Line 1: this will be a text file; you can specify a path if you desire
If you want an ANSI color bulletin, DO NOT add a "c" or "g"
to the file name: Hotlist will create an ANSI file in all cases
and add a "c" to the file name you use here.

Line 2: A number. Specifically, how many days back should HOTlist look?

Line 3: There will be many files downloaded just a couple times.
Any file downloaded this many times, or fewer, will not be
included in your bulletin file (specified on line 1).

Line 4: The FMS master directory, or similar text file with file names
beginning in column 1. Hotlist gets a one-line description
from here to put into your 'hot' bulletin.

Line 5: The bulletin header line. Hotlist will place whatever you put
here on the first line of the 'hot' bulletin. Typically, you
will put your BBS name here. Use about 20 lead spaces to
help center this line. If you don't want a header line, you
must at least leave a blank line here.

Line 6: Callers file. Ya gotta have at least 1. You can specify a
path for the callers files, too. HOTlist expects a regular
RBBS-type callers file. You don't need anything more than
these four lines.

Lines 7 - 9 (OPTIONAL): If you have more than one callers file, include them,
one per line, on lines 7 through 9. HOTlist will root through them
each in turn.

Earlier versions use a slightly different .cfg file. Upgrading
from versions 1.3 or 1.4 requires the insertion of line 5, the
header line. Pre-1.3... why not just start over? It's not
that much.

GENERAL: HOTlist v1.5 is not optimized for speed. This makes it an
ideal utility to run when no one is around (like that?). E.g.
in the middle of the night. I do not recommend that any of your
other nodes - in a mult-node system - be busy with callers, as
this may cause HOTlist to fail. On a system that is
powered-down once a day, the autoexec.bat would be a good place
to invoke HOTlist, otherwise make it part of your daily
maintenance routine.

You should also make your parameters such that your 'hot' list
includes only 10-15 files: the really HOT files. You can keep
the list short & hot by requiring a high number of downloads
during a short period of time.

Starting with version 1.5, Hotlist was changed to make a file
which would be appropriate as a downloadable bulletin. You
could use Tom Craver's FMSFLUP utility (The Rainbow Zen BBS), or
a similar one, to put your bulletin on the end of your FMS list,
right after ALLFILES.

5-13-93 v 1.51 Added bulletin header line, and "from" and
"to" notations; configuration file changed.
Final display shows elapsed time.

5-11-93 v 1.4: Added ANSI bulletin capabilities; improved
"hit" rate on reading callers files

4-29-93 v 1.3: improved speed; improved stability
fiddled with "searching" display

4-28-93 v 1.2: Files listed most - to least now; added a LITTLE
extra error handling bells & whistles.

4-27-93 v 1.1: Hot file description taken from FMS and added to bulletin

4-10-93 v 1.0: initial release


HOTlist is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either
expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied
warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The
entire risk as to the quality and performance of the program is with the
user, and should the program prove defective, the user and not the
author will assume the entire cost of all necessary remedies. The
author does not warrant that the functions contained in the program will
meet any users' requirements or that the operation of the program will
be uninterrupted or error-free.

HOTlist is presented as Freeware. You are free to use it for
non-commercial use as long as you like. Please share it with your
friends or upload it to Bulletin Boards provided you distribute the
entire and unaltered archive file.

For an optimized -Shareware- version of HOTlist, you may contact the
author at PO Box 217, Joppa, Md. 21085, or check your favorite Maryland
area BBS.

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