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Comprehensive info on QWK format and layout.

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QWK File Layout 1.0 [23 Feb 92] by Patrick
Lee. This is one of the most comprehensive
file on the QWK-format. It covers everything
from the format itself, implementation notes,
to known mail doors, readers, & utilities
that support the QWK format. It also include
contact information for many QWK authors.

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Category BBS Files
Comprehensive info on QWK format and layout.
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Contents of the CONTACT.TXT file

Current QWK Related Products
by Patrick Y. Lee
February 23, 1992

The compilation is Copyright 1992 by Patrick Y. Lee.

The QWK-format is Copyright 1987 by Sparkware.

All program names mentioned in this compilation are either Copyright or
Trademark of respective owner(s).

The author provides this file as-is without warranty of any kind, either
expressed or implied. You are using the information in this file at your
own discretion. The author assumes no responsibilities for damages, either
physically or financially, from the use of this information.

This compilation may be freely distributed by any means (electronically,
paper, etc.), provided that it is distributed in its entirety. Portions of
this document may be reproduced without credit.

Updates to this file (only the listing portion of it) will be posted once a
month on the Off-line conferences on ILink, Intelec, and RIME.


QWK-format Mail Doors

BBS Software Door & version Author

Auntie QWiKer 1.0 Cody Gidson
Celerity built-in for 1.39 & up
FoReM/Turbo MaxiDoor (Atari ST) Shawn T. Smith
GAP KingMail/GAP (alpha) Mike King
MarkMail/GAP Mark Turner
GTPower BGQWK B. J. Guillot
MajorBBS MjrMail Greg Hewgill
Maximus built-in
OmegaBBS Omail 1.0 David C. Higley
PCBoard Cam-Mail Cam DeBuck
Complete Mail Derek Backus
DJMail 1.17 Derrick Burgess
KMail 2.91 Ken Krueger
MarkMail 1.58 (2.0) Cliff Watkins
Qmail 2.34 (4.0) Mark Herring
RoseMail 1.51 Vic Kass
QuickBBS TurboMail 1.2 Randy Blackmond
(ceased development)
RBBS Jimmer 1.5 Jim Goodenough
MailMan 1.24 Chip Morrow & Doug Wilson
Remote Access MKQwk 1.02 Mark May
RAMail 3.0 Randy Blackmond
SearchLight SLQWiK Jack Ridgeway
Spitfire JetMail 1.05 D. J. Chuang
SFMail Qwk 3.0 Bob Zimmerman
SuperBBS built-in
TriTel TriMail 2.1 Mark D. Goodwin
UltraBBS built-in 2.0 Bob Farmer
Virtual BBS built-in 5.40
Waffle WafLineMail 1.0 (2.0) Kristopher Nelson
Wildcat! Tomcat! 2.9 Greg Hewgill
WWIV WOMR-QWK () Will Hobday


QWK-format Mail Readers

Reader name Author

Amiga - No name yet Bill Sidhipong
Amiga-Mail Elite 1.06 Patrick Evans
Areader 1.0 (2.0) (Amiga) Todd Sieland-Peterson
Azerty 1.0 (comes with C source) Ren Cougnenc
BasMAIL - Begin written Darryl Basner
CoCo/OS9 systems - SCRIBE31.AR
EZ-Reader 1.37 / 2.0027 Eric Cockrell
Freddie 1.1 (Macintosh) Kem Tekinay
JABBER 1.1 Marcos Della, Shad Muegge
KingQWK 1.00 Mike King
Macintosh - No name yet - Being written Stan Witkowski
MaxiMiser 1.60 (Atari ST) Shawn T. Smith
MegaReader 2.10 Kip Compton
Message-View 1.10 (Amiga) Robert Gibbs
Mirage 1.00 - Windows Michael Nelson
OFFLINE 1.36 Harvey Parisien
OffLine eXpress 2.2 Mustang Software, Inc.
OMK (Opus Message Kit) 2.01 Roland Brown
PC-Mail Elite 1.0 Chris Lautenbach
Personal Mail Database Manager 1.7 Les Gyurky
Power-QWK 2.15a Gale Green
Qmail DeLuxe 1.21 Mark Herring
QWIX (UNIX systems) Dave MacRae
RoseReader Gold/Platinum 1.60 Vic Kass
Session Manager 1.06 Patrick W. Hart
Silly Little Mail Reader 2.1a Greg Hewgill
SPEED 1.0 Jim Smith
The Mail Reader (in ) Jason Hills
WinQwk 1.30 Doug Crocker
WinRead 2.2 Ollivier Civiol
XRS (eXpress Response System) 5.0 Mike Ratledge
(Via 3rd party utility XCS 1.10 by R.J. Kusters)
Zord 1.03 Chris Sturgess


QWK-format Based Network Softwares

Software BBS Software Author

CNet UltraBBS
FireNet Spirfire
QWiKerNet Auntie Cody Gibson
QNet 2.04 (3.00) PCBoard Mark Herring
RNet 1.07 (1.08I) PCBoard Robert Vostreys
TNet Wildcat! Mustang Software Inc.


Utilities to manipulate QWK-format Mail Packets

BW2QWK21.ZIP by Ronald E. Raikes

Blue Wave 2.1 <-> QWK convertor program - Converts BlueWave mail pack-
ets so they are readable by QWK mail readers and convert REP replies
back to Blue Wave format. BlueWave 2.05 door by George Hatchew cur-
rently run on Fido, Opus, QuickBBS, Remote Access, SuperBBS, and
Telegard systems.

CatQWK (CATQWK22.ZIP) by Patrick Lee

Utility to combine one or more QWK files into one. This program is
entirely command line driven and supports the use of wildcard file-
names. It supports whichever archive program the user chooses to use.
It will create the PERSONAL.NDX file if told to do so. It can be set
up in under a minute and best of all, is free!

EZ-Utility (EZUTL103.ZIP) by Eric Cockrell

EZ-Utility will convert a mail packet in ProDoor ZipM format into QWK
readable format. It will perform the inverse -- from REP into text
file that can be uploaded using the ASCII protocol. It's freeware.

Filter (FILT162.ZIP) by Patrick Lee

Utility program to re-create the index files so that they skip messag-
es from a list of users. This will let the user read the mail, and
never seeing messages from those who the user does not want. It is
very fast and can filter up to 50 names. It's freeware.

MessageFilter 2.00 (MF200.ZIP) by Robert Hoffmann

Program to delete or separate messages from people whose messages you
don't want to see.

QWKMerge (QWKM100.ZIP) by Mike King

QWKMerge is a utility which allows the user to combine several QWK
packets from any one BBS into a single master QWK packet. The result-
ing QWK packet can be read by any QWK reader. QWKMerge can automati-
cally delete duplicate messages and purge messages which have been
flagged by the KingQWK reader to be killed. QWKMerge "untrashes" QWK
files altered by other off-line readers. It is entirely user
configurable by BBS and by conference, and comes complete with a
scripting language for unattended operation.

QWKSCAN 3.0 (BBQWK30.ZIP) by Elliott W. Jackson

QWKSCAN allows you to search for text inside QWK message packets or
REP reply files using AND/OR logic operations. It can filter out
messages and remembers up to 10 search strings. It is completely menu
driven but can be run from the command line as well. It provides you
with means to save found messages to file or send to the printer.

QWKTXT40.ZIP by Jeffery Foy

QWKTXT40 takes a .QWK mail archive downloaded from a BBS & converts
the messages into an ASCII text file. The file containing the messag-
es will be named MESSAGES.TXT. Public domain with C source.

TXT2REP (TXT2REP1.ZIP) by Geoffrey Sy

TXT2REP 1.00 [28 Dec 91] - Utility to convert text file into REP mail
packets that can be uploaded to QWK-format mail doors. It operates
from the command line, and will automatically create multiple messages
if text file is too long. This is freeware!


Contact Addresses

The following is a list of mailing addresses, BBS phone numbers, and EMail
addresses for authors who have QWK-format programs. It is compiled from
documentation files as well as BBS messages. I have tried to be as accu-
rate as possible, but editing error is inevitable. If there is an error,
or you have additional information, or a new entry, please contact me via
any of the methods outlined below. This list is in alphabetical order by
last name, or by the name of the company.

Derek Backus (Complete Mail Door)

Derek Backus
900 Sunset Blvd. #1E
Arcadia, CA 91007

The Labyrinth BBS (818) 447-6957

Randy Blackmond (RAMail)

Randy Blackmond
RR #1 Box 634
Anthony, NM 88021

Randy's Basement BBS (505) 589-0319 USR HST DS

RIME: Doors, Sysops, Shareware, and Remote Access conferences

Roland Brown (OMK)

RIME: Off-line conference

Derrick Burgess (DJMail)

Derrick Burgess
23311 Schoolcraft Street
West Hills, CA 91307-2418

Voice (818) 347-2910

CompuServe: 71750,2560

D.J. Chuang (JetMail)

DJ Chuang
3909 Swiss Avenue, #264
Dallas, TX 75204

Voice (214) 826-3149

The Solid Rock
JetMail support BBS
(714) 785-9176

RIME: Off-line conference

Ollivier CIVIOL (WinRead)

Ollivier CIVIOL
75017 PARIS

LI'LL BBS 33-1-40-82-90-96 (FidoNet 2:320/7)
MODULA 33-1-45-30-12-48
SOVITEC 33-1-48-09-39-04 (Author's)

Eric Cockrell (EZ-Reader)

Thumper Technologies
P.O. Box 471346
Tulsa, OK 74147-1346

Thumper's Den BBS (918) 355-4409 USR HST

Kip Compton (MegaMail reader)

Kip Compton
P.O. Box 206
MIT Branch
Cambridge, MA 02139

BBS (703) 690-7361

Doug Crocker (WinQwk)

Crystal Cavern BBS (206) 486-0160

FidoNet: 1:343/105

Cam DeBuck

BBS (801) 489-3558 HST
(801) 489-7558 2400 baud

Marcos Della & Shad Muegge (JABBER)

Della & Muegge Enterprises
P.O. Box 4251
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

The JABBER Underground BBS (707) 575-0636 USR HST DS

CompuServe: Marcos Della 71675,765
FidoNet: 1:125/180
ILink: Off-line
Internet: [email protected]
RIME: Off-line

Patrick Evans (Amiga-Mail Elite)

Patrick Evans
Box 785
Nobleton, Ontario
L0G 1N0

Toronto Twlight Communications
Node 1 (416) 833-2714 HST 9600-14400
Node 2 (416) 833-2685 HST 1200-9600

Jeffery Foy (QWKTXT40)

Jeffery Foy
c/o Jiffy Software
14509-8th N.E.
Seattle, WA 98155-6945

Voice: (206) 362-8158 (weekends only)

FidoNet: 1:343/600.7
Internet: [email protected]

Robert D. Gibbs (Message-View)

Robert D. Gibbs
4660 Voyager Drive
Pensacola, FL 32514

Voice: (904) 474-9470

FidoNet: Amiga echo as Rob Gibbs

Jim Goodenough (JIMMER)

Jim Goodenough
2 Creekview Court
Santa Rosa, CA 95409

BBS (USR HST) (707) 538-8710
BBS (2400/1200/300 baud) (707) 538-8780
Work (24 hour voice mail) (707) 794-3405
Home (before 9:30 Pacific Time) (707) 539-4634

RIME: Shareware conference

Mark D. Goodwin (TriMail)

The Lobster Buoy BBS (207) 469-6556

Gale Green (Power-QWK)

PowerLine Systems Ltd.
44 Rydal Way
Ruislip, Middx

Direct-Line Online System: 081-841-1847 2400 + MNP5
081-842-2030 USR HST DS
081-842-4176 USR HST DS
081-845-5811 USR HST DS

CompuServe: 70007,4737
ILink: Off-line conference

B.J. Guillot (BGQWK)

B.J. Guillot
2611 Rushwood Circle
Houston, TX 77067-1941

Voice (713) 893-9123
Support BBS (713) 893-9124

RIME: Turbo Pascal conference

Les Gyurky (PMDBM)

Les Gyurky
1193 Woodbine Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4C 4E1

Voice (416) 421-6104

ILink: Off-line conference
Intelec: Off-line conference
Internet: les.gyurky%[email protected]
NaNet: PMDBM conference
RIME: Off-line, Shareware conferences
UUCP: canrem!les.gyurky

Patrick W. Hart (Session Manager)

The Exchange BBS (804) 552-1016 HST

RIME: Session Manager conference

Mark Herring (QMail door, QMail DeLuxe reader)

Gallatin, TN

BBS (615) 230-8822
Voice (615) 230-6245 (230-MAIL)

ILink: Off-line, Qmail conferences

Jason Hills (The Mail Reader)

Jason Hills
225 Kevin Way SE
Salem, OR 97306-1926

Alpine BBS (503) 581-0923

RIME: Off-line, Turbo Pascal

Robert Hoffmann (MessageFilter)

Robert Hoffmann
1912 Cyndi Court
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Elliot W. Jackson (QWKSCAN)

Elliott W. Jackson
Custom! Computing
P.O. Box 846
Oxford, MS 67119

Minx BBS (316) 721-3773
DataWarp BBS (713) 355-6107

ILink: Shareware, EZ-Reader, QMail, and Off-line conferences

Vic Kass (RoseReader & RoseMail Door)

Rose Media

BBS (50 high speed lines) (416) 733-2285
Voice (business hours) (416) 731-8805

Mike King (KingQWK, QWKMerge)

Mike King
P.O. Box 4020
Alameda, CA 94501-0420

IDC BBS (510) 865-7115 UST HST 14.4
(510) 814-8097 UST HST DS

ILink: Shareware, Off-line
Intelec: Shareware, Off-line
RIME: Shareware, Off-line
L&L Net: KingWare

Ken Krueger (KMail)

Twin Peak BBS (303) 651-0225 Hayes Ultra v.32 & v.42bis

R.J. Kusters (XCS)

Bodegravenplantsoen 4
The Netherlands

FidoNet: 2:512/34.4, 2:512/1
SIGnet: 27:3331/2206

Patrick Lee (CatQWK, this file)

City2City: NetUsers, Pascal, Shareware conferences
ILink: Off-line, Shareware conferences
Intelec: Off-line conference
Internet: [email protected]
ProgNet: Net Admin., Pascal, Programming conferences
RIME: ->RUNNINGB, Off-line, Common, Net Admin., Shareware, New Users,
Turbo Pascal, and Session Manager conferences

Mark May (MkQwk)

Mark May
Mythical Kingdom Software
P.O. Box 24808
Huber Heights, OH 45424

Mythical Kingdom Tech. BBS (513) 237-7737 HST/v.32

FidoNet: 1:110/290
RIME: ->MITHKING, Off-line conference

Chip Morrow & Doug Wilson (MailMan)

BBS (614) 366-4392 2400 baud
(614) 366-3494 HST

To get latest version, log on as:

First name: MAILMAN
Last name: LATEST
Password: VERSION
Filename: MMAN124.ZIP

Mustang Software, Inc. (Tomcat!, SLMR, OLX)

Mustang Software, Inc.
P.O. Box 2264
Bakersfield, CA 93303

MSI's HQ BBS (805) 395-0650
Voice (805) 395-0223
Voice Tech. Support (805) 334-2240

Kristopher Nelson (WafLineMail)

BBS (206) 292-9048 v.32

Harvey Parisien (OFFLINE)

Harvey Parisien
Box 323 Station A
Kingston, Ontario
Canada K7M 6R2

BBS (613) 389-3992

FidoNet: 1:249/114

Mike Ratledge (XRS)

Mike Ratledge
995 Buck Hall Landing
McClellanville, SC 29458

East Bay X-Change BBS (803) 556-7485 HST 14400 v.42bis
(803) 556-7514 Ultra - FREQ only

FidoNet: 1:1/112, 372/0, 372/666, 372/777, 372/888, 372/6666
CompuServe: 76666,1512

Bill Sidhipong (reader for Amiga)

RIME: Turbo Pascal conference

Todd Sieland-Peterson

Ferrit Face BBS (501) 376-3972
FTL BBS (404) 292-8761

Jim E. Smith (SPEED READ)

Jim E. Smith
344 Observatory Drive
Birmingham, AL 35206

ILink: Off-line conference
RIME: Off-line conference

Shawn Smith (MaxiDoor, MaxiMiser)

Shawn Smith
27 Carr Drive
Ajax, Ontario, Canada
L1T 3E2

The Brewery BBS (416) 683-3089 9600

NaNet: ST conference
RIME: Atari conference

Chris Sturgess (Zord)

Chris Sturgess
Soft Wares
835 Carlaw Avenue
Toronto, Canada
M4K 3L1

Canada Remote Systems BBS (416) 629-0136
Leave mail for Contour Computer

Geoffrey Sy (TXT2REP)

Geoffrey Sy
51 Wyatt Walk
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 3T3

The GRAFIX Connect BBS (416) 287-9002 HST
(416) 286-8734 2400

Robert Vostreys (RNet)

Robert Vostreys
P.O. Box 2315
Stone Mountain, GA 30086-2315

Faster Than Light BBS (404) 292-8761
(404) 299-3930

Cliff Watkins (MarkMail)

Cliff Watkins
Intelec Business Network
P.O. Box 212
Baldwin, NY 11510

(516) 867-4445 Voice/FAX
(516) 867-4446 Hayes v.42
(516) 867-4447 USR HST 14.4
(516) 867-4448 USR HST DS (private from 22:00 to 09:00 Eastern Time)

Bob Zimmerman (SFMail Qwk)

The Mainframe BBS
P.O. Box 1387
Arlington Heights, IL 60006

The Mainframe BBS (708) 364-0425 12/24/9600

CompuServe: 72371,1700
MCIMail: 386-4706
RIME: route to METASYS, Common, SpitMail conferences

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