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OilField v1.02 - Online BBS door game to strike it rich.
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OilField v1.02 – Online BBS door game to strike it rich.
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Contents of the BBSINFO.DOC file

This document is effective 10/22/90 page 1

BBS Onliner Interface version 1.14
Copyright (C) 1990 Andrew J. Mead
All Rights Reserved.

Andrew J. Mead
POB 1155
Chapel Hill, NC 27514-1155.
#98 @9968 WWIVnet
1:151/223 FidoNet

Sections (in order of appearance)

General info - technical specifications
- sysop abort - F-10 override
Command line directives - customization
- get player info - BBS data
- force local mode - local override /L
- comm port override - lock comm port /C
- IRQ override - lock baud rate /I
- play Again mode - allow multiple games /A
- local quiet mode - turn the bell off locally /Q
- hall of fame limiting - limit appearances in HOF /X
- text HOF rerouting - change HOF path/filenames /Y
- maximum time limit - set time limit /Z
Sample installations - examples
- general notes
- WWIV additional info
BBS Info and regisration - shareware and test drive statement
Tech Talk - how to get help
- upgrade history - changes from version to version
Support and Distribution - Where to find the latest test drives
Special Thanks - people who aren't getting paid for this

- General Info -

This interface is easily installed. The documentation, however,
needs help. The installation of any game using this interface should
be almost identical to that of any other game also using this interface.
There is a sample batch file listed below. It is for Starsbbs on a
WWIV board. That batch file should work for just about any situation
that I can think of. The /L, /C, and /I switches should not be used
unless absolutely necessary. This interface currently works directly
with 2 A.M., DoorWay, Force, Forum, GAP, GT, ModuleX, Phoenix, RyBBS,
SearchLight, Spitfire, WildCat, WWIV, and all the various DorInfo.Def
BBSs (EIS-PC, FoReM, OLEcom, Quick BBS, RBBS 16, Remote Access (RA),
TAG, and TP-Board). See BBSNotes.Doc for extra installation help.

page 2

- sysop abort - F-10 override
The SysOp can end the game in progress by pressing the F-10 key.
The game will be aborted, the user will be notified as such, then
control will revert to the batch file or BBS.

- BBS Command Line Directives -

- command line directives - BBS information
There is a command line directive to get player info from the BBS.
The information that the program uses is username, time remaining,
lines per screen, communications port, and whether the program is
being run locally or from remote.

2 A.M. BBS /2 DoorWay /D
EIS-PC /R# Force BBS /S
FoReM /R# Forum /F
ModuleX /M OLEcom /R#
Phoenix /H Quick BBS /R#
RBBS /R# Remote Access /R#
RyBBS /5 SearchLight /9 (see note)
Spitfire BBS /6 TAG /R#
TP-Board /R# WildCat! /W

Note for /R# :
'#' represents the node number. If it is missing the filename the
game uses is 'DoorInfo.Def'. If it is present, the file name
is 'DorInfo#.Def' where # is the node number. (i.e. DorInfo1.Def)

Note for /9 (SearchLight) :
See BBSNotes.Doc for more complete information. This pathname
after this directive is the reverse of the other switches listed
here. The path should be the path to the directory that the game
itself is in.

If this command is missing, game will default to LOCAL mode.
None of the following are yet operational, they will only be supported
when I get the technical information for them. If you are
registering a copy, and want one of these switches to work,
send a copy of the file your BBS creates, and what lines the
user's name, their screen length (if available), how much time
they have left (minutes or seconds), what com port is in use, and
what baud rate is in effect. A printout is acceptable. Actually
most of these create files that I will need offsets for, since
the information is not seperated by carriage returns.

/U UBBS /O OPUS /7 Auntie /8 Sapphire /0 XBBS
This list is not exhaustive. I'm always looking for more systems.

/P PCBoard.Sys - This switch should work for version 14.x. It is a beta
switch, but it should work. If you use this switch, please let me
know if it works or not.

page 3

- alternate file path
If, for example, your copy of WildCat creates CallInfo.BBS in a sub-
directory "C:\WC\", and you want to run the game from somewhere else,
just use the format /?:fullpath, i.e. /W:C:\WC\. Add a colon and
the filepath to the directive, and it will work.

- command line directives - force local mode - /L
You can force the program to use Local mode. This is designed to
work with the command above, so that you can play the game locally
from the BBS. This will not work with either /C or /I.

- command line directives - communications port override - /C:n
You can force the program to use a specified serial port. Use '1' for
'Com1:', etc... Example /C:3. Acceptable values are from 1 to 4.
This should not be used if one of the above is used. This will
not work if either /L or /I is used.

- command line directives - interrupt override - /I:x:nnnn
You can tailor the game to your specific set up. This command
allows you to access any serial port setting. If you are using
a non-standard setup, or a PS/2 using Com3 or above, you will
need to use this. The default settings, would be equivalent to
Com1 : /i:4:03f8, Com2 : /i:3:02f8, Com3 : /i:4:03e8, Com4 :
The 'x' is the IRQ number. It is a hexidecimal value from
0 to f. 'nnnn' is the port address for communications. It
is a 4 digit hexidecimal value. This will not work if either /L
or /C is also specified.

- command line directives - play Again? mode - /A:x
/A:x (/A = /A:10) will prompt the player if he wants to play again
if he has more than x minutes of game time left.

- command line directives - quiet local mode - /Q
/Q will keep the bell from ringing on the host.

- command line directives - limited Hall of Fame listings - /X:n
You can limit the time any one name appears in the monthly top 20
with this switch. The default is unlimited appearances. The
recommended limit is 1 or 2. This keeps a small number of players
from monopolizing the game. If an occassional (non-fanatical) is
more likely to see his name listed, he is more likely to play the game.
n is any number from 1 to 19.

page 4

- command line directives - alternate text Hall of Fame - /Y
You can change where the program creates its text Hall of Fame, and
what it is called. All you have to do is use the following format:
/Y:pathname\filename where the filename is optional. This will
Wildcats, for instance, to use /y:c:\wildcat\bull4.bbs where the text
file is renamed bull4.bbs and placed in the c:\wildcat directory.

- command line directives - set time limit - /Z:x
/Z:x (x is a number between 10 and 50), sets a maximum time allowed.
If a BBS file is read then the maximum time will be the smaller of
this directive and the user's actual remaining time.

- sample WWIV installation (using Star Traders - starsbbs.exe)
WWIV directory - C:\WWIV
batch file - stars.bat
stars.bat directory - C:\WWIV\GAMES
starsbbs.exe directory - C:\WWIV\GAMES\STARS
hall of fames directory - C:\WWIV\GFILES\HOFSDIR

stars.bat listing
echo off
cd c:\wwiv\games\stars
starsbbs /4:c:\wwiv\ /x:2 /z:20 /y:c:\wwiv\gfiles\hofsdir\
cd c:\wwiv

chainedit setting
dos interrupts - off

- That's Not My Table - Tech Talk -

The SysOp accepts all responsibility for this programs implementation.
The Author is not responsible for any damages caused by running these
programs. If you are attempting an installation, it is always best
to TEST the program before opening it up to the public. Make sure all
switches are correct. If you have any technical questions or any
suggestions, please send a SASE to the above address or contact me
through E-Mail on the WWIVnet or the FidoNet.
If you find another system that this runs on/under that is not
mentioned above, please include that in your regisration. I am
always looking for new systems.

page 5

- changes from StarsBBS 3.0 - StarsBBS 3.5 (Interface 1.0)
/C switch removed (obsolete).
/I switch added.
Error Log file added. (See Game information for log name.)
Automatic LOCAL mode detection added.
SysOp F-10 abort added.
Current User line added.
Inactivity time-out fixed.
- change from 1.0 to 1.02
/Q quiet local mode added.
Remote Access capability verified.
- change from 1.02 to 1.03
/A replay switch added.
- change from 1.03 to 1.10
/F, /M, /H, /5, /6 switches added.
- changes from 1.10 to 1.13
beta switches /B (locked baud rate), /P (PCB14.x), and /N (username).
- changes from 1.13 to 1.14
/9 added, /B improved, carrier detect routines implemented

- Support Boards and Distribution Nodes -

This is where you can find the latest testdrive versions of my and
other programmers programs that feature this interface.

BBS Name Phone BBS PCP SL FR AV When
Infinite Impobability private WWIV no N N N appt.
+ Bargain Basement BBS 919-471-1935 WildCat NCRPT Y N N 24hrs

Phoenix BBS 407-451-9845 GAP ? N Y 24hrs
Crow's Nest BBS node1 714-493-3819 GAP ? N Y 24hrs *
Crow's Nest BBS node2 714-493-9851 GAP ? N Y 24hrs *

+ Psychotronic BBS 919-286-7738 RA 151/223 NCRPT Y Y ? 06-03

Geneal BBS 919-471-6026 RBBS ? ? ? 24hrs

CatHouse BBS 805-395-0650 WildCat ? ? Y 24hrs *
Mustang BBS SysOps Only WildCat ? ? N/A 24hrs *

Black Dragon BBS 213-470-6869 WWIV-2380 CALAN Y N N 24hrs *
Wild Zephyr BBS 619-432-0787 WWIV-6962 ? N Y 24hrs
+ Social Graces BBS 919-831-2759 WWIV-9954 NCRPT Y N Y 24hrs *

PCP - PCPursuit node, SL - StarLink, AV - AutoVerify, When - hours up
* national or regional support board for given BBS system.
+ guaranteed latest versions available.
FR - F/REQ available. I can be contacted on Psychotronic through the
DoorWare conference echo.

page 6

- Special Thanks -

Beta Test Sites - the BBS interface

Bargain Basement BBS (WCat) - Durham,NC - (919)477-0548
Another World BBS (WWIV) - Durham, NC - (919)471-1935 - WWIVnet 9968
Dennis O'Dell and Mollie Moses - SysOps and Bowlers extrodinaire

Thanks also to David Malin, Tom Yates, Rick Guggemos, Brian Cox,
Jack Holsomback, Shirley Gurley, Richard Lee, and a host of others
for their time and ideas in helping me make this a fully functional

BBS Onliner Interface
Copyright (C) 1990 Andrew J. Mead - All Rights Reserved.
The Mad Programmer - Brown & Mead Consulting
POB 1155 Chapel Hill, NC 27514-1155

This interface is currently written in Turbo Pascal 5.5 and
can be liscensed by other programmers. Contact me for


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