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Saves the Sysop's status line when running GSZ under Telegard.
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Saves the Sysop’s status line when running GSZ under Telegard.
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Contents of the GSZ-TGI.DOC file

GSZ-TGI v2.20

For use with Telegard v2.7 only.

Ever wanted to use GSZ (Graphical Zmodem) and find that it strips the
header the Telegard puts up of who's online? Even with GSZs windowing
capabilities, it can't leave the top lines, only the bottom ones which
can create some problems if you wish to see who is downloading/uploading
with GSZ.

GSZ-TGI was the result of that thinking. I still wanted to be able to
use GSZ because of the wonderful project it is, so I wrote GSZ-TGI to
add to the 25th line, a little information bar that'll look something
like this when completed:

USER: RIIM #1 UL: 1/56k DL: 5/143k TL: 561

You can then define a GSZ window NOT to clear the last line, leaving
this little status bar active.

GSZ-TGI derives it's main information from LASTON.DAT, where it picks
up the user number, then loading your USER.LST and getting the UL/DL
ratio information. Since it does use the LASTON.DAT file, it won't work
for any local downloads, well, it will but it'll pull up the wrong user
name since Telegard doesn't log any local logons into LASTON.DAT. (I
see no reason to download locally either, or at least I dont ;-, ).

If for some reason, GSZ-TGI doesn't find the file it's needs, it will
still run GSZ, except the command line will look something similar to:

Error opening file:

But you generally get the drift.


So, to install GSZ-TGI, follow these rather easy steps.

1. Copy GSZ-TGI.EXE into your path somewhere, preferably your Telegard
or Telegard Utils directory, since it's related to Telegard ;-,
2. Edit your AUTOEXEC.BAT file to include the line SET GSZWINDOW=24
3. All your protocol definitions that should be using GSZ should then
be setup to look like the following:

syn: GSZ-TGI [C:\BBS] [GSZ Commands]
ie: GSZ-TGI D:\TG port %P estimate 0 %B -ms %F

Where [C:\BBS] is the path to your STATUS.DAT file, the [GSZ
Commands] can number/be anything, they will be passed directly to
GSZ from GSZ-TGI. You'll notice that GSZ-TGI does NOT require the
path/name of GSZ. GSZ-TGI will directly load GSZ.EXE in your
defined protocol path, if it isn't there under the name of GSZ.EXE
it will not run.

4. Test it out.


I hereby exclude me or my BBS from any blame caused by running this
program. It works perfectly on my computer and hasn't caused any
problems, but in the event it happens to cause loss of data or damage
to your system, I am not liable. RUN THIS PROGRAM AT YOUR OWN RISK. I
should see no problems since I've beta tested GSZ-TGI on my own system
and have had no problems.

But NEVER the less, all care should be taken whenever you run new
programs on your system .. Files opened by GSZ-TGI include STATUS.DAT,
LASTON.DAT and USERS.LST, GSZ-TGI does not change any file.

Make backups of these files, and continue to make backups of all your
files used with BBSs .. trust me, I've had way to many crashes, and
it's always good to have a backup.

Anyways, again, run this program at your own risk, as I've said, I've
had it running on Forbidden Knights for over a month with no problems.



* Fixed errorlevel tracking; will now return correct errorlevel.
+ Added path searching (Used to fix above).


+ Compiled with the TELEGARD 2.5q data structures
$ No testing was done.


+ Compiled for use with Telegard v2.7 data structures, no new features,
no new code.


* Will no longer search path, and it no longer needs a filename to
load. Since some people were less then happy with how that was
running, I decided to change it. It's no longer configurable, but
will work better. If you renamed your GSZ.EXE to DSZ.EXE; Rename it
back, and put it in the defined directory for protocols. GSZ-TGI
will load it directly there. You'll also have to RETYPE all your
protocol entries; I'm not about to write something to do that just
because of this minor change. If you weren't having any problems
with v2.10, then you might as well leave it installed, it'll save you
some work. If you need this new version, then you must 'remove' from
your protocols:

GSZ-TGI C:\BBS\ GSZ Parameters
If you need this new version, you must remove the complete GSZ/DSZ
name from the command line. It's now hardcoded. If you're running
out of space to put in commands, you may now also trim the trailing
"\" on your BBS_PATH statement, since it'll find it either way now.
If you're STILL running out of commands, you can strip another 6
characters off by renaming GSZ-TGI.EXE to G.EXE and changing your
command line to reflect that.


[ Begin Critic Mode ]

I require absolutely NO registration for this program. I see no reason
why ANY author should charge registration for something so small. Yes,
you run it everyday, whooppie who da day. Registration spoils the fun,
and also makes many people who can't program go broke from paying
registrations to simple programs. ANY author who charges for software
similar to mine should go jump off a cliff. If I can program equivalent
programs, I will. Payment is for those who are greedy. See, I started
off programming this for my use only, and it eventually made it's way
to be released. So, if I've already gotten the return I originally
expected, why should I charge?

So, to any author who charges for simple software, including editors
etc, my suggestion is STOP asking for registration. I do this as a
hobby, it's fun, but it's better to know that people like my program
and use it, rather then having people going 'MY GOD $15 DOLLARS FOR A
MASTER FILE LIST GENERATOR?' .. Lame, honest to goodness, Lame. Greed
goes beyond that of just asking for money, I wouldn't mind so much if
it was something major, major, major .. But I see people just charging
for something really simple, going 'Send me $10 for the userlist
generator' .. gimme a break people, do you absolutely feel you deserve
recognition for your work? If you do, then the gratitude of others
should be enough to overpower your greed.

So, again, this program is FREE of charge. Absolutely no money down, no
payment .. ever.

If you really want to send me something, umm, a nice little message
saying 'I like your program, and I use it all the time' is all I really
need to make my day.

[ End Critic Mode ]

Just a note, this is standard for all my documents, I'm not even sure
this program was worth the time to write the documents for; It took
longer to write them then it did the code.


Any changes that need to be made will be, and a release will follow.
Further suggestions, comments and/or bug reports can be directed to me
through netmail to Tim Strike or Riim at:

FidoNet 1:259/423
TeleNet 20:22/0

Or reported directly to:

Tim Strike/Riim
Forbidden Knights RPG
[416]820-7273 2400-14,400 HST

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