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BGI Library and C Source for writing your own BGI Drivers.
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BGI Library and C Source for writing your own BGI Drivers.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

A few notes.

This is the library (and source) I have developed in the process of writing
several BGI drivers. It includes several example drivers and whatever other
drivers I've been able to find. I've not included an e-mail address since
the one I've got won't be valid for much longer. Feel free to use the
regular mails.

There appears to be a bug in the fillpoly routines in the BGI kernal.
Occasionally a polygon will be outlined but not filled. I've only seen it
during the drawing of random polygons in the bgidemo so I haven't managed to
pin down the circumstances yet.

I've just started using TD 2.0. With the new version of the debugger it
is possible to symbolically debug a BGI driver. More on this in a later

Let me know what you think.



LibraryV 1.10
Driver CollectionsV 1.11


A bug was reported in save/restore bitmap. Turned out I was saving
and restoring one line too many. Fixed.
Two new drivers have been added.
A major bug was found and fixed. The unitialised data segment was
not being added to the driver. Could have been fixed by using a
linker option but I reordered the segments to provide a more failsafe
solution (one that didn't require remembering strange options).
The drivers and library have been recompiled using Turbo C++.

Included files: This file.

cbgi.doc--- Documentation for the library. Library itself, plus startup. Library source, source to drivers in Example drivers created with this library.
1) An ATI Wonder 256 colour driver.
2) A Tecmar Graphics Master driver.
NEW!3) A Revolution 1023 x 8 256 colour driver.
NEW!4) A Data Translation DT2851 256 colour driver. Other drivers I've found. See their own documentation
for details on their use and restrictions.
1) VGA16 -- A driver for 16 colour extended
VGA modes.

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