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TOPHITS is a BBS door program to access a database containing the number one songs as ranked by Billboard Magazine from 1955 to present.
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TOPHITS is a BBS door program to access a database containing the number one songs as ranked by Billboard Magazine from 1955 to present.
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Contents of the TOPHITS.DOC file

TOPHITS Version 1.0

A Door Program for

PCBoard 14.x and GAP 3.x Bulletin Board Systems

Copyright (c) 1989 by
Addison Ching
On Line Applications
P.O. Box 7191
Huntington Beach, CA 92615-7191


GAPQBDR Copyright (c) 1988, 1989 by The GAP Development Company

PCBoard is a trademark of the Clark Development Company

The TOPHITS database courtesy Patrick Spreng


TOPHITS is distributed under the shareware concept. It is not public
domain software or freeware.

YOU ARE HEREBY granted a limited license to use the TOPHITS door
program to determine if it is suitable for your bulletin board system.
If you find TOPHITS suitable for your system, you are requested to
register TOPHITS. The use of unregistered versions of TOPHITS outside
the scope of this evaluation license is strictly prohibited.

TOPHITS may be distributed in its entirety to other bulletin board
system operators for their evaluation. No fees may be charged for
such distribuition.

UPON REGISTRATION, a full and unrestricted use license on a single
computer system hosting a bulletin board will be granted and supercedes
this limited license for evaluation purposes.


I hereby remit $20 to register the TOPHITS door program. I understand
that upon receipt of a validated copy of this registration form I will
be granted a full and unrestricted use license for use on a single
computer system hosting a bulletin board.

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________________

BBS Name and number: ________________________________________________

Please remit to:

On Line Applications
P.O. Box 7191
Huntington Beach, CA 92615-7191


TOPHITS is a BBS door program written in Microsoft (r) QuickBASIC 4.5
to access a database containing the number one songs as ranked by
Billboard Magazine from 1955 to present. Selection criteria includes
artist, title, year, and number of weeks at number 1. This door program
is similar to non-door program called "POPHITS" that is distributed with
the database in the archived file POPHITS.ZIP authored by Patrick Spreng
and available on many bulletin boards. It is also similar to the POPHITS
door program written by Paul Waldinger and Eric Green and available
exclusively on the Sound of Music BBS in Oceanside, NY.

Since TOPHITS uses the Gap Development System QuickBASIC Door Interface
Module, this door will run unmodified on both PCBoard v14.x and GAP
v3.x bulletin board systems. Implementation on other BBSes is strictly
at the risk of the user and results may not be as designed.

The database is a synopsis of information collected and transcribed by
Patrick Spreng. Periodic updates of this database are planned by Mr.
Spreng. Any comments or suggestions may be sent to him at 2324
Montclair Circle, Carrollton, TX, or via the Music conference in
the Interlink echo mail system. In addition, messages may be left for
Mr. Spreng on the following electronic bulletin boards:

Channel One 1 617 354-6155
The Forbin Project 1 319 233-6157
Computing Technology 1 619 375-2306
CHIPS+ Connection 1 714 760-3265

Acknowledgment is given to Patrick Spreng for his extensive work in
preparing the database and for his permission to incorporate it with
this door program.

The TOPHITS distribution kit contains the following files:

TOPHITS Sample door batch file for PCBoard
TOPHITS.CFG Sample configuration file
TOPHITS.DOC Documentation for the TOPHITS door (this file)
TOPHITS.EXE The TOPHITS door program executable file

The TOPHITS displays are compatible with either monochrome or color
display monitors.


Installation of TOPHITS is straightforward and standard. The TOPHITS
database, executable, and configuration files (TOPHITS.DEL, TOPHITS.EXE
and TOPHITS.CFG) should be placed in a subdirectory designated for door
programs. A separate subdirectory for TOPHITS is desirable but not
required. The Microsoft (r) QuickBASIC version 4.5 runtime system,
modified for BBS use, is required by TOPHITS. Verify that BRUN45.EXE
is accessible either within the same subdirectory or through a search

The TOPHITS door batch file should be included in your primary PCBoard
or GAP directory along with your other door batch files. This file
follows the standard format of door batch files; connect to the
subdirectory containing the door program, execute the door program,
and return to the calling point.

------- ---
echo off echo off
cd c:\pcb\doors cd c:\gap\doors
TOPHITS tophits.cfg TOPHITS tophits.cfg
cd c:\pcb cd c:\pcb
board gap

The TOPHITS configuration file contains two statements: the full path
to the BBS default directory where BBS system files are located, and
name of the BBS.

CHIPS+ Connection BBS

TOPHITS requires the following BBS system files for proper initializa-
tion. They must be present or TOPHITS won't operate properly.

PCBOARD: pcboard.sys, pcboard.dat, users
GAP: door.sys, gapbbs.cnf

Finally, the following environment variable MUST be initialized if
running in a PCBoard BBS environment. This statement should be placed
in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file so that it is automatically initialized at


Note that UPPERCASE letters ARE required.


The SYSOP retains complete control of the door during its operation.
The remote display is duplicated on the local display, and the local
keyboard remains fully functional. In addition, the following SYSOP
keys are available courtesy of GAPQBDR:

F5 Shell to DOS
F8 Return immediately to BBS
F10 Chat with user
CF10 Answer user page bell
Home Main user statistics
End Displays SYSOP keys available
PgDn Secondary user statistics
UpAr Increase user's time remaining - 5 mins. per keypress
DnAr Decrease user's time remaining - 5 mins. per keypress


Questions and comments about this program may addressed to:

On Line Applications
P.O. Box 7191
Huntington Beach, CA 92615-7191

Additionally, electronic mail may be left addressed to me in the
Interlink echomail system PCBDoors conference or on the CHIPS+
Connection, (714) 760-3265.


July 13, 1989 - Release 0.90 alpha test

August 10, 1989 - Release 1.0

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