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A file transfer interface for Bimodem on Wildcat BBS.
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A file transfer interface for Bimodem on Wildcat BBS.
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Contents of the BICATS.DOC file

B i C a t s
Version 3.2


Well, you asked for it and here it is folks! BIMODEM as a regular
external protocol of WILDCAT. NO MORE DOORS! I am sure your users
will find this a relief. Since the setup of this is so much different
than what it has been in the past, I suggest you start from scratch
and follow the step by step instructions below. You will need a copy
of BIMOD120.ZIP or above to make this all work. You will also need
the latest release of WILDCAT 2.1 or above. You can contact Mustang
Software for further information on maintenance releases of WILDCAT.
Well, let's get started!!


STEP #1: Take *.COM files from BIMOD120 and place them along with the
directory where you have WILDCAT.EXE & WILDCAT.OVR located.

STEP #2: Place the copy of BIMODEM.CFG I have included into each of
your node's directories. The "node" directory is the directory where
CONFIGWC.BBS and ACTIVITY.LOG are located. A node directory is any
directory which has those files in it. Multi-Node systems will have more
than one directory where CONFIGWC.BBS and ACTIVITY.LOG will be located.
Infact each node directory will have it's own CONFIGWC.BBS and

STEP #3: Change into each one of your node's directories and run
MAKEWILD. In the Protocol screen specify BIMODEM in capital letters
with [B] as the identifier letter. Have it call BIMOD.BAT for both
Upload and Download batch files. After saving the info to WC then
run BICATINS.EXE it now does all the rest of the work for ya!
BICATINS will ask you whether you want to create the \ABORT directories
for BIMODEM. If you haven't already created the \ABORT directories
off of all your Wildcat Up/Down Load areas then answer this question
Yes otherwise answer No.

SPECIAL NOTE! : If you are multi-node using a netware then run the
install program from each node machine. There is a problem when you
try to install all your nodes from the server alone.


Through the use of BICAT1ST.EXE, a single selectable upload area is
supported, so the user may upload to an area of their choice that they
have access to normally. All uploads that occur during any one session
will go to the area that the user so chooses, they will only be allowed
to choose areas for which they have security for. This means for each
BIMODEM session they can select the area they want to upload too.

Save Upload's to Which Area ("?" for Choices) ?

[N] New Uploads [Z] Sysop Only!

They will only be shown areas for which they have security for in WC!'s

Unless you only allow them one area to upload too, in which case they
will only be allowed that one area, and will not be shown the above


BIMODEM determines if a file is Password protected by the PASSWORD.TXT
file. If the file is password protected then the user must enter the
file they wish to download with their BIMENU as FILENAME,PASSWORD as
opposed to just FILENAME. If the Password is correct then WILDCAT will
let BIMODEM download the file, if not...well it won't let them! This
works the same for Uploads, if you wish to upload a file that is
password protected then do it just as you would to downloading it,
except in BIMENU you would be using the "U" instead of the "D". The
utility needed to make the PASSWORD.TXT file is called BIPASS.EXE
It MUST be executed from the Node's directory. Where it will make a
list of all files that you have that have a password attached.
You should place this command as part of your Cat.Bat and run it as a
errorlevel 60 event. This will make a new PASSWORD.TXT file after every


#1. The BiCats files must be run from the directory that is refered to
as the NODE HOME. Which is the directory that your CONFIGWC.BBS
and ACTIVITY.LOG is in for that Node. If you are single line you
only have your one node to work with. Remember..If you are setting
up your bbs to be in the style of multi-node and are using the
NODE1 directory, then it should be the one that has the
directory and a WILDCAT\NODE1 directory. WILDCAT\NODE1 is where
you should have your CONFIGWC.BBS and ACTIVITY.LOG and is where
you should run MAKEWILD from. Contact Mustang Software if you are
not sure whether you have your directories set up properly.

#2. Passwords fail due to improper entry into BiMenu. You need to use
Please remember that the password following the comma must be in

#3. If you had Wildcat 1.13 and converted to 2.0 or 2.1 and haven't
made a FRESH from scratch CONFIGWC.BBS file then do so! There are
some slight differences in the FRESH from scratch file and one's
that are converted. One's that are converted will give you all
kinds of problems, with BiCats.

So there you have it in a nut shell. It is easy to setup and totally
worth the effort!!!! If you should have any questions please feel free to
call me and I will help you out. I can be reached at my BBS after 7pm on
weekdays and usually all weekend. Good Luck and thanks for supporting

Enjoy! 06/17/90

Dale Fedorchik
The Cat's Castle BBS


This is product is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. The
entire risk as to the results and performance of the program is
assumed by you. Futher more, I the author do not warrant, guarantee,
or make any representations regarding the use of, or the results of
the use of the program, and you rely on the program and results solely
at your own risk. I the author cannot accept responsibility for system
damage, loss of profit, or any other special, incidental, or
consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use this

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