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A FILEDIR.DEF Sysop editor for Searchlight BBS.
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A FILEDIR.DEF Sysop editor for Searchlight BBS.
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Contents of the FED.DOC file

Fed v2.1 by David Sward Copyright 1990 for SLBBS 1.77
Note: I'm not responsible if this program trashes your Filedir.def or anything
else. So there.

About the program:

Fed is the Filedir editor. This may not be the most useful utility ever, but
it can help when you have major filedir.def editing si you don't need to
remember all the syntaxes... Send all suggestions to:

David Sward
The Pleasure Palace BBS
(PCP:DCWAS) 301-627-4953
Re: Fed v2.1

Tell me what you think!

This program was developed with SLBBS 1.77, but if any previous version uses
a minimum of the format {Name};{Access};{Path};{Description}, then FED will
work with it. But you must be careful not to change any of the default
values which are not a part of your version of SLBBS. The program strips
any of the values which are already defaulted for SLBBS, so if you leave them
alone, they won't be saved to file.

I'm sure you can figure them out, and I can't write documentation... If you
are willing to write the docs for this program, perhaps we could get together
and I can show you what it can do (if you haven't figured it out by now...
The program isn't exactly eomplicated...)

Yet Another SearchLight Utility From... David Sward - 10/08/90 - Fed v2.1

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