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Prodoor Zipmail Quick Reader version 2.5.
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Prodoor Zipmail Quick Reader version 2.5.
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Contents of the ZIPMREAD.DOC file

PRODOOR ZIP MAIL QUICK READER____VERSION 2.50_____ 08-10-91______

This program was written to use the ZIPM mail packet format from
PRODOOR BBS's. basically Prodoor searches for your mail collects it
in to one packet then compresses it to about half the original size
with Phil Katz's PKZIP. You must call a Prodoor BBS select ZIPM
from the main menu( usually the command is ZIPM A ) you will then
see the mail processed and returned to the main menu where you
must select download, the mail packet will automatically be the
first file when downloading with a batch format ( I use Zmodem
batch ) download the file then use the Prodoor Zip Mail Quick
Reader to view , print , uncompress to disk , test , view
compression listing. This program is smaller and faster than
most mail packet readers.


First and most important PKUNZIP.EXE (R) must be in the same
directory as ZIPMREAD.EXE. If not, you will get a short message and
a fatal error. (PKUNZIP.EXE is a registered trademark of PKWARE, Inc.)
When prompted to input mail filename use ( toolm?.zip) or any other
zip file. You should use the full path name ex."c:\procomm\"
if the mail file is not in the current directory, sorry no wildcards
(1) Unzip to console unzips to the screen, command bar will appear at
the bottom of the page,spacebar toggles to next page,return toggles
to next line,ESCape aborts listing.
(2) Unzip to printer only requires that you have a printer installed on
(3) Unzip to disk uncompresses the mail to a text file and writes this
to the disk path you input. (This path must be valid or the text
file will not be written.)
(4) Test zip file tests the zip file integrity.
(5) View zip listing displays length,method,size, ratio,date,time,crc-32,
attributes,name. This program can be installed in Procomm Plus and
possibly others as a external program option. The program can be
halted at any time by pressing the control and break keys. Microsoft
compatible mouse supported.


This program was written in TURBO PASCAL VERSION 6.0 from borland,I
wrote it to keep up with my local bbs 100+ U'NI-net conferences. This
program is to be considered share-ware and free to distribute as long
as it is without cost to others. With a five dollar registration fee
you get the latest version and source code. If you use this program
please register it.
The author will support this program ( registered ) thru E-Mail at the
Dragon BBS (513)-382-4083).

send funds to:
Patrick Roberts
5911 state route 22 east
Wilmington,Ohio 45177


7545 N. Port Washington Rd.
Glendale, WI 53217-3422
414-352-3670 Voice
414-352-7176 BBS

1800 Green Hills Road
P.O. Box 660001
Scotts Vally,CA 95066-0001
408-438-8400 Voice

NODE #1 300/1200/2400
NODE #2 300-14,400 HST
(513) 382-4083 (NODE #1)
(513) 382-6783 (NODE #2)
(513) 382-7909 (VOICE)


Although ROBERTS REEF TECH. will attempt to supply current and accurate
information relating to its file formats, algorithms, and the subject
programs, the possibility of error can not be eliminated.
ROBERTS REEF TECH. therefore expressly disclaims any warranty that the
information contained in the associated materials relating to the subject
programs and/or the format of the files created or accessed by the subject
programs and/or the algorithms used by the subject programs, or any other
matter, is current, correct or accurate as delivered. Any risk of damage
due to any possible inaccurate information is assumed by the user of the
Furthermore, the information relating to the subject programs and/or the
file formats created or accessed by the subject programs and/or the
algorithms used by the subject programs is subject to change without

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