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ProRead, Version 1.0, Front-End for ProDoor Messages-Read/Reply to message off-line. Stores messages in Clipper format.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BOARDS.DBF 257 115 deflated
CONFER.DBF 129 61 deflated
ENTER.PCP 897 392 deflated
ENTER.QMO 886 368 deflated
ENTER.TLX 1291 447 deflated
ENTER.XTS 917 367 deflated
JOIN.PCP 178 152 deflated
JOIN.QMO 180 145 deflated
JOIN.TLX 974 397 deflated
JOIN.XTS 182 146 deflated
LOGIN.PCP 1213 632 deflated
LOGIN.QMO 1234 608 deflated
LOGIN.TLX 3062 1079 deflated
LOGIN.XTS 1032 541 deflated
LOGOFF.PCP 263 198 deflated
LOGOFF.QMO 274 199 deflated
LOGOFF.TLX 1972 710 deflated
LOGOFF.XTS 162 141 deflated
MESSAGES.DBF 514 187 deflated
MESSAGES.DBT 512 8 deflated
PROREAD.EXE 274096 121203 deflated
PROREAD.GEN 31568 8988 deflated
PROREAD.OVL 46873 20419 deflated
PROREAD.TXT 33445 9418 deflated
READ.ME 6847 3082 deflated
REPLIES.DBF 385 151 deflated
REPLIES.DBT 512 8 deflated
REPLY.PCP 880 394 deflated
REPLY.QMO 865 368 deflated
REPLY.TLX 1389 471 deflated
REPLY.XTS 882 370 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Author: John F. Kaster
Date: 11/29/89
Notice: Copyright (c) 1989, by John F. Kaster

You may not distribute this in other than the original .ZIP file format without
prior written consent of the author. No remuneration for distribution of this
software may be taken without the express written permission of the author.

Current Version: 1.00


------- From Version 0.96

LOTS of changes - the new message/reply editing capability has been tremendously
expanded - you may now tag lines to quote from the original message if you're
making a reply, perform block operations when editing, read in an ASCII file,
shell to DOS, and more. Also added some more configuration options.

While this is no longer in Beta, I am still interested in any problems people
run into using it, and in making enhancements to it.

There are two new files contained in this .ZIP file:

PROREAD.TXT which is a DOS text file saved from WP 5.0
PROREAD.GEN which is a "Generic Word Processor" file saved from WP 5.0

You may massage either one to print your documentation, or just look at them
with a standard text viewer. Register your copy of ProRead for formatted

------- From Version 0.95

Added support for an environment variable called PROREAD that will allow you
to specify a different configuration file than the default "PROREAD.MEM". Just


to the configuration file you want to use. Be sure to fully qualify the name
with a .MEM extension, or you will get inconsistent results. You may include
path specifications, also.

Figured out what the problem with the overlay() function was - the version I
have doesn't like any version of MS Link, so I'm using ALINK with PLINK86
. Therefore, there is a new file called PROREAD.OVL with the .ZIP file.
The overlay() function is fantastic - it will first try to use expanded or
extended memory (including himem.sys), then check for a TMP environment variable
for swapping the program to disk (which can specify multiple drives with a
semicolon ";" separator).

Now that overlay is working, I've included a "Jump to DOS option" underneath
the Files main menu option.

Also, since this program is getting popular, I'm no longer including the
Clipper debugger with it. Most people seem to just be content to tell me
the procedure and line number and error message without looking around in
the debugger, so there's no need to put it in the file and have you spend
extra time downloading the new version.

------- From Version 0.94

Nothing worth mentioning - minor cosmetics.

------- From Version 0.93

Made some minor bug fixes that occured when a file was empty.

Once again, the configuration file structure has changed (to support calling
your COMM package and PKUnzip when I figure out why the swapping doesn't work).
Please delete your current PROREAD.MEM file.

Changed the way the logoff module worked so that Telix support could be

Due to the reluctance of ProComm users to write scripts, I am attempting to
write the scripts based on a ProComm manual. They should be available by Dec.
1, 1989.

Now putting the changes summary in a READ.ME file. (This file, dummy!)

------- From Version 0.92

Added a field to the BOARDS.DBF file that indicates whether or not you wish to
generate the code to automatically log off the BBS (per Michael Cohen's
suggestion). This field is called "autologoff", and is a logical field.

Also added help screens (really, a list of valid keys) for the different
message reading modes. I'd rather have the help on-line than in a document.
They are accessible by pressing [F1] at the appropriate times.

Added the option to specify the bulletin board when a message is being created.

For those script languages that do not have direct file I/O (such as CrossTalk)
I have added another field to replies.dbf called "submitted". The way it works
is as follows - if you generate a reply script and a given reply has not been
sent, it's "submitted" field will be set to TRUE. Modify your script template
to ERASE the .REP file for that message once it has successfully been sent
(refer to the REPLY and ENTER scripts for how to get the reply number), and
ProRead will compare the submission flag, the "beensent" flag, against the
existence of the .REP file. If the reply (or new message) has been successfully
sent, the .REP file should not exist. If it doesn't exist, ProRead considers it
successfully sent, and "beensent" will be set to true, so that message is not
repeatedly put into the script generation. Obviously, if you indiscriminately
erase your .REP files after doing a script, this validation is haphazard.
ProRead automatically deletes the .REP files the next time you run it, so don't
worry about them!

If you have replied to messages on multiple boards, the script generation will
now contain the code necessary for logging on and off all the boards that you
have replied to. Only the last board will NOT be logged off of if autologoff
is set to FALSE or NO. All others are automatically logged off in order to
automatically get to the next board.

Changed the index keys to take advantage of the multiple board capabilities.
All you have to do is delete all the .NTX files, and the new indices will be

Added file maintenance capability for the replies and messages files. You may

Pack - which removes only records marked for deletion in the given file
Zap - which removes ALL recoreds from a given file

These maintenance options are available under the "FILES" main menu option.

Added the capability to use DOS versions less than 3.30 by linking in an
alternative file handling routine to Clipper's.

------- From Version 0.91

Made the full-screen support mode a little more intelligent, and allowed for
clearing of the Exclude/Include setting, as well as changing the viewing
direction to Forward/Backward, which always defaults to Forward (the next

Also have pop-up list of valid script file configurations due to enthusiatic
people like Michael Cohen supporting communications packages I hadn't even
thought of.

You may also specify a FULL PATH name for the reply script to be generated to.

------- From Version 0.90

Now allow for primitive maintenance of configuration files, and a more
re-configurable approach to BBS information, such as message margins. Also
added data validation routines for message entry. Added a "new message"
entering template.

Correspondence may be directed to John F. Kaster at:

6731 West Wakefield Drive
Apartment A-2
Alexandria, VA 22307

Or, for a quicker response, leave a message on KWIBBLE BBS at:

703/243-4820 or 1741

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