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Trade Wars online game for OS/2 - over 350k/sec throughput, simultaneous multiuser support, greatly improved.

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TradeWars 2 Release 11.20 - OS2 version
32-bit version of the most popular DOS
door program for the last 7 years. This
is the TradeWars from the original crea-
tors of the game! BPS rates to 345.6K!
Attack other players while they are on-
line! Chat between players! Multi-BBS
mode! 32-bit comm DLL (GIO.DLL)

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Trade Wars online game for OS/2 – over 350k/sec throughput, simultaneous multiuser support, greatly improved.
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Contents of the REGISTER.DOC file


TW is distributed as Shareware. There are two methods by which you can
receive your registered copy of TW2.

Option #1: Send $35 and I will send you a registered copy of 'I' the
Install/Initialization program, and the current release of TW2 on a diskette.

Option #2: Send $20 and I will place a registered copy of 'I' the init
program on my system for you to download. Under option #2, you will need
to call my system at either of the two numbers, and go to the File menu, and
choose the command 'P' for P)ersonal download. A file will be waiting to you
under your name as shown on the registration form below. If you already have
an account on my system, please put the name in that account on the 'Name'
line on your registration form, or let me know what name to send the file
to in the space provided. Option #2 will not be perfect for everyone. First,
my system is -very- busy and it may take a while to get on. Second, most of you
will have to pay for the long distance to download the file (which is around
35K in size). And lastly, you may have to guess when the file will be
available. I will post the file within 24 hours of receiving the registration
form, but who knows how long the registration form will take to get to me.

What do you get for your money?
You will gain access to special features activated in the registered game
only. These features are not necessary to play 'Traditional Tradewars' but
are additions to the game. The current 'additional features' are:

1: EXTRA SECTORS! (up to 32,000), and

2: YOU ARE REGISTERED 'FOREVER'. When you register Tradewars 2, you are
registered as long as new versions of TW2 come out.

You also get support from me thru my BBS, national echo mail conferences,
or by voice phone. I'll do my best to solve any problems you may have.
No-one knows Tradewars better than I do.
Most of all, your hard earned money also goes to keep Tradewars 2 alive and
kicking. Tradewars 2 is a VERY time consuming hobby whose cost continues to
grow. I'll never be able to make up for all the money I have spent on TW2, but
I will appreciate any help.

Send the registration form to me at the address below:

John Morris
1718 Woodhaven Ln.
Sparks, NV 89434

All money must be in US dollars. (A Canadian postal money order in U.S. funds
is alright.)
Make checks payable to: John Morris

In England, Send your registration (and checks payable) to:

Jim Webster
55 Donaghadee Rd.
County Down
BT20 4QY

(20 for disk, 12 to download file)
Thank YOU for making TradeWars 2 the most used Door game in the WORLD!

Tradewars 2 11.15 registration form

Name: ___________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________

City/State/ZIP: ___________________________________________________

Country: ___________________________________________________

Registration Option: [ ] $35 (20 UK) I send disks to you
[ ] $20 (12 UK) you download file

Operating System: [ ] DOS
[ ] OS/2 2.x 32-bit (Tradewars/2)

If you specified registration option 1:
Disk size preferred: [ ] 5 1/4" 1.2M
[ ] 3 1/2" 720K
[ ] 5 1/4" 360K (2 disks)

When Tradewars 2 is run it will display a 'registered to' string. You must
let me know what that string should say. 60 characters max. An example:

Registered to: John Morris - The Abandoned Land (702)359-1138

Registered to: ____________________________________________________________
(60 chars max)>1...5...10...15...20...25...30...35...40...45...50...55...60<

Voice phone: ___________________________________________________

Data phone: ___________________________________________________

BBS name: ___________________________________________________

BBS software: ___________________________________________________

If there is any additional info you think I should have, feel free to write
in the space below!

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