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Greetz 4.03 - Informative Login Utility for WWIV 4.2x BBS systems. Presents colorful, informative display with full configurability. Allow multiple SysOp News files to be displayed to users.

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Greetz v4.03 - Informative Login Utility

Final 4.0x release. Few more features,
enhancements and the like. Many optimizations.
Almost 50% now in pure Assembler.

Copyright (c) 1994 Double Miracle Software.
All Rights Reserved.

Designed and Written by
Double Click and Miracle Man
2@8344 and 1@8344

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Greetz 4.03 – Informative Login Utility for WWIV 4.2x BBS systems. Presents colorful, informative display with full configurability. Allow multiple SysOp News files to be displayed to users.
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Contents of the GREETZ.DOC file

GREETZ v4.03
Brian Bosworth & David Hollis
Double Miracle Software


GREETZ is an informative login utility for WWIV BBS Systems. It gives
users a little information, and the ability to leave on-liner messages to
the next callers. Also, there is the ability for the SysOp to leave
news to the users. The news is only shown to the user once. Greetz also
supports Multiline operation.

Files: Usage:

GREETZ4.EXE Executable file GREETZ4.EXE

DMS.INI* Configuration INI file

GRTZNEWS. SysOp News file is a distinguishing
extension for each news

FILE_ID.DIZ A Description for BBS use

*NOTE - Changed from GREETZ.INI. All DMS programs will use DMS.INI
to consolidate the information and make some information shareable.

Unzip the archive (GREETZ43.ZIP) to your main WWIV directory.
It can also be installed in it's own subdirectory if you like to
keep programs out of the BBS directory. The directory for Greetz
should contain Greetz and all it's data files. Be certain that the
full path to CHAIN.TXT is passed (%1 on the command line will pass the
full path) or Greetz may not work properly. If you do opt to use
Greetz from a seperate directory, you may wish to use a batch file.
Here is a sample called LOGON.BAT (in main WWIV dir):

@echo off

Add the following line to your login event batch file, or
the login event field in INIT (under Option 6):


i.e, a typical system that has installed it in their main WWIV dir can


and that's it! Greetz does the rest.

NOTE: For multiline operation, the CHAIN.TXT parameter must be passed.
No parameters forces Greetz to assume the file is CHAIN.TXT, not

NOTE: If upgrading from a previous version of Greetz, you can rename
the GREETZ.INI file to DMS.INI. Also, if you desire to keep the messages,
you will need to change the lines in the INI from MSGx to Message.
(i.e., INI has a line such as:
Msg1=This is message one
should now become
Message=This is message one

If it were installed in a GREETZ sub-directory, it may look something
like this:


INI Fields:

There are a few fields in the DMS.INI file that may or may not be of

LastCaller - Stores the last caller information (should not be changed)

SysOpQuote - Allows a "quote" to be displayed for the SysOp.
It is displayed under the "Your SysOp" line.
(Default: nothing)

SaveSysOp - TRUE or FALSE. If TRUE, SysOp logins will go into
Last Caller field. If FALSE, the previous
non-SysOp caller will be retained. (Default: False)

MessageSystem - TRUE or FALSE. If TRUE, Message system is
enabled. If FALSE, Message system is completly
removed. (Default: True)

MinSLAddMsg- Minimum SL to add a message. (Default: 0)

ForceNews - If TRUE, users will be shown ALL SysOp News files
on every logon. If FALSE, only files changed since
the users last call will be shown.
Msg2SysOpLog - if TRUE, Greetz will make a note in the SysOp log
when a user writes a new message (who wrote what, etc.).
Defaults to TRUE.

[Greetz Messages]
Message - This is where the messages are stored. If you find
an offensive message, you can just remove it from the file.

Date & Time Seperators:
You can also change how Greetz will display the Date & Time.
They are maintained in a section [International]. Below is
an example, of which should explain everything.

TimeSep=: ;Time seperator (9:12:43)
DateSep=/ ;Date seperator (9/12/42)

;Time24 - Military Time. Can be TRUE or FALSE

;DateFormat - 0=USA (mdy), 1=Europe (dmy), 2=Japan (ymd)

SysOp News:
Use an ASCII text editor (DOS' EDIT.COM, WWIVEdit, or the like)
to create a file GRTZNEWS. in your GREETZ directory. The timestamp
of this file will be compared to the users last login date. If their
last login was prior to the creation (or edit) of the news, it will
be displayed to them. Do not bother to embed color codes in the file,
they will be removed. You can have as many files as the 3 digit
extension will allow (I think that you should not have any troubles
in that regard). If the user happens to be the SysOp, the file
name of the current news file is displayed on the box as well for
reference purposes.


Greetz is NOT Public Domain (PD). It is Shareware. You are
permitted to use the software for a period of 30 days, after which
you must either register the software, or discontinue it's use.
Registration costs $10.00 (US funds only) and entitles you to
ALL subsequent releases of Greetz. To register, please send a
check addressed to David Hollis to:

David Hollis
c/o Double Miracle Software
425 Fairtree Dr.
Severna Park, MD
ATTN: Registration


Double Miracle Software claims no responsibility for any damages
related to the use of this software. The software has been tested
on more than one system and deemed safe for use. There is very
little likelyhood of any damage actually happening as the only files
that GREETZ even looks at are CHAIN.TXT and DMS.INI.

If you have any questions you can contact Double Miracle Software at:

The Whammy Bar BBS 410-647-9592
1@8344 WWIVNet
[email protected]

Greetz is Copyright (c) 1994 Double Miracle Software.
WWIV is Copyright (c) 1988-1994 Wayne Bell

Revision History
Greetz 4.03 - Completly reconstructed the INI routines to allow for more
(Released: flexibility with programming. By revamping the routines,
12/09/94) the addition of other features has been simplified.

Message writers now saved in INI file for reference.
The author of a message will be listed on the same
line of the INI as the message written.
Also, deleting messages has been simplified due to INI
revamping. Simply delete the line of the message
to be removed.

Added support for multiple news files. News files should
now be called GRTZNEWS. where can be whatever
you like (.001, .002, whatever).

Added ability to force users to read news on every call.
(ForceNews in .INI file)

Fixed ratio bug for users with extremly high ratios (little
downloads compared to uploads). Now the ratio will not be
higher than 99.999.

Renamed GREETZ.INI to DMS.INI so all DMS programs can share
one file. Makes things a little cleaner and removes redundant
data (if international settings are used especially).

Word Wrapping for SysOp News. Now you don't need to worry
about how many characters per line when writing the news
file. Greetz will automatically wrap it for you!

Fixed cosmetic problem of erasing right edge of message box
when adding a new message and previous scrolled. This only
occured when the message box was "full" and had to scroll
up to allow for a new message. (Had constants been used
properly, this bug never would have turned up....)

If no message was entered (user just hits carriage return),
doesn't ask to add, nor add the message. Really a convienince
thing in case the user accidentally hit yes to enter a message
and really didn't want to.

With the ratio bug fixed, mistakenly set the ratio to 0.00 when
the ratio should be 99.999. Minor detail.

Optimized in many areas. Many routines put into direct
Assembly to speed up displays. Removed some redundance with
routines being defined in a couple of places.

Greetz 4.02 - Hopefully the last of the bug fixes!
(Released: Fixed that math-coprocesser required bug (set that flag wrong!)
11/18/94) Took care of the run-time error at the ratio
(very stupid error!)
Should be very stable now (but do let me know!)

Greetz 4.01 - Bug fix with new features
(Released: Fixed color bug (users having different colors setup
11/05/94) would have Greetz displayed in their colors. Could
get ugly at times). Greetz now sends the ANSI, not
Fixed some bugs with messages overlapping (only a
cosmetic/display bug)
Added SysOp News (which was in v1 -> 3.0 and removed
due to time contraints in 4.0) (file: GREETZ.NWS)
Fixed some potential INI problems and removed
error messages that could mess up screen (informative,
but not neccessary messages).
Fixed to run without any INI at all (messages would
be saved and create the INI)
Added flags to completely disable the message section
if so desired.
Added flag to save or not save SysOp logins in LastCaller
SysOp News is only displayed to a user if they have a
last on date prior to the time stamp on the NWS file.
Not perfect, but makes so a user doesn't have to skip
it every subsequent logon (and potentially miss later
Fixed minor detail with a user adding a message, then
saying No to the "Are you Sure?" prompt. It didn't
erase it so it gave the impression that it did
(though it was not saved).
Added a "Node: " line if Greetz detects that WWIV is running
in Multi-instance mode. Will read appropriate CHAIN file
in such a case as well.

Greetz 4.0 - Complete Rewrite
(Released: Totally new screen layout/color scheme
10/31/94) Introduced INI configuration file
Made a bit more robust and stable.
Allowed SysOp quote
Many routines written in ASM even (wow!)
Made configuration programs unnecessary (GREETC.EXE)
All config data and messages saved in INI file.

Greetz 3.0 - All differences, enhancements lost in time...
Greetz 2.0
Greetz 1.0 - Original version by Double Click.

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