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Files for WWIVLink.
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Files for WWIVLink.
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Contents of the LINK106.DOC file

WWIVLink Software Documentation - version 1.06 - release date 08/26/92
by WWIVLink Software Committee


Contained in this package are the software and documentation needed to set
up the network files needed for WWIVLink. The original Link files from
versions 1.00 to 1.03 were written in Turbo Pascal by Capt. Picard of
Third Stage BBS. Versions 1.04 and 1.05 were modifications of the original
Pascal source by John Scheuplein and My Key (Mike White). Version 1.06
features the first release of these programs written entirely in C.
The Pascal-to-C conversions were done by Goose, with a new BUILD and
other enhancements/updates/debugging by John Scheuplein.

This release (1.06) has been updated to allow for the multi-networking
capability now available in WWIV version 4.21a.

New Installation

To install WWIVLink software on a new system, perform the following steps:

For WWIVLink systems running versions of WWIV 4.21 and earlier:

1) Unzip Wayne Bell's current NETxx software to your BBS TEMP directory.
2) Rename NETWORK2.EXE to NET2.EXE.
3) Unzip the LINK106 to your BBS TEMP directory.
4) Copy all files in your BBS TEMP directory to your main BBS directory.
5) Delete all files from your BBS TEMP directory.

For WWIVLink systems running version 4.21a:

1) Unzip Wayne Bell's current NETxx software to your main BBS directory.
2) Unzip the LINK106 to your Link data directory. This is the directory
where you have specified your Link data files will reside.

For VBBS systems:

1) Unzip Wayne Bell's current NETxx software to your BBS TEMP directory.
2) Rename NETWORK2.EXE to NET2.EXE.
3) Unzip the LINK106 to your BBS TEMP directory.
4) Copy all files in your BBS TEMP directory to your main Link directory.
5) Delete all files from your BBS TEMP directory.

Upgrading from a previous version of WWIVLink

1) Unzip LINK106 to the same directory that currently contains the
NETWORK2.EXE, and NET2A.EXE files (see setup instructions above)
overwriting any files that already exist.

General Documentation

NOTE TO ZONE COORDINATORS - Please make sure to always include at least
one blank line at the end of the BBSLIST/CONNECT.x files.

WWIVLINK BUILD - version 1.06

This is the first version of Build for WWIVLink written in C. Previous
versions were all written in Pascal.

New features to BUILD 1.06:

Uses internal sort routines - no more reliance on DOS SORT command
Will leave file(s) unsorted if insufficient memory to complete sort
Sorts not only BBSLIST.NET file, but CONNECT.NET file as well
Will build from up to 20 individual BBSLIST/CONNECT files, for future
expansion or private networking options
Will now redirect output messages, allowing sysops to debug/change
network files from a remote location

No other setup is needed, nor are any command line switches needed
for correct operation. This program is normally called by NET2A.EXE
when a WWIVLINK update is being processed, but may also be run manually
from the command line.

WWIVLINK NETWORK2.EXE - version 1.06

This is simply a shell to call NET2A.EXE (the actual WWIVLink
preprocessor), and NETWORK2.EXE/NET2.EXE (the original NETWORK2.EXE
renamed) in order to conserve memory requirements for running the two
individual programs. It will run first the NET2A.EXE, then run
NETWORK2/NET2.EXE. This is the first version of Network2 in C.

WWIVLink NET2A.EXE - version 1.06

New features to NET2A 1.06:

gives origin system for updates, whether valid or invalid, in
information written to network data log.
improved on-screen information, gives better representation of what
was contained in mail packet

This is the actual WWIVLink preprocessor. All Link-specific information
sent through the network is handled by this program. This includes
updates, SUBS.LST, MassMail, and ballots for the Voting Software. All of
these items are processed, marked by NET2A as having been processed, and
the remaining items are returned to be processed by the NET2 (original
NETWORK2) program. If an update has been received, this program will also
call BUILD. This is the first version of Net2a written in C.

Revision History

v1.00 -- Initial Release.
v1.01 -- Minor bug fixes.
v1.02 -- Changed sub types to be compatible with NET18 and NET19.
v1.03 -- Reduced memory requirements. Added sort to BBSLIST.NET. NET20 support.
v1.04 -- Added support for Voting Software. Recognizes net versions through
NET22. More minor bug fixes.
v1.05 -- Fixed runtime error bug. Updates handled more efficiently. Writes
update notification to network data log.
v1.06 -- Originating node now notated to network data log. Completely
new BUILD, now sorts not only BBSLIST.NET, but CONNECT.NET as well.
All source files now written in C. Now compatible with multi-network
setup available with WWIV 4.21a (and up).


If you have any questions or doubts about the installation of this
program, please contact your Area Coordinator (or Zone Coordinator if
your area has no designated AC.)

Troubleshooting/Bug Reports

If you experience difficulty in running these programs or notice any
errors or irregularities, please report them ASAP to the Software
Coordinator (currently 1@17461). Please make sure to include the following

Your node number
Your real name/voice phone number (optional, but helpful)
What version of WWIV/Netxx you are running
A brief listing of any modifications you may have made recently
Under what circumstances does it occur/ when does it happen
Any other information you think might help us track down the problem,
and a possible solution

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