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Trade Wars 2002 Utility: Q appears randomly around the universe causing trouble for players.
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Trade Wars 2002 Utility: Q appears randomly around the universe causing trouble for players.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CHECK.EXE 20016 10049 deflated
LIST.TXT 8260 3394 deflated
OUTPUT.DAT 7290 3490 deflated
Q.DOC 5944 2595 deflated
Q.EXE 12921 8152 deflated
RUN4INFO.COM 2891 1849 deflated
THESPADE.ANS 2198 832 deflated

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Contents of the LIST.TXT file

Other files by David Proper. All can be found on The Ace of Spades BBS in the
areas RCS and DIGIPWR.


IBM and Compatibles Support Area

> All free Dloads. No bytes added or time subtracted. <

AOSQM102.ARJ (v1.02) AOS Quote Master. Message Quoter.

CDIR.ARJ (v1.00) FAST, Colorfull DIR clone

COMMFONT.ARJ (v1.00) CommFonts. ASCII and ANSI char fonts. Use with TheDraw,
word pros, or anything you need large charators. 8x8

DEADLINE.ARJ (v3.00) Use on BBSs or in AUTOEXEC. Lets you have
reminders/deadline. Color/ASCII for different users.

DOORMENU.ARJ (v1.00) Setup sub menus for your doors on BBS programs that have
limited slots for external programs. BBS use.

FILEVIEW.ARJ (v1.01) View ANSI/etc files. nice features.

GLOBAL4.ARJ (v4.03) Execute command(s) in ALL sub directories. v4.02 upgraded

INFO.ARJ (v1.00) Get info on file and DOS.

MOVE.ARJ (v1.00) move a file from one drive\path to another.

ODB.ARJ (v3.05) Online DataBase. make any text file into a search
database with little effort. Search single, AND, and OR
type searching.

PASPRNT.ARJ (v1.00) PAS Print Takes ASCII/ANSI files and makes them into
Pascal source code.

RNDSAY.ARJ (v1.00) Random SAYer. Use with Voice Program.

SLIMFAST.ARJ (v1.00) Removes leading spaces, blank lines, and comments from
Turbo Pascal source files.

WWIVAOSQ.ARJ (v1.00) WWIV setup file for AOSQM

XFERTIME.ARJ (v1.00) Give's how long it will take to upload with 3 diff protos
from bauds 3-96

TALLY.ARJ (v1.00) Gives an estimated size of a buffered Dload dir from TBBS.
With source for TP5.5.

CDIR2.ARJ (v2.00) Latest release of ColorDIRectory. Alowes defining
extensions and colors, has auto file erasing, various
output styles/sorting. Output in a Commodore 64 style
directory too.

UTILS.ARJ (v1.00) Various DOS utils. Some for modem-Batch work, other misc

MODMAN.ARJ (v1.00) MODman V1. MOD file menu. Lots of options. Support for
all MOD players, play diff ways, single, list, random,

VOCMENU.ARJ (v1.00) VOCmenu v1.00 lets you use menus to categorize your VOC
files. Set it for any player also. Awsome menu for VOCs.

LOGO.ARJ (v1.00) Ad full screen comments to ZIP and ARJ files. Tell it
what directory to store the logos in. Select which logo
to use with just a 3 letter code. BAT file so it's easy
to modify for other archivers. Even good to just see how
batch files work. Uses error checking. DOS 5 or above.

COMMA.ARJ (v1.02) Formal release. Add commas to Nite Owl CDrom directories
so SpitFire will display the lists in color.

DOORUSE.ARJ (v1.00) Keep track of what doors are used. Then create a ranking
of the doors. See which ones are popular and which ones
you should trash. Can also be used for other aplication.

DIRUTILS.ARJ (v1.00) Directory Utilities Volume #1. Utilities to copy, delete,
directories, make a backup of you directory tree, and
tally up the size a lift of wildcards will take to

CAL.ARJ (v1.00) The Hidden Calandar. Put in AUTOEXEC.BAT or BBS event
file. Copies screns on certain days to one for the BBS
to display. Good for holiday screens, deadlines,
reminders, etc.

RNDQUOTE.ARJ (v1.06) Random Quotes. Will let you send a quote/tagline to the
screen of file. Great for AUTOEXEC.BAT, BBSs, etc.
Unlimited lines per qupte, unlimited qupte files, can
specify a quote file or ahve it pick from random ones.

--- The Following RCS releases are for a BBS door game called ---
--- Trade Wars 2002 v1.03d. An excelent game. ---

TWEGT100.ARJ (v1.00) Edit what the grimy old trader knows in the online game
Trade Wars 2002 v1.03d.

WARPFAIL.ARJ (v2.02) Have a wandering black hole in your Trade War 2002 v1.03d
online game.

TWBANK1.ARJ (v1.00) Lets you set up a constant of variable interest rate in
the Galactic Bank used in Trade Wars 2002 v1.03d.

TWPLANET.ARJ (v1.00) Lets you add a Computer Controlled Planet to your Trade
Wars 2002 v1.03d game. Adds people, cargo, upgrades
Citadel, and more.

OVERSEER.ARJ (v2.00) Check for to many shields, holds, fighters, and mines.
Also check for to many planet shields.
Also make sure the players don't have <0 or >totholds
of cargo.
TradeWars 2002 v1.03d.

ROUGE.ARJ (v1.00) Add random Rouge Mercenaries to the galaxy. Lets you
set the range of fighters to place. Easy to use, adds
a good way for traders to make money and to make their
life a compleat hell! ]:)
Trade Wars 2002 v1.03d.

MAFIA.ARJ (v1.02) Have the Mafia posts underground contracts on players
that increase thier alignment. <<>>

ROAM.ARJ (v1.00) Roaming planet. Any amount of planets, population
control, reclaim ownership.

CITNEWS.ARJ (v1.00) Reports in game news when a planet finished citidel

UNCLOAK.ARJ (v1.00) Will randomly fail player's cloaks based on a probability
you give it. Really handy to piss off alot of players.

CRYSTAL.ARJ (v1.00) A Crystaline Entity that roams the galaxy killing off
planet colonists. Percentage killed is defined by the

SALARY.ARJ (v1.00) Federation Salary. Gives a SysOp defined amount of cash
in a traders bank account that has a higher alignment
then SysOp defined limit.

WARPFIX.ARJ (v1.00) WarpFix will (hopfully) fix the datafile that the bug in
the old version of WarpFail created.

. .

File Support Area - IBM/Clones

UPT1.ZIP UnProTek v1.00. Use to unprotect Pete Rose Baseball game.

SPUT.ZIP Fix for Sputter Sound System. Remove the non-reg delay on
the CMF and ROL players.

PCHEAT.ARJ Cheat at the game Prince of Pursia. Set lives left, current level,
time remaining. With this you can get infinite lives.

BURN.ARJ Audio Sample from a song by Coven with ANSI piccy.

PAIN.ARJ -P-A-I-N- Demo by Dr. Nibble. SoundBlaster/CGA

CHEAT3D.ARJ Cheat at the game Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny.
Change lives, level, ammo, keys, gun type, health.
Only works for the ShareWare demo of Wolf3d thanks to the
anti-cheat routines. So just use the internal debug mode on
the registered version of Wolf3d.

The Ace of Spades BBS operates 24 hours a day at 1-216-339-4592.

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