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Telegrad BBS program for one node. Has very good remote SysOp users.
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Telegrad BBS program for one node. Has very good remote SysOp users.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BBS.EXE 97376 40803 deflated
BBS.OVR 593028 247960 deflated
DSZ.ZIP 76982 76098 deflated
FILE25.ZIP 62887 57222 deflated
HISTORY.TXT 4845 1957 deflated
INIT.DOC 14080 4739 deflated
INIT.EXE 38032 17834 deflated
INSTALL.BAT 1121 508 deflated
LYNX.ZIP 32695 32327 deflated
MEGALINK.ZIP 28254 28148 deflated
NEW25.DOC 22400 8058 deflated
PROTOCOL.DAT 21758 2264 deflated
PROTOCOL.DOC 7552 2586 deflated
PUMA.ZIP 64729 63425 deflated
READTHIS 1393 471 deflated
RELEASE.DOC 2560 915 deflated
SEALINK.ZIP 16598 16357 deflated
SUPERK.ZIP 143329 141002 deflated
TGSITES.TXT 36285 11085 deflated
TRLINK.ZIP 13079 13029 deflated
UPGRADE.BAT 1108 538 deflated
UPGRADE.DOC 2048 813 deflated

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Contents of the READTHIS file

This package should contain the following files:

READTHIS This file.
INSTALL.BAT Installation batch file.
UPGRADE.BAT Upgrade batch file.
PROTOCOL.DAT Telegard protocol definition file.
PROTOCOL.DOC Documentation to install the protocol package
for new systems.
UPGRADE.DOC Documentation to upgrade existing systems using
Version 4 of the protocol package.
HISTORY.TXT History of all versions of this package.
DSZ.ZIP The DSZ.COM program and documentation.
LYNX.ZIP The LYNX.EXE program and documentation.
MEGALINK.ZIP The MLINK16.COM program and documentation.
PUMA.ZIP The PUMA.EXE program and documentation.
SEALINK.ZIP The CLINK.EXE program and documentation.
SUPERK.ZIP The SUPERK.COM program and documentation, and
the CMODEM.ZIP file (containing the CMODEM.EXE
program and documentation).
TRLINK.ZIP The TRLINK.EXE program and documentation.

Please note that if you have already installed Version 4 of this package,
read the UPGRADE.DOC file for instructions on converting your Telegard
system to Version 5.

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