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ProBBS v2.4 - Run ProDoor without PCBoard as a standalone BBS. Similar to ProLogon. You will need to have ProDoor.
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ProBBS v2.4 – Run ProDoor without PCBoard as a standalone BBS. Similar to ProLogon. You will need to have ProDoor.
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Contents of the PROBBS.DOC file

ProBBS - The Front-End to ProDoor
(C)opywrite 1990 by Duane Davis
4718 Meridian Ave #376
San Jose, CA 95118

Note from author:
I appologize for the documentation. This is a first release and I have
many more additions (user editor, PCBOARD.DAT editor, etc) to make to
the package. Rather than write a complete doc file and edit it each time
I add something I have decided to release minimal docs for now. Until I
can finish all the utilities it will be required that you already have
PCBoard setup. Since most setup information is included in the PCBoard
and ProDoor docs I will only go into options specific to PRoBBS.

What is ProBBS?
ProBBS by itself is not a complete BBS package. ProBBS was designed to
allow you to run ProDoor (A PCBoard DOOR) AS a BBS without the need for
PCBoard. ProBBS can also be used in place of PCBoard's logon while still
using the rest of PCBoard.

What are ProBBS' additional features?
Auto-ANSI detect
When enabled this function will automaticaly determine if the caller
has ANSI.SYS loaded, and if so, will turn graphics on and bypass the
"Do you want graphics" prompt.

Enforce Transfer ratios
ProBBS has the ability to enforce transfer ratios and, if desired,
adjust a users access level accordingly. Ratios may be calculated
by the number of files transfered, the number of Kbytes transfered,
or both.

Enhanced NODE display
In addition to the normal status lines used by PCBoard in the NODE
CHAT status, ProBBS has added stats to show a user logging on and
also show when a node is down for EVENT.

Multiple NODE support at NO EXTRA CHARGE
ProBBS is fully capable of running up to 99 nodes withough having to
buy a "Unlimited version". Even the Unregistered demo is multi-
nodeable. ProBBS has been tested under both Lantastic and DoubleDOS
and will give up extra time when running under most multi-taskers.

Enhanced membership
I have heard many sysops complain that when a users membership expires
PCBoard merely uses the expired stats and leaves the regular stats at
membership level. The problem comes in when running ratio programs or
other utilities that only look at the normal stats. ProBBS gives you
the option of copying the expired stats over the normal stats when
membership expires.

Time Limits
In PCBoard you can set a levels time limit "per call" OR "per day".
With ProBBS you can set both a "per call" limit AND a "per day"
limit for each level.

Upload Credit
You can instruct ProBBS to give new users a "starting" upload credit.
This is only given once and is used to give new users a little break
before ratio enforcement takes over. Seperate fields are available for
File and KByte credits. If you are switching to ProBBS from PCBoard
this function will credit ANY user that has upload stats lower than
what you specify.

Level Start and Stop times
Start and Stop times can be set for each level. A nice feature if you
want to setup a "Members Only" or "Netmail" time period. If a user
calls outside this time window, ProBBS will display the file "TIMExxx"
where xxx is the users access level. If the file isn't present it will
default to "TIME". The time files must be in the same directory as
your security files. If neither file exists ProBBS will send a message
telling the user to call back later. Color files (TIMExxxG and TIMEG)
are supported.

Built-in local/remote sysop functions
There are a couple sysop functions that are available both from local
and remote access. They can be accessed locally from the CALL WAIT
screen, or remotely by setting up a door to call "PROBBS /U".

ProBBS is written in a combination of Turbo Pascal and Assembly. It
features a 4K output buffer and a 2K input buffer and uses the BLAISE
ASYNC Plus package for modem I/O. You (and your users) should notice
a sizable increase in speed over PCBoard.

ProBBS Configuration Editor
I think the configuration editor is pretty much self-explanitory. At least
I have tried to make it so.

Recycling from a DOOR
You can bypass ProBBS' status display when returning from a DOOR by using
"BOARD R" as the last line in your DOOR startup file.

Registering ProBBS
The Unregistered DEMO is limited to a maximum of 20 users. No other limits
are placed on it.

Registration fees for ProBBS are $20. Registration covers the current
MAJOR revision number only. For instance, if you register version 2.0
you will get releases up to version 2.99 free. If version 3.0 comes out
you would have to pay an upgrade fee before it could be run.

To Register ProBBS send check or money order made out to Duane Davis at
the address shown at the top of this file along with a completed
registration form. If you are in a hurry you might want to leave me a note
on the support board when you send it as I normally only check the mail
once a week.

Once you have your registration number you can register it by entering
your BBS name and registration number into the ProCFG global configuration

Be aware that ProBBS uses the BBS name entered here in the logon display.
For registration purposes, however, upper and lower case are treated the

Setting up ProBBS
Included in this archive are sample replacement files for BOARD.BAT and

ProBBS uses errorlevels to tell BOARD.BAT what to do. The Errorlevels
used are as follows:

89 - Exit to DOS
0 - Recycle ProBBS

As long as you already have PCBoard and/or ProDoor setup, switching over
to ProBBS is simple. All you need to do is copy ProBBS and it's support
files into your PCBoard directory, run ProCFG to set ProBBS' defaults and
user levels, and modify BOARD.BAT.

If you don't have PCBoard setup I recomend you obtain a copy of the PCBoard
14 DEMO package and ProDoor package, set them up, then install ProBBS.
Several utilities are in the works that will totally do away with the need
for PCBoard.

Future additions
Some plans for the future include:
1. built-in user editor
2. Ability to kill another node
3. built-in file editor
4. direct door access by access level
5. support for multiple configurations by access level

Anything else? Leave me a note if you have any ideas for improvements.

Support may be obtained by leaving me a message on my BBS at (408)287-2353.
If you call any BBS' that carry the MetroLink international network you can
also leave me a message on the network. I can also call you (collect if
you are long distance) to talk you through any problems you may have.

I will not be held responsible for ANY damage ProBBS or it's support files
may do to your system. I also cannot guarentee that they will work on your
particular setup. ProBBS has been thoroughly tested on a number of systems
and SHOULD work on yours.

ProBBS and it's author are not associated with PCBoard, ProDoor, or their
respective authors.

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