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A group of Turbo Pascal routines that provide access to Opus's internal file structure. This package makes writing Opus utilities easy.
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A group of Turbo Pascal routines that provide access to Opus’s internal file structure. This package makes writing Opus utilities easy.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Authors Note.

I realy don't know what to say here, but here is some facts about OpInt:

The project started in the begining of the year 1988, where i needed some
information from the OPUS.PRM file. Since i was not a C expert, i needed
to handle this in TPascal.

Since that date i just found new ideas to add...

If you are using any of the earlier versions (1.00 or 1.01) i'll ask you
to delete these, and use this version instead, because i found so many
bug's in these to versions that i called them back, unfortunately this
information never reached the US.

Version 1.02 has been checked more efficient than the earlier versions,
and it has been much more powerfull than the old versions.. The unit
has now routines to communicate through the fossil. there is a lot of
usefull routines in it for reading and writing the OPUS files...

Another advantage is that there will be a version for both Turbo Pascal
ver. 4.0 and 5.0. It will be in to archives:

OPINT102.ARC TPAS 4.0 version.
OPINT102.5RC TPAS 5.0 version.

At this point there is no difference in the routines in these versions,
this might change in the future.

The next version will (at least i hope so) be for OPUS ver 1.10. As soon
as i get the file structures i'll start the updates, and as soon as i get
the new OPUS i'll start preparing the next release...

To the question "What about the Sources" i'll just say, that they will
not be released.

Bifrost unlimited has made the following smaal programs for BBSing too:

ADDLOG.ARC Add lines to an OPUS log file.
ERRLEVEL.ARC Return errorlevel 1 in a time period.
FREE_LOG.ARC Write the amount of free diskspace in an OPUS log file.
LEVEL100.ARC Errorlevel queue... Good with Binkley Func.Req....
REPORT.ARC Report generator (.TXT -> .MSG) Ver. 1.02
SYS-MAIL.ARC Inform the users that You (the sysop) wrote a message
for them to read... Ver 1.04
Z_ZAPPER.ARC Strip ^Z from the files.bbs, use it with Fido-FAM 3.B4.

And more to come...

I am looking forward to get a Postcard from all of you....

Mary X-Mas to all of you.....

Per Holm

FidoNet: Per Holm @ 2:230/22 +45-6-119-043
InterNet: [email protected]
Mail: Per Holm
Risdalsvej 44, v1.
DK-8260 Viby J.

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